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One nation, under lock down, with stimulus and rate cuts for all

July 1, 2020 - 7:36pm

 by Gary Wagner

Last night’s surge in gold pricing took gold future’s August Comex contract to the highest trading level on a weekly chart since September 2011. However, at least on this attempt a close above $1800 was unsustainable as profit takers entered the market taking gold prices dramatically lower by the close of New York.

As of 4:36 PM EDT April futures are currently down by $19.70 and fixed at $1780.80. The intraday low was $1767.90, indicating that on technical basis no major chart damage was caused as the low remained above a trendline created from the recent intraday lows in the market creating an upward support trendline.

As you know I’ve said many times that is not if, but when gold will break and close above $1800, however the “when” was not today. Our technical studies do not indicate a change in the long-term bullish market sentiment.

Continued concerns and uncertainty as to the timeframe needed for economies worldwide to recover from the coronavirus pandemic which has been at the root cause of this global economic contraction.  On June 30, John Hopkins University reported a daily spike of 173,000 new cases worldwide, taking the total global infection rate to 10,538,577. To the CDC the total number of cases in the United States is now at 2,624,873, with a total of 127,299 deaths reported. This is an increase when compared to the previous days data of 43,644 new cases, an additional 560 deaths.

According to the New York Times the United States reported that a record number of new cases has resulted in many states and localities have reversed or rolled back the reopening of businesses.

“New York City reversed course Wednesday and decided not to let its restaurants resume indoor service next week as originally planned. Miami-Dade County, which had already decided to close its beaches over the sweltering July 4 weekend, said that hotel pools and their lively outdoor bars would be forced to close each night at 8 p.m. And California shut down bars and halted indoor dining at restaurants in 19 counties that are home to more than 70 percent of the state’s population.”

In a Report released today, Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Spartan Capital Securities he said, “Gold is continuing to rise reaching new historic levels setting the stage for $2,000 gold sometime this year.”

The underlying fundamentals that have moved gold prices substantially higher have also been due to the recent action by the Federal Reserve as well as other global central banks as they attempt to combat or mitigate the major macro contraction  resulting from the forced lockdown of a large percent of the world’s population.

This Q.E. will continue as long as its root cause Covid-19 remains unchecked. At this point it is more than unchecked in fact it running wild.

 As long as the curve in America’s daily rate of new Covid-19 cases has not flattened and rather is still climbing in a parabolic manner the Fed will be forced to be accommodative and that will be supportive of gold.

Wishing you as always good trading and good health,

Gary S. Wagner - Executive Producer

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We are currently flat after being stopped out of our long august futures trade. We are still recommending subscribers re-balance their portfolios to reflect added positions of GLD and NUGT

Mainland traders went long at  $1782 and were stopped out @ $1771, any subcriber taking the first trade alert sustained a draw-down from 1805

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As I spoke about during my opening comments of today’s video report, although it was my assumption when gold was trading at 1805 that he could solidly hold above key psychological level of $1800 per ounce, I was wrong. Short-term futures traders took advantage of the large price move last night, as they bid gold lower. That being said on today’s video report I will detail our technical studies that indicate that no technical long-term damage was sustained.

Furthermore, I continue to remain extremely bullish and look at today’s strong drawdown as a temporary price decline that is unsustainable given the underlying fundamentals which have the underlying cause moving gold pricing dramatically higher over the last four months. That being said it is tomorrow’s jobs report that traders and market participants will focus on as it is the last economic report that will be issued prior to the long three-day July 4 weekend.

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