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Twenty-Four Days into a New America
Years from now, historians will put into perspective the transitional changes that began a mere twenty-four days ago. They will have the luxury of hindsight, with knowledge of the outcome. They will be able to see the cause-and-effect pattern that resulted from the policies, which were implemented by an untested businessman, who rose to... Read more 12/02/2016
Can Gold Hold on to Its Yearly Gain of Ten Percent?
Ten – Ten, the two critical numbers gold traders are looking at closely. Since the presidential election was held on November 8, we have seen a dramatic decline in gold prices. Downside pressure continues to dominate precious metals pricing as a whole, resulting in gold prices now moving to a ten month low. At the same time, when... Read more 12/01/2016
Continued Economic Expansion and Strong US Dollar Rock Metals Prices
Today the Federal Reserve released the Beige Book, a collection of antidotes from business contacts in the Fed’s 12 regional districts. Published eight times a year, the Beige Book is created to aid Federal Reserve members. Most significant from today’s report is the discussion of an economy that is continuing to grow. Today’s report... Read more 11/30/2016
Multiple Factors Rekindle Equities Rally and Mixed Precious Metals Pricing
Today traders witnessed a return of the dynamic rally in US equities which began just following the presidential election on November 8. Although today’s advance did not take the Dow Jones industrial average or the Standard & Poor’s 500 to new all-time highs, they did signal a strong potential for a continuation of their current... Read more 11/29/2016
Are the Tides Turning for Gold, Equities and the US Dollar?
For the first time since the presidential elections were held on November 8 we are seeing a distinct reversal of the trends which developed immediately following the election results. For the last two weeks, we have seen US equities rally on multiple occasions and close at a new all-time record high. Over the same period of time we... Read more 11/28/2016
Welcome to Trump-Land
As I awoke just following a joyful and quiet Thanksgiving holiday, I quickly realized that we are still under the effect of our presidential election which occurred roughly 3 weeks ago, and that key reversals and trends that developed immediately following the presidential election on November 8 continue to guide and influence market... Read more 11/25/2016
Gold and Silver Prices Plunge, US Dollar and Equities Values Surge
Market trends which developed immediately following the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States not only continue, but seem to be strengthening. Whereas the most recent “Brexit” referendum vote had a knee-jerk reaction which lasted roughly 3 days, our most recent presidential election’s knee-jerk reaction... Read more 11/23/2016
Kitco News: Exciting Year Ahead For Gold, Don’t Expect Flat Trading
We don’t know how this new President will act and what kind of environment we’ll live in,” Gary Wagner of told Kitco News at the Silver & Gold Summit in San Francisco. For that reason, he expects exciting times ahead for the precious metals markets. “Gold can move either extremely higher or lower, I don’t think we... Read more 11/22/2016
The “Tru-ally “Affect - DJIA Breaks 19,000 and Gold Prices Remain Steady
Inasmuch as there is true uncertainty as a new US president takes office on January 20, the “Tru-ally” affect (Trump Rally) continues to add short-term optimism to US equities markets. It is this short-term optimism that has partially fueled this current rally which has resulted in an all-time new record high for both the Dow Jones... Read more 11/22/2016

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