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Trump Tariffs and Retaliation by the Chinese Take Gold Higher
On Thursday and Friday of last week trade representatives from both the United States and China began and ended negotiations dismally without accomplishing any progress. If anything, the relationship regarding trade between these two superpowers worsened. Add to that fact that on midnight of last Friday Trump made good on his threat and... Read more 05/13/2019
Trade Negotiations Result in Stalemate
The precious metals markets continued to react to the increased apprehension regarding the lack of any favorable resolution to the trade talks held in Washington on Thursday and Friday between the United States and China. Market sentiment on Monday through Thursday was greatly influenced from the assumption that the two economic... Read more 05/10/2019
Trade Troubles Continue as Chasm Deepens Between U.S and China
The financial markets continue to react to the increased apprehension regarding the outcome of the trade negotiations between the United States and China. Equities globally have been under pressure for the better part of this week. Earlier this week the Dow Jones industrial average traded 660 points lower before recovering on Tuesday... Read more 05/09/2019
Gold Futures Lower as Trade War Concerns Subside
Although gold futures closed lower on the day, they did so with a higher low as well as a higher high when compared to Tuesday’s price range. As of 3:20 PM EDT June futures are trading down $3.90 and currently fixed at $1281.70. What is extremely noteworthy in today’s trading activity is the intraday high of $1292.80. This is just above... Read more 05/08/2019
Gold Shows its Safe Haven Colors
Even though gold only gained fractionally on the day, it is showing some signs that it is acting once again as a safe haven asset. As of 4:12 PM Eastern standard time gold futures are currently trading up $1.90, and basis the most active June contract are fixed at $1285.70. These gains have occurred as the other precious metals have... Read more 05/07/2019
Lackluster Performance in Gold Despite Geopolitical Uncertainty
Gold did not exhibit any real follow-through buying after Friday’s dynamic upside move. On Friday gold futures traded from $1271 and closed at approximately $1281 with a respectable $10 gain. As trading began yesterday in Australia gold prices firmed and traded to a high of $1287.40 before prices retraced. As of 4:17 PM Eastern standard... Read more 05/06/2019
Daily and Weekly Candlesticks Indicate Potential Support
Although gold pricing closed higher on the day and above yesterday’s open, prices still declined for the week. However, one key element in the trading range created this week was the low. Gold futures traded to a low of approximately $1267 per ounce, which matches within a few dollars to last week’s lows. This is significant in that it... Read more 05/03/2019
You Can’t Always Get What You Want
As far as many precious metal traders are concerned the lack of any mention of an interest rate reduction in yesterday’s FOMC statement or Chairman Powell’s press conference left them feeling that “you can’t always get what you want”. Apparently, it was the U.S. economy that instead “got what it needed” with the data revealing a robust... Read more 05/02/2019
Powell Stands Pat as Patience Guides the Fed
The May FOMC meeting has concluded today and as anticipated the Federal Reserve has left interest rates alone. According to the statement released immediately following the conclusion of today’s meeting the Fed “will be patient as it determines what future adjustments to the target range for the federal funds rate may be appropriate.” In... Read more 05/01/2019