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Gold Tumbles Again on Strong Dollar, Positive Interest Rate Outlook
The dollar kept at its inexorable rise, driving down gold, silver, haven currencies and face price on bonds, all haven plays that no one wants to play with. The preponderance of gold’s decline was attributable to dollar strength. Silver was hit by downbeat regular trading as well as the greenback. Equities rose nicely across the... Read more 11/17/2016
Gold Spot Prices and Futures Diverge as Dollar Moves Higher Again
Although we are expecting a pullback any day, the U.S. dollar rode higher against the euro on the day, up around 0.40%. The rise affected all sorts of markets, although curiously, the bond market saw face values rise finally and yields slip a bit. Spot gold was down about 0.30% afternoon while the gold futures contract price rose... Read more 11/16/2016
Gold and Equities Reconsidering; Bonds Sell-Off Slows
We are still in the midst of watching the dust from last week’s presidential election settle. We’d like to remain neutral on the general character and abilities of President-elect Trump, but we can see a conflict between Trump and much of his party. He would like to spend and spend big on infrastructure, education, space and other pet... Read more 11/15/2016
Short And Sweet Regarding Gold: It’s all about the Dollar Today
The U.S. dollar is up more than1.00% against the euro today, squashing gold down, despite the fact that in regular trading gold gained 0.35%. Overall, though, the yellow metal was down $8.50. Silver also suffered, off almost 3.00%. It was hit by dollar strength and found no relief from regular trading. The super-dollar’s strength... Read more 11/14/2016
Gold Continues Slide, Equities Slow Their Ascent, Oil Weakens Further
It’s understandable that gold would continue to slide as we celebrate not so much Donald Trump’s victory as we do the end of the election itself. It allows us to get back to normal, which in July-Aug-Sept was typified by a pretty robust stock market and a slow but steady overall economy. A slow but shallow decline began in September... Read more 11/11/2016
Pendulum Swings Against Gold, Toward Silver & Equities
As the United States strides back to equilibrium after fretting over the presidential elections, gold plunged another 1.65% today. Silver rode the other way, rising a tidy 0.30% as apparent industrial demand helped to tweak it higher. Most of the base metals also rose, copper especially, which went 3.50% higher. It is at a 16-month... Read more 11/10/2016
Gold, Equities, Dollar Regain Equilibrium
When you awake, you will remember everything…           – J.R. “Robbie” Robertson (The Band) There is a positive way to interpret the recovery in today’s markets following very, very wild overnight sessions. At one point the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 800 points, well over... Read more 11/09/2016
Gold Circles, Looking for A Place to Land After Elections
Gold appears to be as tormented as the rest of us from the crazy ups and downs of the election. It is bouncing around like a baby on its mother’s lap. It’s been as high as 1291 per ounce and as low as 1272. As the session heads toward close, gold is trading off about $5.00. However, silver is up 16¢ or 0.90%. U.S. equities are up... Read more 11/08/2016
You’ve Got E-Mail – Gold and Equities Sure Did
There’s only one story today and it concerns a massive collective sigh of relief from investors and traders in equities and the U.S. dollar. The reaction was caused by the director of the FBI, James Comey, clearing Hillary Clinton in the most recent email kerfuffle in which some previously known emails were found on Mrs. Clinton’s top... Read more 11/07/2016

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