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Trade War Truce Creates Solid Risk-On Market Sentiment and Selling Pressure for Gold
Gold prices plunged immediately upon opening Monday morning in Australia. This in response to a perceived favorable outcome of the one-on-one talks between presidents Trump and Xi Jinping at the G 20 meetings held in Osaka Japan. The keyword was “truce”, with both sides agreeing not to invoke further escalation of the trade war between... Read more 07/01/2019
You Can Hear A Pin Drop
As traders and market participants await news from Saturday’s one-on-one meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the precious metals markets are so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. This face-to-face meeting between the leaders of the two superpowers is so important that US equities as well as the... Read more 06/28/2019
War of Words Emerges as the Two Presidents Meet at G-20
As the two presidents of the United States and China prepare for their one on one talks at the G-20 meeting later on Saturday in Osaka Japan, it seems both sides have begun to posture their negotiations with a war of words emerging from both camps. Prior to Saturday’s meeting between the leaders of the two superpowers both President... Read more 06/27/2019
Shooting Star Identified as Yesterday’s Daily Candlestick
After reaching a new high for 2019 yesterday gold prices have retreated as traders and investors take profits and await any news from the upcoming G-20 meeting. Gold futures basis the most active August contract traded to a high above $1440 yesterday before trading lower and closing fractionally lower on the day. This was followed by... Read more 06/26/2019
Powell Dampens Current Gold Rally
Gold futures once again have traded to a higher high, higher low and higher close than the previous day. As of 4:30 PM EDT the most active August futures contract is currently fixed at $1426.20, which is a net gain of $8.00 on the day. In fact, gold traded to an intraday high of $1442.90, before giving back some net gains in reaction to... Read more 06/25/2019
Gold Closes Solidly Above $1400
Gold continues the dynamic rally which is been in play for just about a month, with today’s gains of $24.00 taking the precious yellow metal to $1424.10, a net increase of +1.71%. Although dollar weakness provided a tailwind to the rising precious metals prices, the effect of dollar weakness was marginal at best. We can see that both... Read more 06/24/2019
Gold Closes at a Historical Level
Trading to a high of $1415.40 in intraday trading today, gold futures basis the most active August contract not only traded to a new record high for this year, but closed above $1400 per ounce. As of 4:10 PM EDT August futures are currently fixed up $6.00 at $1402.90. That is a net increase of +0.42%. While there are many underlying... Read more 06/21/2019
Gold Within Striking Distance of $1400
If the majority of market analysts are correct, when they proclaimed that investors and traders have been factoring in a series of rate cuts by Federal Reserve, along with rate cuts by other global central banks, then why did gold rise by almost $45 today? Yesterday the Federal Reserve announced that it would keep fed funds rates... Read more 06/20/2019
Bada-Boom, Bada- Bing; Fed Fuels Fire
I cannot think of many organizations or people that can convey a 180° pivot by the use of a single word, except for the Federal Reserve and its chairman, Jerome Powell. When we looked at the CME’s FedWatch tool yesterday it predicted less than a 20% probability that the Federal Reserve would announce and implement a rate cut today. In... Read more 06/19/2019