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Tariffs, Trade Wars, Trump, and the Fed
Although gold is trading lower on the week, Friday’s trading activity resulted in moderately higher pricing with gold closing up seven dollars. August Comex futures are currently fixed at $1,231 after adding today’s net gain of 0.57%. However, the real story today is not so much gold as it is the U.S. dollar. The dollar index is... Read more 07/20/2018
Free Falling Gold
Gold has been under major pressure and losing value since April of this year when the precious yellow metal traded to the highest value this year and began to sell off. Since that time, you could say that gold prices have been free falling. Since January of this year, gold has attempted to breach the highs achieved in September 2017... Read more 07/19/2018
Gold Continues to be Pressured by Outside Forces
Although gold futures are trading slightly higher, today’s trading activity is highlighted by the fact that gold traded to a lower low and a lower high than yesterday. Currently, gold futures (August Comex contract) are trading at $1,227.80, which is a net gain of $0.50 on the day. It is the intraday low that is most noteworthy.... Read more 07/18/2018
One Part Dollar, One Part Sellers
Gold broke below its major support level at $1,238 today in reaction to the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony to the Senate Banking Committee. Gold futures (August Comex contract) closed dramatically lower settling at $1,227.50, losing $12.20, a net decline of almost a full percentage point. Spot gold pricing lost $12... Read more 07/17/2018
Even Dollar Weakness Does Not Support Gold
U.S dollar weakness has not helped gold close in the positive today. Traders took the dollar index lower today, resulting in a net decline of just over a quarter percent. The dollar is currently fixed at 94.24, which is a decline of 25 points on the day. The net result of dollar weakness was an additional $2.85 of value per ounce of... Read more 07/16/2018
Has the Bear Woken Up?
Even with the U.S. dollar trading off of the highs achieved today, and posting a daily decline, gold was unable to sustain any price gains. August Comex futures are currently trading at $1,241.60, which is a net decline of five dollars on the day (-0.40%). Although gold futures closed above a critical level of support at $1,238, it did... Read more 07/13/2018
Kitco News: Gold To See "Fireworks" From Trade War
Gold has not been acting like a proper safe haven due to the fact that a full-blown trade war has not yet been triggered, but this may change once tariffs are implemented, said Gary Wagner, editor of “We are in a trade dispute, we haven’t morphed into a full-blown trade war. Once tariffs are actually imposed, that... Read more 07/12/2018
Trade Dispute Concerns Once Again Move to the Forefront of Market Sentiment
Once again concerns about the escalation of the current trade dispute becoming a global trade war have raised and ratcheted up the uncertainty factor which has created a stronger dollar. However, much more importantly it has motivated traders to accumulate long positions in gold. Gold futures basis the most active August contract is... Read more 07/12/2018
The Selling Continues
Today’s selling continued to day’s trading resulting in a strong draw down in both gold and silver with futures gold closing down $13.50 currently fixed at $1242 an ounce. At the same time spot gold gave up $14 in trading today and is currently fixed at 1241 32. Today’s dramatically lower pricing in gold is a combination of extreme... Read more 07/11/2018