Gold Shines As Other Investments Dim On Jobs And Earnings | The Gold Forecast

Gold Shines As Other Investments Dim On Jobs And Earnings

February 5, 2016 - 5:16pm

 by Gary Wagner

Gary S. Wagner - Executive Producer

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Gold Forecast: Proper Action

Maintain long gold positions @ 1117 (current 1173).

TRADE ALERT: Move stop up from below 1131 to below 1150.

If you placed stop an OCO order on half your longs: You sold gold @ 1161 for a $44.00 ($4400 per contract profit) with the other half still long.

Last Tuesday (1.26) we sent out a "Trade Alert" to go long gold – this following the same recommendation during our broadcast on Monday (1.25). Then on Wednesday (1.27) we sent out a "Trade Alert" to first, raise stop, and second, to add to our long gold position.

Yesterday we spoke of an OCO strategy, and then last night sent out a email recommending only covering one half of your positions

Gold Market Forecast

On today's weekend review we will cover our current trade and reccomendation to raise stops

Trending Markets: Proper Action

We will be looking at the US dollar and crude oil next week for trading opportunities

Trending Markets Forecast

The jobs report released today shed light on the current state of our economy.

President Obama raved about the lower unemployment rate of 4.9%. 

It might seem traders took a negative posture on weak jobs data, sending US equities yet lower again. But they were reacting more to lower crude prices, a terrible day in tech issues, and the possibility of another Fed hike provoked by hotter wage growth and associated inflation fears.

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