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Video January 25 2013 Archives-Daily-Show
  Economically, we are working in an extremely unusual atmosphere across the world.    Germany's business confidence index was up... Read more
Please enjoy this week’s edition of  Chart This bonus content. The article referenced on the show can be read by using the link and image to the left. Use the button below to view the recorded webinar. We’ve also this Thursday's show (8.15.13) and Friday’s (8.9.13)  addition of the Gold Forecast’... Read more
          Predictable Friday  5/10/2013... Read more
    in a needle-sharp phrase, gold got hammered because of a technical sell-off. Small traders often find themselves in a minefield that they do not know exists. When the big players set their mines to explode - and it could be for a dozen different reasons - the little guy is left amidst the rubble.... Read more