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Will gold prices hold above the 100-day moving average?
Gold futures opened at $1957 on Monday and today is trading at $1864.60. This week traders have witnessed almost a $100 drop in pricing. Monday’s action resulted in gold dropping by $57 taking pricing below its 50-day moving average kicking off the bearish sentiment. On Wednesday gold prices closed below $1900 per ounce for the first... Read more 09/25/2020
Gold and silver stage a modest recovery
Although gold trading higher for one day does not necessarily signal a reversal, any recovery could begin with this type of price action. Today gold did trade to the lowest price point during this most recent correction, trading to an intraday low of $1851.50 before recovering. However, it closed higher than yesterday’s close, and closed... Read more 09/24/2020
It’s not about U.S. dollar strength, rather Euro dollar weakness
Over this last month the U.S. dollar has been on an absolute tear, moving higher and gaining value. Consider this; on September 1st, the dollar index hit an intraday low of 91.70, today the dollar index closed up today by +0.45 %, and is fixed at 94.455. That means that the dollar has gained roughly 2.755% in value in less than a single... Read more 09/23/2020
U.S. dollar moves higher forcing gold lower
Global concerns about the increase of new cases of the novel coronavirus in Europe as well as the United States have had a dramatic impact on both U.S. equities and gold yesterday. Both equities as well as gold were sharply lower in trading yesterday. While equities in the United States recovered today, gold pricing on the other hand,... Read more 09/22/2020
Financial markets and precious metals meltdown, as U.S. dollar trades higher
As of 4:00 PM EST the equities markets are closing for the day and still settling. Today’s market action can best be described as brutal, with all three major indices and the entire precious metals complex trading dramatically lower. Currently the Dow Jones industrial average is trading 510 points lower, and currently fixed at 27,147.24... Read more 09/21/2020
Connecting the dots – Plotting where gold pricing is headed
Over the last few days, we have been focusing upon the FOMC meeting which concluded on Wednesday of this week. We have spoken about how recent changes in the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve have had an impact on gold pricing. The most important take away from the statement released by the Federal Reserve, and the press conference... Read more 09/18/2020
Connecting the dots, how market participants interpreted yesterday’s FOMC meeting
What originally drew me to technical analysis was the purity of mathematics. The use of mathematics in technical analysis to forecast market sentiment, while not always correct, it is a very black and white process. A technical formula can indicate whether a market is oversold or overbought, and although it cannot predict a reversal... Read more 09/17/2020
FOMC meeting concludes and investors gain clarity
The most important economic event of the month concluded today. The FOMC meeting concluded today, and the Federal Reserve released a statement along with a press conference from the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. The clarity in regards to the details of the Fed’s revamped monetary policy that market participants had waited for was answered... Read more 09/16/2020
FOMC meeting begins, traders await tomorrow’s statement press conference
The most important economic event of the month began today. This morning members of the Federal Reserve convened to meet for the first time since the virtual economic symposium was held last month virtually instead of at Jackson Hole. During his keynote speech Chairman Powell delivered a powerful message. That message contained major... Read more 09/15/2020