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Gold Prices Pare Morning’s Loss
Although gold continues to trade under pressure as we go into the close of Monday’s trading session, prices have recovered from this morning’s lows. Gold prices sold off sharply today, with spot gold prices trading to an intraday low of $1219.49. As of 4:00 Eastern Standard Time, gold is trading at $1226.20, off $6.70 on the day. This... Read more 02/13/2017
Moving at the Speed of Trump
Love him or hate him, the undeniable fact is that President Donald Trump has quickly begun to sanction policies in order to actualize his vision of America’s future. True to his word, Trump is acting quickly on campaign promises and converting them into policies. In his first three weeks as president, Trump has signed a total of 22... Read more 02/10/2017
Gold Prices Retreat as Equities Trade to a New All-Time High
Today gold traded under moderate pressure, and as of 5:00 Eastern Standard Time, is trading approximately $10 lower (spot gold) at $1231, with April futures trading roughly 6 ½ dollars lower at $1233 per ounce.  This ended the daily advance in gold, which had prices increasing over the last five consecutive days. There are... Read more 02/09/2017
Gold Prices Continue to Surge
For the fifth consecutive day, gold prices have traded to higher pricing. But the real story is that gold has been gaining ground, now adding over $100 since trading to a low of 1125 per ounce in December of last year. The last time gold prices were this high was on November 11, just following the post-election selloff, which took gold... Read more 02/08/2017
The Uncertainty Factor Continues to Grow
Gold prices moved up modestly today, gaining 2/10 of a percent ($2.50), and as of 3:30 Eastern Standard Time, gold futures are trading at $1235 an ounce. This is based on the most active April 2017 Comex Futures contract. Gold pricing continues to hold steady after reaching a three-month high in yesterday’s trading activity. Today’s... Read more 02/07/2017
Gold Prices Trade to Three Month High
Gold prices traded dramatically higher today, moving to a price point not seen since November 11, 2016. As of 4 o’clock Eastern standard time gold futures (April 2017 contract) were up 16.6 dollars at $1237.50 Multiple factors were cited as supportive of higher gold prices. Statements made by Frances National Front Leader Marine Le... Read more 02/06/2017
Both Gold and Equities Have Solid Weekly Gains
Typically risk-on and safe-haven assets have a negative correlation. On most occasions, they tend to run in opposite directions. There are exceptions to that rule. The most noteworthy is the bull run of 2009 in which gold and stocks experienced dramatically higher prices. Both asset classes reacted favorably as a direct result of the... Read more 02/03/2017
Central Banks in a Holding Pattern
Just like an airplane circling the airport, global Central Banks are in a holding pattern as they wait and assess the effect of policy implementation and the leadership style of President Donald Trump. Both Mario Draghi and Janet Yellen have indicated that the most prudent move is patience. The uncertainty factor has been growing as... Read more 02/02/2017
Federal Open Market Committee Meeting Wraps Up
For the first time this year, Federal Reserve officials met and voted to keep interest rates unchanged. In a ten to zero vote, Federal Reserve officials unanimously decided to maintain the current Fed Funds rate. From the statement released at the conclusion of today’s meeting, central bankers said that the economy, “continued to... Read more 02/01/2017

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