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Vive la France, Vive l'Euro
The euphoria surrounding the outcome of France’s election sent shockwaves throughout the global financial markets, as concerns as to whether France would leave the European Union diminished. Election results showed that Emanuel Macron was a slight favorite for next month’s runoff against the nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen, moving... Read more 04/24/2017
Gold Flirts with $1300 And Trades to a New Yearly High
For market participants who invest or trade gold, it has been an interesting week. Although gold prices traded to a higher high and a lower low than the previous week, the net change overall was a fractional loss of approximately one dollar. The week started off with gold prices flirting with $1300 as gold pricing surged intra-day to... Read more 04/21/2017
Gold Consolidates and Holds Steady In Light Of Soaring Equities
Gold prices are holding steady considering the dynamic upside swing witnessed today in U.S. equities. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading a full percentage point higher on the day. As of 2:55 Eastern Standard Time it is trading at 20,611, up 207 points on the day. Considering that the all-time high with the Dow is... Read more 04/20/2017
Gold Closes Lower After Failed Attempt at $1300
Gold is trading under pressure for the first time since April 10th, when prices moved above long-standing resistance at 1262. The rally that followed the price breakout only served to drive prices even higher. This resulted in prices moving within three dollars of $1300 per ounce on April 17th, when gold prices traded to 1297.30 on an... Read more 04/19/2017
U.S. Dollar, Geopolitical Uncertainty, and French Election Support Gold
Although certainly not equal players, a multitude of factors contributed to today’s price advance in gold. Continued uncertainty about North Korea’s nuclear proliferation, along with concern about the upcoming election in France, played a part in today’s action. However, it was U.S. dollar weakness that provided much of today’s upside... Read more 04/18/2017
Gold Succumbs to Profit-Taking in Late Afternoon Trading
Although tension with North Korea continues to fuel safe haven demand, gold prices sold off moderately in late afternoon trading. As of 2:30 Eastern Standard Time, gold futures are currently trading off $5.00 at 1283.40. Spot gold is also trading approximately five dollars lower at 1281.This follows a three-day weekend in which... Read more 04/17/2017
Gold Inches Closer to $1300 Per Ounce
In pre-holiday trading, gold prices continue to hold steady while inching closer and closer to $1300 per ounce. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, statements made yesterday by President Trump put dramatic pressure on the U.S. dollar. As reported by Reuters, “President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that the dollar was "... Read more 04/13/2017
Gold Closes Strongly Higher on Safe Haven Demand and Weak U.S. Dollar
As market participants react to continued geopolitical concerns in both the Middle East and northern Asia, safe haven demand continues to bid up gold pricing. Trading to highs not seen since November of last year, gold futures are currently up approximately $10 on the day and are trading to an intraday high of 1285. As reported by... Read more 04/12/2017
Gold Reacts to Geopolitical Tension on Two Fronts
In response to geopolitical tension on two fronts, gold is trading dramatically higher today. As of 3 o’clock Eastern Standard Time, gold futures (June contract) are trading $22 higher at 1276. This comes in response to statements made by the North Korean media, which have contributed to raising US-North Korea tensions. The second factor... Read more 04/11/2017