The Gold Forecast Videos

Gold Stages an Impressive Recovery
For the first time in three weeks, gold prices have stabilized. Although gold closed slightly higher, in essence, flat for the week, this occurrence marks the first time in the last three weeks that gold prices have not closed lower on the week. Gold had been losing value ever since traders were unable to move the price above $1300 per... Read more 06/23/2017
The Rounded Bottom of a Tower Pattern
Gold futures have settled with moderate gains on the day. The most active August contract closed at $1250.90, up approximately $5.10. This gain occurs immediately following two trading days in which the lows have been at the 200-day moving average, and their respective closing prices were below the 61.8% retracement. As such, the last... Read more 06/22/2017
Gold Holds onto Critical Ground
It is undeniable that gold prices have been dropping since the failure to take out $1300 per ounce. Nonetheless, gold succeeded in gaining roughly $85 in value as it traded from $1212 the previous month. A respectable rally came to an end and the question at that point was what percentage would be given back as gold pricing began to... Read more 06/21/2017
Gold Closes Lower But Remains Above Its 200-Day Moving Average
Now in its third consecutive week of lower pricing, gold prices drifted lower again today. The most active futures contract (August 2017) settled $2.40 lower today to close at $1244.30. But I believe it is the intraday low of gold pricing that warrants the greatest amount of attention. Gold traded to an intraday low of $1242.40. This low... Read more 06/20/2017
Upbeat U.S. Economy and Hawkish Fed Continue to Pressure Gold
Last week’s FOMC meeting resulted in statements and policies that reflect a robust U.S. economy, which is recovering from a dramatic recession. As such, actions and statements had a much more hawkish tone than previous FOMC policy meetings. Not only did the Fed announce a much-anticipated interest rate hike last week, but they also... Read more 06/19/2017
This Aint Your Grandfathers Paint
Over the last couple of days, market participants have been analyzing and absorbing recent statements and actions initiated by the Fed at the conclusion of this month’s FOMC policy meeting. Analysts continue to parse the press release issued by the Federal Reserve, along with statements made by Chairwoman Janet Yellen during her news... Read more 06/16/2017
Fed Speak and Intent Weigh Heavily on Gold Pricing
There’s a new Sheriff in town, spreading hawkish sentiment wherever she goes. Chairwoman Janet Yellen is not actually a new Sheriff, but statements she made at yesterday’s news conference, coupled with the press release issued by the Federal Reserve, reveal a much more aggressive stance by the Fed. The highly anticipated rate hike... Read more 06/15/2017
Buy the Rumor, Sell the Hawk
As anticipated, at the conclusion of today’s FOMC policy meeting, the Federal Reserve announced that they would raise interest rates by 25 basis points (¼%) to take the Fed funds rate effectively between 1 and 1¼%. As written in the Federal Reserve press release, “Effective June 15, 2017, the Federal Open Market Committee directs the... Read more 06/14/2017
Gold Prices Hold Steady, Waiting on the Fed
With great anticipation, traders and investors await the conclusion of tomorrow’s FOMC meeting. It is anticipated that the Fed will announce an interest rate hike at this time. Immediately following the conclusion of tomorrow’s meeting, Janet Yellen will hold a news conference. It is at this press conference that Chairwoman Yellen could... Read more 06/13/2017