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Gold Struggles but Firms Following the Release of the Fed Minutes
Gold prices had been struggling and trading roughly $3.00 lower this morning. However prices firmed immediately following the release of the Fed minutes from the most recent FOMC meeting. Spot gold is now trading up, with a net gain of approximately two dollars at $1237.57 per ounce (3:30 EST). The majority of today’s net change in gold... Read more 02/22/2017
Gold Holds Steady as US Equities Surge to a New Record High
Gold prices hold steady, trimming losses from the strong sell-off that occurred in trading overseas last night and currently trading, in essence, unchanged. As of 3 o’clock Eastern Standard Time, spot gold is trading at $1236 - $1237, off about one dollar on the day. This is in tandem with the US equities markets trading to new... Read more 02/21/2017
Trump Completes His First Month as President
Exactly four weeks ago, to the day, Donald Trump took the oath of office and was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. HIs election victory will go down in the history books as one of the most unlikely outcomes of any presidential election. To say that the last four weeks have been interesting, would be an... Read more 02/17/2017
Gold Prices Reflect Recent US Dollar Weakness
For the second consecutive day, gold prices have moved moderately higher, trading to an intraday high of $1243.70, this basis the April futures contract. If gold prices hold onto their weekly gains through tomorrow, Friday will mark the third consecutive week of gold moving to higher pricing. Seven of the last eight weeks have concluded... Read more 02/16/2017
US Equities and Precious Metals, Both Trade Higher Today
Fueled by multiple factors, including statements made by Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and President Donald Trump, today traders witnessed multiple markets moving to higher ground. Most interesting is the fact that these markets typically do not run in tandem. By nature, these asset classes (risk on and risk off) have an... Read more 02/15/2017
Every Meeting is Live
As a signal of intent, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said, “Every meeting is live,” in testimony to the Senate Banking Committee today. She acknowledged that during any of the upcoming FOMC meetings this year, there is a possibility of an interest rate increase by the central bank. Based on her statements, we could see in... Read more 02/14/2017
Gold Prices Pare Morning’s Loss
Although gold continues to trade under pressure as we go into the close of Monday’s trading session, prices have recovered from this morning’s lows. Gold prices sold off sharply today, with spot gold prices trading to an intraday low of $1219.49. As of 4:00 Eastern Standard Time, gold is trading at $1226.20, off $6.70 on the day. This... Read more 02/13/2017
Moving at the Speed of Trump
Love him or hate him, the undeniable fact is that President Donald Trump has quickly begun to sanction policies in order to actualize his vision of America’s future. True to his word, Trump is acting quickly on campaign promises and converting them into policies. In his first three weeks as president, Trump has signed a total of 22... Read more 02/10/2017
Gold Prices Retreat as Equities Trade to a New All-Time High
Today gold traded under moderate pressure, and as of 5:00 Eastern Standard Time, is trading approximately $10 lower (spot gold) at $1231, with April futures trading roughly 6 ½ dollars lower at $1233 per ounce.  This ended the daily advance in gold, which had prices increasing over the last five consecutive days. There are... Read more 02/09/2017

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