Since 2010 The Gold Forecast has been delivering profitable results. Each trade, each buy and each sell signal is documented by archived videos. Created daily for investors and traders of all levels, The Gold Forecast gives you an edge in trading the market.


Trading System

The system that we use for trade recommendations is a hybrid method in which we combine fundamental data with three primary technical studies.

We look at fundamental data for the "big" picture, which we weave into our technical studies. These studies will help identify key pivot points. They will also provide us with the timing for entrance and exits of trades, as well as stop placements.

The three technical methods we combine are Japanese Candlesticks, Elliot wave theory and Fibonacci retracement.

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The Gold Forecast

The Gold Forecast was created for investors and traders of all levels. Each day we publish a five to ten minute video containing concise, easily-digestible visual and verbal information, conveying precision technical market insights. All blended with the day’s most important fundamental news.

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Trending Markets

Trending markets is an ancillary module for use with your Gold Forecast subscription.

It covers additional markets such as the S&P 500, US dollar and crude oil. The primary purpose for this service is to provide us with quality markets to trade when the precious metals markets are range bound, or when these markets present trading opportunities.

Endorsements of Confidence

Gary is one of the most skilled technicians I have met during my time covering the markets. Dedicated, reputable and skilled…

Daniela Cambone
Editor-in-Chief, Kitco News

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About The Gold Forecast

Wagner Financial Group is the producer of the Gold Forecast.

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, our company is comprised of a dedicated group of trading, technology, and finance professionals who apply their experience, teamwork and innovation towards a common goal - helping traders succeed.

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