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Not Much New in FOMC Minutes. Gold Gains As Dollar Firms
The hawks’ argument goes something like this: Raise rates now and slow the economy so the Fed does not have to raise rates more vigorously later and possibly cause a recession. Let’s say for a minute that rates right now are at 0.50%. So, if rates are raised, say twice in the next three FOMC meetings, the economy will be slowed by a... Read more 10/12/2016
New Surge in Dollar Sinks Gold
Despite reasonably strong upward movement via regular trading, gold took it on the chin because of a surging U.S. dollar. Silver met the same fate but without the backing of regular trading efforts. Gold was off around 0.55%; silver was off 1.00% The dollar was up almost 0.75% against the euro and nearly 1.90% against the British... Read more 10/11/2016
Positive Development In Gold Even With Dollar Strength
Although the biggest story of the day was rising oil prices, let’s talk about gold first. Physical buyers in China, just returned from a week-long holiday, jumped in and helped push up gold in regular spot trading. Traders in China are generally more active in the gold markets, whether physical, spot or futures. Spot is up less than $... Read more 10/10/2016
Gold Stays Soft as Oil and Stocks Fall Modestly
There are a number of key fundamental issues afoot in the markets today. Among them are the confusing new jobs data; the persistent softness in gold; the seeming hitting of a ceiling by oil prices, and the free fall of the British pound due to what is now being called “hard Brexit.” The September U.S. jobs report came in below... Read more 10/07/2016
Data in Driver’s Seat as Gold Continues Tumble
New weekly unemployment claims came in lower than analysts had forecast, generating more sentiment that says interest rates will be rising as soon as politically expedient. That is not a bad thing, since, while we are economic animals, we are certainly also political ones. And the two do go together. We already have a volatile... Read more 10/06/2016
Gold Stays Steady as Positive Data and Rate Concerns Kick In
The services sector accelerated in September, reaching its highest level in 11 months, according to a closely followed report released Wednesday. The Institute for Supply Management’s services index rocketed – and that’s no overstatement – to 57.1% in September from 51.4% in August. Any reading over 50% indicates improving conditions... Read more 10/05/2016
Gold and Silver Step Over a Cliff
It was a long way down. Gold fell $43 per ounce in morning trade in New York, or more than 3.25%. Silver followed suit and then some. It fell more than 5.00%. The question now becomes whether physical buyers will take advantage of the plunge and step in to buy at these low levels. Dollar strength played a part in the declines, but it... Read more 10/04/2016
Gold Softens, Equities Slide but Recover in PM Trading
A thought to open October on The Gold Forecast: October is the most volatile month. There are a hundred theories why that is so and there is solid reasoning behind many of the theories. The fourth quarter is a “short quarter.” Holidays interrupt it. Winter interrupts it. Fear and trepidation regarding how the entire year will play out... Read more 10/03/2016
Gold Sidetracked by Seeming Deutsche Bank Resolution
With the growing realization that Deutsche Bank’s problems may be more than temporal but less than fatal, the U.S.-listed stocks of the megabank rocketed up 14.5% today. Needless to say, that pulled equities up along with it. The three major New York indexes were up between 0.80% and 0.90% each. Also needless to say, for the moment... Read more 09/30/2016

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