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Gold Rises on Physical Demand, Some Bargain Hunting
Two important Hindu festivals in India stirred demand for physical gold, which helped to spur higher prices in spot and futures. Since falling from its recent high on September 30th and a subsequent drop on October 5th, gold has been trading in a narrow and tightly defined range. A slightly stronger dollar brought minor headwinds to... Read more 10/25/2016
Gold Weakness Due to Dollar Strength. Silver Gains.
Gold is off about $1.70 per ounce today, virtually all of that loss coming from dollar strength. Silver gained via regular trading strength, even with the high-dollar headwinds. The betting on a December interest rate hike by the Fed keeps tending toward the “yes” column. In early afternoon, today, the CME FedWatch showed that the... Read more 10/24/2016
Gold Puts Together Small Gain in Face of Strong Dollar
In spite of the continued surge of the U.S. dollar, gold is eking out a gain today thanks to regular trading activity. The dollar dragged gold down by 0.35% and regular trading pushed it up about 0.55%. Silver was more or less in the same boat and both leading precious metals inched up marginally to end the week. The dollar was up... Read more 10/21/2016
Dollar Rise Drags Gold Down. Regular Traders Try To Pull It Back Up
Currency fluctuations again are helping to drive prices in the precious metals markets. Gold is resisting the force through up-trending regular trading but silver is having no such luck. The U.S. dollar is up against most major currencies, the euro the most important as we eye gold prices. However, also of great interest is... Read more 10/20/2016
Gold Moves Higher While Dollar Finishes Steady
Early in the trading day the U.S. dollar rose against the euro on speculation that during the current European Central Bank meeting, the bank’s head, Mario Draghi, will push back hard against a cadre that wants to start “tapering” asset purchases. However, as the afternoon wore on, the dollar moved back to even with the euro and then... Read more 10/19/2016
Dollar Mixed, Gold Rises, Equities Move Up
The euro was down a hair against the U.S. dollar. The yen and British pound were up. It’s no surprise there should be conflicted signals among trading trends given the mixed messages coming out of the Fed. The dollar strengthened last week as more people came to believe the Fed will hike rates in come December. However, weaker U.S.... Read more 10/18/2016
New Week, New Direction for Gold
Gold is up today, winning a few dollars from both dollar weakness and regular trading. It may not be time to break out the champagne, fundamentally speaking, but the week is off to a good start for gold bulls. At 4PM, spot gold is up around $4.00. It may be better than we think, as well. Equities are a little shaky to start the week... Read more 10/17/2016
Gold Holds Up Well Against a Higher Dollar as Equities Look to Continued Easy Money
There was a torrent of data and commentary to end the week today, which pulled some haven bets down but pushed equities and the dollar up. What better place to start than with Janet Yellen? At a luncheon address in Boston, the chairwoman of the Fed said she believed that an economic opportunity to really feed gas and oxygen into the... Read more 10/14/2016
Gold Rises On Wings of Weaker Dollar, Stocks Falter On Banks
We are entering a phase in which we have to begin discussing fairly consistently the odds for a December rate rise. We are already leaning, on a fundamental basis, away from December, a minority position. Meanwhile, after a severe dip in China export data, we experienced a lower U.S. dollar as measured against the yen and Swiss franc... Read more 10/13/2016

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