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Gold Trades to a Higher Low but Continues to Fall Short of Brass Ring
Ever since gold broke below $1,300, exactly a week ago today, pricing has remained in an extremely narrow and defined trading range. The relationship between the daily open and closing price has diminished to just a couple of dollars each day. Although prices have dipped below a critical support level (0.618 % retracement) at $1,288,... Read more 05/22/2018
A Hangman and A Hammer Are Identified in Gold and the Dollar Index
Gold closed fractionally higher after trading to the lowest price this year. Trading $10 lower and under pressure today, gold reached an intraday low of $1,281.20. The last time gold traded to $1,281 was December 22 of last year. The key distinction was that, during December 2017, gold had begun a dynamic rally after hitting a low at $1,... Read more 05/21/2018
Gold Attempts to Find Price Support
Gold has been attempting to form a baseline level of support over the last three trading days and finished fractionally higher in trading today. Gold Comex futures finished up approximately $2.50 today and closed at $1,291.90 (most active June contract). Gold closed dramatically lower this week after losing $28 in trading on Tuesday.... Read more 05/18/2018
It’s Not Just About the Benjamins
It’s not just about the Benjamins, it’s also about higher bond yields today. Trading to its lowest price this year, gold continues to struggle while a strengthening U.S. dollar, coupled with higher yields, continues to create fierce headwinds. Up until Tuesday’s 28-dollar drop, the lowest price for gold this year was $1,302.  ... Read more 05/17/2018
Will Gold Recover from Yesterday’s Dramatic Selloff?
For the first time this year, gold has broken below the key psychological level of $1,300 per ounce. This year began already deeply entrenched in a dynamic rally which took gold pricing from $1,238 per ounce to $1,365 by the end of January. From that point forward, gold staged two rallies attempting to break the previous highs and... Read more 05/16/2018
Higher Bond Yields and Dollar Strength Trigger Major Gold Selloff
Gold is trading sharply lower, with gold futures currently down $26.30, making for a 2% decline. Most active June Comex gold is presently fixed at $1,292 per ounce after breaking below critical support at $1,300 earlier today. This sharp decline occurs based on a combination of significant selling pressure and a stronger dollar. Spot... Read more 05/15/2018
Equities Move Like Quiet Thunder, as the Dollar Runs Out of Steam
Gold is trading under pressure today, with the most active June futures currently down $7.20, and fixed at $1,313.60. However, unlike many recent trading days, today’s lower pricing is not a direct result of a stronger U.S. dollar. Instead, the majority of today’s lower pricing is due to risk-on sentiment created from an extended rally... Read more 05/14/2018
Top Dollar or Dollar Top
U.S. dollar strength has been prevalent throughout this year. Its effect has resulted in strong headwinds for the precious metals complex. Dollar strength has been the most significant force involved with limiting any real upside movement. On February 16, the dollar index traded to the lowest price point this year when it reached 88.... Read more 05/11/2018
Moderate Gains in Gold and Dollar Weakness
A solid upside spike characterizes pricing in the precious metals complex as a whole today. Gold futures gained $8.50 (+0.65%) and as of 3:45 PM Eastern standard time is fixed at $1,321.50.  The majority of today’s gains are directly attributable to a weakening U.S. dollar. The dollar index is currently down 38 points and fixed... Read more 05/10/2018