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Gold Circles, Looking for A Place to Land After Elections
Gold appears to be as tormented as the rest of us from the crazy ups and downs of the election. It is bouncing around like a baby on its mother’s lap. It’s been as high as 1291 per ounce and as low as 1272. As the session heads toward close, gold is trading off about $5.00. However, silver is up 16¢ or 0.90%. U.S. equities are up... Read more 11/08/2016
You’ve Got E-Mail – Gold and Equities Sure Did
There’s only one story today and it concerns a massive collective sigh of relief from investors and traders in equities and the U.S. dollar. The reaction was caused by the director of the FBI, James Comey, clearing Hillary Clinton in the most recent email kerfuffle in which some previously known emails were found on Mrs. Clinton’s top... Read more 11/07/2016
Kitco News - Gold To Remain Above $1,300 In Final Election Countdown
With October jobs data in the rearview mirror, all focus has shifted to Tuesday’s U.S. election where the American public will finally decide who will be the next President. And, according to technical analyst Gary Wagner, gold investors will also be on the lookout, potentially holding the metal’s price above $1,300 an ounce. ‘Going into... Read more 11/04/2016
Spot Gold Up on Weaker Dollar; Oil Continues Plunge; Equities Stabilize
In spite of pressure from uncertainty in the U.S. elections coming up on Tuesday and plummeting crude oil prices, all three major stock indexes saw only small losses today. Gold was up $2.40 per ounce, all of it coming on a sagging dollar. The modest turnaround was fueled by a growing sense that the stock markets were oversold and... Read more 11/04/2016
Not All Market Turmoil Is Caused by The Election – Gold Rises
Gold saw a nice little rise today, about half of which came on the back of dollar weakness. The question is: where is the dollar weakness coming from? Certainly, a bit is coming from the tightening of the U.S. election. But Brexit’s stumble in the British court system has surely helped the pound and the euro against the U.S. dollar... Read more 11/03/2016
Gold Jumps In Reaction To FOMC Holding Pat. Dollar And Oil Fall.
When is a non-rate hike a rate hike? Today, the Federal Reserve decided not to raise rates in the “obscure” November meeting but left December on the table. We have to say, however, that the key part of the news release following the close of today’s meeting scarcely felt robust. Gold moved upward, drawing strength from a weaker... Read more 11/02/2016
Gold Acts Like Traditional Haven; Oil Stays On The Rocks
Gold took advantage of a strong current of uncertainty flowing through markets today that was based on three things. Wrapped around the uncertainty was a weaker dollar. Right now, foremost is Election Day, one week from tomorrow. Second is a looming, almost-guaranteed interest-rate rise. Third, is the inability of OPEC and other oil... Read more 11/01/2016
Uncertainty Ruling Markets – Election, Rate Hike Eyes, Oil Plummets
A slightly stronger dollar, recovering from the shock of a new probe of Hillary Clinton’s email faux pas, only nicked gold slightly, which late in the day was buoyed in regular trading. Gold is up about $3.50 per ounce. Silver fared better, shrugging off dollar the small bit of strength and rising 14 cents per ounce or 0.75%. Equities... Read more 10/31/2016
Weak Dollar, Election Turmoil Rule Markets. Big GDP Growth Jump Ignored.
The dollar slipped lower today and helped to send gold and silver higher during the trading session. Gold rose about 0.60% and silver about 0.95%. The weaker dollar did not rescue oil. West Texas Intermediate fell 2.00%, losing a full dollar per barrel. That pushed WTI firmly under $49 pb. The yield on the U.S. 10-year bond held... Read more 10/28/2016

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