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Trading Thins as Participants Take Leave
Trading and volume have thinned as investors and traders are squaring and closing positions for this year, getting ready to celebrate a new year. As this current calendar year winds down, trading volume and liquidity continue to contract. Each trading session takes us closer to the conclusion of 2016. US Dollar Surges in Value The... Read more 12/28/2016
Holiday Week Trading Begins
As this holiday week begins, we find that both safe haven and risk-on assets are in play. As of 3 o’clock EST, we have both the precious metals complex and US equities posting substantial gains on the day. US Equities Post Solid Gains, NASDAQ on Pace for New Record High. US equities, vis-à-vis the Dow Jones, is trading up... Read more 12/27/2016
Gold 2016 A Year in Review
Today marks the final day before traders and investors call it a wrap and begin their holiday season celebration. The overwhelming characteristics that defined today’s trading activity were quiet and subdued. With that in mind, this might be an excellent time to look at recent price action in gold, and put that action into the... Read more 12/23/2016
Gold and Equities Fall as the US Dollar Gains Value
In extremely light preholiday trading, both gold and equities traded modestly lower. All the while, the US dollar continued to show strength and gain value. As of 3 o’clock EST, the Dow Jones is lower by 22 points (.11 %) at 19,920. Spot gold is currently trading at $1,129.25, a net loss of about $2.00 (-.19%) per ounce. Three Equals... Read more 12/22/2016
The Sound of Silence is Deafening
Gold prices ended today’s trading session fractionally lower in an extremely quiet and slow manner. Bearish sentiment continues to dominate price action. Gold prices have declined for the last seven weeks, with consecutive lower lows for six of those seven weeks. Since the presidential election was held on November 8, gold has lost... Read more 12/21/2016
Risk-On Trumps Safe-Haven Assets as the Dow Flirts with 20000
The brass ring is certainly within reach as the Dow inches closer to 20,000. US equities continue to gain tremendous value, today coming within 13 points of that elusive number on an intraday basis. Considering that the Standard & Poor’s 500 has gained roughly 6% in value since the presidential election last month, we continue to see... Read more 12/20/2016
What A Long, Strange Road It’s Been
With the Christmas holiday, just days away, and New Year’s just around the corner, I am amazed at how quickly this year has passed. I am even more amazed at the events that have unfolded over this last year. 2016 is turning out to be not only a transitional year, but also a transformative year. Think of it this way: if you had been... Read more 12/19/2016
Hiking, Seizing and Hacking Dominate Weekly News
This week, traders and investors certainly had a multitude of new stories to focus upon. They also have a lot to digest when it comes to how these events will affect the markets. Today’s announcement that China had seized a US drone in international waters and the information about Russian hacking to affect last month’s presidential... Read more 12/16/2016
US Dollar Soars, Trading to a Fourteen Year High
Yesterday’s statements made by the Federal Reserve are just beginning to be processed by traders and investors. The immediate knee-jerk reaction and response has now dissipated. Whereas the rate hike of 25 basis points was expected, the Fed’s forward monetary policy, targets, and projections for 2017 were not. The investment community... Read more 12/15/2016

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