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We could see gold move higher, but the correction is still active
Gold prices recovered modestly gaining six dollars on the day, with February futures currently fixed at $1562.70. The last three trading days can be characterized as a series of lower lows. However, gold continues to trade below the current resistance level of $1566 per ounce. This resistance level is created from a price top that... Read more 01/23/2020
Gold’s Gleam Diminishes Behind Palladium’s Brightness
Muted trading is the overall characteristic of gold today, it traded within an extremely narrow range of just under $10. Gold futures traded to a high today of $1559.80, and a low of $1550. As of 4:30 PM EST is up $0.60 and is fixed at $1558.50. Although we have seen gold trade under pressure before moving sideways the precious yellow... Read more 01/22/2020
Is There Significance in Consecutive Weekly “Doji” Candles?
When we look at trading activity over the last couple of weeks through the eyes of a weekly candlestick chart it is clear that while gold has had erratic and exaggerated price swings, it is in essence forming a base right around last year’s highest price. The last leg of this rally concluded during the first week of 2020 when the... Read more 01/21/2020
“There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch” for Central Banks
After last week’s historic rise to a seven-year record high for, this week when compared to last week the range is extremely contracted. While traders were relieved to see that the daily range in gold was much more manageable, rightfully so many were disappointed in the small price moves. Gold futures did close very near the opening... Read more 01/17/2020
Gold holds steady above $1550 even with the headwinds of recent events
  Over the last six trading days gold has traded in the narrow and compressed range of $25. This range compression and sideways trading began immediately following last Wednesday’s spike to this year’s high ($1613), and close at $1559. Although the daily range has compressed there seems to be a reluctance for gold to trade and... Read more 01/16/2020
Record Breaking Day as “Phase One” Trade Agreement is Signed
The “phase one” trade agreement between the United States and China was officially signed today helping to move U.S. equities all fractionally higher. But it was the precious metals that shined today with gold being the laggard. Currently as of 3:30 EST February futures are up 8/10 of a percent at $1557 after a respectable gain of over $... Read more 01/15/2020
“Phase-One” Trade Agreement Should Increase Economic Growth Globally
The imminent signing of the phase-one component of a comprehensive trade deal tomorrow between the United States and China continue to weigh heavily on both gold and silver pricing. Both precious metals continue to trade lower today with silver exhibiting the largest percentage drawdown of the entire precious metals complex. As of 4... Read more 01/14/2020
Safe-Haven Assets see Diminishing Value as U.S. Equities Soar
Gold futures continue to trade under pressure. Today the most active February contract is currently down $10.80 and fixed at $1549.30, which is a net decline of 0.69%. Although on Friday gold prices managed to gain approximately $10 on the day, today gold opened above Friday’s closing price, and then closed well below Friday’s open.... Read more 01/13/2020
A Volatile Week for Gold
This was a volatile week for gold. On Wednesday gold traded to its highest level in seven years. After breaking above $1600 trading for a brief moment up to an intraday high of $1613, before breaking and closing below $1600 per ounce. The last time gold was trading at or above $1600 per ounce was March 2013. In 2013 when gold was trading... Read more 01/10/2020