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Gold Futures Trade Sharply Lower but Holds $1500
Gold futures basis the most active December contract have sold off sharply in trading today. As of 4:17 PM EDT gold futures are currently fixed at $1506 per ounce which is a net decline of $17.60 on the day. Dollar strength contributed to today’s decline with only a nominal percentage of the decline being attributable to gains in the... Read more 08/19/2019
Gold Consolidates After Hitting a Record High Close This Week
Gold pricing consolidated in trading today after market participants took gold pricing to the highest daily closing price this year. As of 4 PM EDT gold futures basis the most active December contract is currently trading down $6.30 (-0.42%), and fixed at $1524.50. The result of this week’s trading even with today’s moderate selloff is... Read more 08/16/2019
Gold at a Record High Close for This Year
As of 4:40 PM EDT gold futures basis the most active December contract is currently up $7.20 and fixed at $1535 per troy ounce. This is a new record close for this calendar year. Although gold futures had traded to an intraday high of $1545 on Monday of this week, the effective close came in at $1514. It is been a perfect storm market... Read more 08/15/2019
Dow Drops 800 Points and Gold Continues to be the Go-To Safe Haven Asset
Market participants focused on weaker economic data from both the United States as well as globally, which is continuing to create genuine concern about a slowing economy and potential recession. This data coupled with the recent inversion of the U.S. treasury yield curve created a selling frenzy in U.S. equities today. Traders pushed... Read more 08/14/2019
Gold Trades to Highest Yearly Value Before Trading Below $1500 and Recovering
Gold futures have traded in an expanded price range with the most active December contract trading to a high of $1546.10, and the low of $1488.90, resulting in a trading range of over $57 today. As of 3:50 PM EDT December gold is bid at $1514.50 which is a net decline of $2.70 on the day. The highs were achieved in trading overseas last... Read more 08/13/2019
Gold’s Daily High Matches the Lows of November 2011
For the first time since November 2011 and May 2012 gold pricing has matched the lows achieved during those months. Looking at a monthly chart we can see that this current rally has taken gold pricing to the highest trading point since April 2013. However, it must be noted that during that month gold broke below the support level... Read more 08/12/2019
The Trade War is Not a Game, it is Not Deal or No Deal
Today as President Trump was leaving the White House and headed to New York for another fundraiser he said that there are open communications between the United States and China, and that we are talking although “We are not ready to make a deal. But we’ll see what happens.” He also discounted the importance of the next round of face-... Read more 08/09/2019
Gold Consolidates but Bullish Market Sentiment Continues
Every day that gold futures remain above $1500 per ounce is strengthening the resolve that the key psychological level of $1500 is becoming a strong area of support. However, this assumption has a tremendously large caveat, and that is that price changes seen in gold are almost entirely due to the fundamental events such as the current... Read more 08/08/2019
Gold and Silver Prices Explode to the Upside
Both gold and silver futures traded sharply higher today in response to continued concerns that the trade war between the United States and China will get worse before it gets better and any sort of resolution is achieved. Still on the table is the initiation of new tariffs on the remaining $300 billion worth of Chinese imports sent to... Read more 08/07/2019