Since 2010 The Gold Forecast has been delivering profitable results. Each trade, each buy and each sell signal is documented by archived videos. Created daily for investors and traders of all levels, The Gold Forecast gives you an edge in trading the market.


Track record of gold trades

Trading one contract (100 oz.) of gold with $10k balance.

Year $ +/- % Gain/Loss
2010 $30,150
2011 $25,570
2012 $22,350
2013 $14,500
2014 $9,660
2015 $-2,630
2016 $28,600
2017 $5,900
2018 $3,502

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Trade Alerts

With our timely trade alerts sent via e-mail and text message (SMS), you won't miss an opportunity to make a trade. Moreover, these alerts will eliminate having to constantly monitor the markets and your trades.

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Money Management

Money management is an essential component of a successful trading strategy. We use stops to define risk, and maximize profits.

• Stops limit loss exposure to a redefined amount & lock in profits by trailing them tighter when a trade moves favorably
• Defines risk and reward, thereby removing any emotional influences.

Endorsements of Confidence

Gary is one of the most skilled technicians I have met during my time covering the markets. Dedicated, reputable and skilled…

Daniela Cambone
Editor-in-Chief, Kitco News

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About Gary Wagner

Gary S. Wagner is the executive producer of The Gold Forecast. He has been a technical market analyst for over 35 years. He’s written for Kitco News, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Futures Magazine, and Barons. Gary has been a speaker for many financial seminars like Dow Jones Financial Symposium or Futures West. He coauthored “Trading Applications of Japanese Candlestick Charting” and was mentored by many great technical analysts like John Bollinger and Larry Williams.

Trading System

The system that we use for trade recommendations is a hybrid method in which we combine fundamental data with three primary technical studies. We look at fundamental data for the "big" picture, which we weave into our technical studies. These studies help us identify key pivot points. They also provide us with the timing for entrance and exits of trades, as well as stop placements.

The three technical methods we combine are Japanese Candlesticks, Elliot wave theory and Fibonacci retracement.

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Introduction to our service

The Gold Forecast was created for investors and traders of all levels. Each day we publish a five to ten minute video containing concise, easily-digestible visual and verbal information, conveying precision technical market insights. All blended with the day’s most important fundamental news.

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About our company

Wagner Financial Group is the producer of the Gold Forecast.

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, our company is comprised of a dedicated group of trading, technology, and finance professionals who apply their experience, teamwork and innovation towards a common goal - helping traders succeed.

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Daily Report: Wed, 05/01/2019 - 17:55

The May FOMC meeting has concluded today and as anticipated the Federal Reserve has left interest rates alone. According to the statement released immediately following the conclusion of today’s meeting the Fed “will be patient as it determines what future adjustments to the target range for the federal funds rate may be appropriate.” In a unanimous vote of 10 – 0 voting Federal Reserve members decided to leave the target range for benchmark federal funds rates at 2.25% - 2.5%. “Consistent with its statutory mandate, the Committee seeks to foster maximum employment and price stability. In support of... Read more

Daily Report: Tue, 04/30/2019 - 18:14

Today marks the first day of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting otherwise known as the FOMC, which will conclude on Wednesday. As with all FOMC meetings it is the release of the statement as well as a press conference held by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell that traders and market participants will anxiously await. Although it is highly anticipated that the Federal Reserve will continue its current monetary policy and leave interest rates where they are, according to many analysts it is the word choices and nuances of what Powell says that will be of greatest interest. According to MarketWatch, “... Read more

Daily Report: Mon, 04/29/2019 - 18:14

Losses across the board in the precious metals today. There was a wide range in the amount lost individual were as gold gave up 0.5% palladium lost a whopping 6% where gold and platinum have given up some of the gains achieved on Friday and palladium and silver giving up more than Friday’s gains. The largest percentage drawdown today occurred in palladium which had over a $100 trading range. Palladium opened two dollars off of its high at $1457.20 before plummeting and losing 6% in trading today. Palladium futures are currently down $86.80 and fixed at $1360.40. Although silver only lost .93%,... Read more

Weekly Report: Fri, 04/26/2019 - 18:48

The precious metals are all experiencing moderate to strongly higher pricing today. The net result is a strong weekly gain for gold and palladium, and fractional moves in silver and platinum. Although both silver and platinum had solid gains on the day, on a weekly basis silver gained approximately five cents and platinum lost approximately two dollars. Higher pricing today was aided by tailwinds provided by dollar weakness, and hindered by strong economic data and gains across the board in U.S. equities. The U.S. dollar index lost 0.16% today, and after trading to 98.08 profit taking took the index... Read more