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To my valued and esteemed subscribers, For those of you who have been with me for eight years or more, you know that I have rarely if ever taken a single sick-day since I started the service. I pride myself on the ability to produce a daily, consistent report which gives our subscribers the insight necessary, the information necessary... Read more 11/13/2018
US Dollar Gains Ground Against Euro and British Pound
The US dollar index surges past 97.40 to a 17-month high amidst the backdrop of political uncertainty in the UK and Italy. The US Dollar index is currently pegged at 97.405 after three consecutive strong sessions bring the index to levels it has not seen in over 16 months. At the same time the Euro composite witnessed three days of... Read more 11/12/2018
Strong Selling Pressure Sparked by Global Economic Slowdown
U.S. stocks tumbled in trading this afternoon with selling pressure a result of multiple factors. After producing respectable gains throughout the week, U.S. equities reacted to two major events, as well. First, market participants reacted to the statement released by the Federal Reserve yesterday from this month’s FOMC meeting.... Read more 11/09/2018
FOMC Meeting Concludes and Fed Stays the Course
This afternoon the Federal Reserve concluded this month’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Immediately following the conclusion of today’s meeting, the Fed released a statement. There was no press conference held after the meeting. However, Chairman Powell has stated that next year every meeting will conclude with a press... Read more 11/08/2018
U.S Stocks Rally Following Mid-Term Election Results
Investors and market participants seem unfazed while bidding the U.S. equities up substantially following the midterm elections which resulted in the Democratic Party now controlling the House of Representatives. Although the Senate remains firmly in control by the Republicans, yesterday’s election gave Democrats the needed majority to... Read more 11/07/2018
Market Participants Wait With Abated Breath
Traders and market participants are quietly waiting to hear results from today’s midterm elections. In possibly one of the most important midterm elections held in recent history, the net results could have a profound impact on the financial markets. This election will determine whether or not the current administration and the... Read more 11/06/2018
The Quiet Before the Storm
This week could prove to be a monumental week with the midterm elections beginning tomorrow. According to Bloomberg politics, “The 2018 midterms are the most closely watched, most expensive, and most fretted-about congressional elections in memory.” The stakes are enormous, as the outcome could determine whether the status quo remains... Read more 11/05/2018
Gold Closes Back Above 100-Day Moving Average
Yesterday’s $22 gain was significant for a multitude of reasons. First, it was the most significant single-day gain since October 11, when gold traded from just under $1,200 ($1,198) and closed a respectable $30 higher, finally settling at approximately $1,227.80 per ounce. The significance of that gain was that gold pricing finally... Read more 11/02/2018
Strong Upside Move in Both Gold & Silver
Both gold and silver had a stellar performance today, moving sharply to higher pricing as the net result of both dollar weakness and market participants bidding up these precious metals. As of 3:15 PM Eastern standard time, gold futures are trading up $21.40 (+1.76%), and silver is up 3.38% (+ $ 0.473). Currently, the most active... Read more 11/01/2018