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Gold recovers modestly following yesterday’s double-digit decline
Gold prices recovered modestly today, after dropping by double digits yesterday. Although gold prices were tempered by dollar strength both gold futures and spot prices managed to eke out a small gain on the day. Spot gold is currently at $1557.30, after factoring in today’s gain of $4.60. However, that net gain was tempered by dollar... Read more 02/05/2020
Gold Plummets as Global Equities Markets Surge
Strong equity performance globally resulted in a major selloff in gold. The global rally in equities began last night in China. The underlying factor was action by China’s central bank. The People’s Bank of China (PBC) added huge amounts of capital last night through open market operations in attempts to offset the lack of confidence... Read more 02/04/2020
Coronavirus Still at Epidemic levels, but Investors Re-Focus on Equities
On Sunday, February 2, China’s National Health Commission released its latest figures of the novel coronavirus. Their latest figures released acknowledged that there have been 17,205 confirmed cases to date in China, with the death toll rising above 360. Even though this epidemic continues to spread in China, as well as globally,... Read more 02/03/2020
Coronavirus Fears Fuel U.S. Equity Market Selloff
Today the markets reacted fearfully to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak resulting in deep declines U.S. equity indexes, while being highly supportive of the safe haven asset group including gold and silver. Although it is believed that the coronavirus is much less deadly than SARS, it is likely more contagious because of that fact. Since... Read more 01/31/2020
Traders Evaluate Yesterdays Fed Statement and Press Conference
Yesterday the Federal Reserve held its first FOMC meeting for the new year, and the new decade. Following the conclusion and the release of this month’s statement it became immediately clear that there were no major changes to their current monetary policy. In fact, there were only a few words that were changed in this month statement... Read more 01/30/2020
The Federal Reserve’s Policy Continues to Support Higher Gold Pricing
The Federal Reserve held its first FOMC meeting for the new year, and the new decade. As expected, the Fed announced that they had no intention of changing the current interest rate. According to the statement released today since their last meeting held in December, they maintain that, “the labor market remains strong and that economic... Read more 01/29/2020
Market sentiment has a large impact on pricing, but it is not always accurate
Market sentiment is based upon the psychological mindset which is used to base future projections upon it can change on perception rather than hard-core information. Today is a good example of that paradigm in action. While the current crisis regarding the coronavirus outbreak in China has changed very little from the recent assessments... Read more 01/28/2020
Continued Coronavirus Concerns Threatens Global Economy
Overwhelming concern regarding the spread of the deadly outbreak of the coronavirus in China has morphed into a legitimate global concern about the repercussions that go far beyond the health of individuals. Although that obviously is the primary concern, many analysts believe that this deadly outbreak could grow larger and affect not... Read more 01/27/2020
Gold climbs as concerns over coronavirus grow
On yesterday’s report we spoke about how our technical studies indicated that gold would trade higher, moving to between $1575 and $1594. The studies suggested that the current rally is composed of a counter wave, found in between two bearish corrective waves. Our upside projections are based upon this rally moving gold between 50% and... Read more 01/24/2020