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Gold Continues Its Climb to Higher Pricing
Gold pricing continues its historic climb to higher prices, gaining yet more value in today’s trading. As of 4:30 PM Eastern standard time, gold futures are trading $4.10 (+0.31%) higher at $1339. Gold continues to ride the tailwinds created from a tumbling U.S. dollar, which is currently off by over a half percent today as it broke... Read more 01/16/2018
No Time Off for the Precious Metals
According to Bloomberg News, about 42% of American employers will close on January 15 in observance of Martin Luther King’s birthday. U.S. equities are also closed for trading today in observance of this holiday. Although U.S. equity futures are trading higher, officially the market is closed. The same cannot be said for the precious... Read more 01/15/2018
Gold Breaks to the Upside Resulting in Major Price Gains
Up Up and away, would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon The lyrics to this song, written by Jimmy Webb and sung by the Fifth Dimension in 1967, seem to be appropriate to convey today’s upside breakout in gold pricing. Categorized as sunshine pop, this song won the record of the year during the 10th annual Grammy awards in 1968... Read more 01/12/2018
Weak Dollar Drives Gold Prices Higher
Gold is trading moderately higher today, with the most active futures contract currently trading up $3.70 (+0.28%) at $1323 per ounce. Today’s gains have taken gold to its highest value so far in 2018. On Friday of last week, gold prices reached the former 2018 apex when it closed at $1322 per ounce. Although gold prices surged to an... Read more 01/11/2018
Is Gold Forming a Base At $1300?
Recent price action in gold suggests that the precious yellow metal might be forming a base at just above $1300 per ounce. The most recent rally, which began in mid-December, took pricing from $1238 to $1327 before finding resistance. Since Friday of last week, gold has been trading in a narrow and defined range with intraday lows coming... Read more 01/10/2018
Gold Pricing Softens, But This Rally Still Has More Upside Potential
The fact that gold pricing is trading under pressure is not a big surprise, and actually can be viewed as a well-needed pause in the rally currently underway. After trading to $1238 per ounce in mid-December of last year, gold prices have gained almost $90 before hitting resistance at $1327 late last week. Historically speaking,... Read more 01/09/2018
Will History Repeat Itself
In an article penned in MarketWatch today by Myra Saefong, she looks back at historical data to conclude that the rally which began on December 12 of last year up until Friday logged the longest stretch of consecutive gains in gold futures on record. She is comparing it to a point in time in which gains in gold futures resulted in 10... Read more 01/08/2018
Tepid Jobs Numbers Do Not Slow Down the Dow
Even with today’s tepid jobs report numbers, U.S. equities continued their historic climb, once again closing at a new record high. The Dow Jones Industrial Average breached 25,000 yesterday, and the enormous bullish sentiment drove the Dow over 200 points higher. As of 3:50 PM Eastern standard time, the Dow is trading up about 211... Read more 01/05/2018
The Number Ten
The number to focus on today is the number 10. Gold traders are witnessing a run on the precious yellow metal, now in its 10th day for consecutive price gains. The last time traders witnessed ten consecutive trading days resulting in higher prices was back in 2011. In fact, that rally resulted in a total of 13 consecutive higher trading... Read more 01/04/2018