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Despite Dollar Weakness Gold Cannot Overcome Selling Pressure
Gold continues to trade under pressure, closing lower on the day and in essence unchanged on the week. As of 4:45 PM EDT gold futures are trading off by $4.60 a net decline of - 0.31%, and fixed at $1493.70. At the same time the U.S. dollar is trading lower currently down - 0.35%, with the dollar index currently at 96.955. For the... Read more 10/18/2019
Brexit Deal and Turkey-Syria Truce Limits Gains in Gold
A combination of geopolitical events has dampened earlier gains in gold futures. The precious yellow metal traded to a high of $1501 per ounce before softening on the close. As of 4:10 PM EDT gold futures are currently trading up $1.50 on the day and fixed at $1495.60. Today Turkey agreed to stop its military action in Syria for the... Read more 10/17/2019
Gold Gains Ground After U.S. Sales Reports Comes in Under Expectations
The entire precious metals complex gained ground today trading moderate to strongly higher. As of 4:45 PM EDT gold futures are trading $10.10 higher which is a net gain of 0.68%, and fixed at $1493.60. Silver and platinum also gained value today, however any price gains were fractional at best with silver gaining 0.15%, and platinum... Read more 10/16/2019
Earnings Reports and Trade Optimism Take Precious Metals Lower
Precious metals, specifically gold, silver and platinum are trading under moderate to strong selling pressure today. The only precious metal to be bucking this trend is palladium which has traded to a new all-time record high above $1700 per ounce. In fact, as of 4:50 PM EDT palladium futures are currently up 0.83% and fixed at $1701 per... Read more 10/15/2019
What’s stopping gold from climbing “substantially higher?”
Gold prices should be targeting as high as $1,650 to $1,700 an ounce by the first quarter of next year, but fundamental events need to be pushing the yellow in the right direction, this according to Gary Wagner, editor of “A lot of it has to do with fundamental events and the biggest one of course is whether or not... Read more 10/14/2019
The Trade War, It Ain’t Over till the Fat Lady Sings
According to Wikipedia, it ain’t over till (or until) the fat lady sings is a colloquialism which is often uses a proverb. It means that one should not presume to know the outcome of an event which is still in progress. More specifically, the phrase is used when a situation is (or appears to be) nearing its conclusion. On Friday of... Read more 10/14/2019
U.S. and China Reach Agreement for “Phase One” of a Trade Deal
President Trump announced today that the U.S. has come to a “very substantial phase one deal” with China. After 14 formal negotiation sessions, which have lasted over 15 months, today it was announced that the two superpowers have reached a basic agreement regarding parts of the trade disputes. Although a basic agreement has been... Read more 10/11/2019
在牆上飛 - Zài qiáng shàng fēi
As a market technician and analyst, it is days like today that I would really like to be “Zài qiáng shàng fēi”, which is Chinese for “A fly on the wall”. In other words, to be able to hear what is being said, and see what is happening at the highly anticipated trade talks which began today in Washington, and will conclude tomorrow. This... Read more 10/10/2019
Released Fed Minutes Supportive of Higher Gold Prices
The minutes from the September FOMC meeting were released today. They indicated an elevated level of concern by Federal Reserve members not conveyed in either the statement released immediately following the conclusion of the September meeting, or the following press conference held by Chairman Jerome Powell. In fact, according to... Read more 10/09/2019