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Waiting on Words from the Fed
Today marks the first day of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting otherwise known as the FOMC, which will conclude on Wednesday. As with all FOMC meetings it is the release of the statement as well as a press conference held by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell that traders and market participants will anxiously await. Although it is... Read more 04/30/2019
Gold Retreats After Failing to Overcome Critical Level
Losses across the board in the precious metals today. There was a wide range in the amount lost individual were as gold gave up 0.5% palladium lost a whopping 6% where gold and platinum have given up some of the gains achieved on Friday and palladium and silver giving up more than Friday’s gains. The largest percentage drawdown today... Read more 04/29/2019
Solid Performance in Precious Metals Pricing Indicates Price Support
The precious metals are all experiencing moderate to strongly higher pricing today. The net result is a strong weekly gain for gold and palladium, and fractional moves in silver and platinum. Although both silver and platinum had solid gains on the day, on a weekly basis silver gained approximately five cents and platinum lost... Read more 04/26/2019
Gold Futures Close Unchanged in Trading Today
Although gold prices closed off of their highs today. As of 4:50 PM Eastern standard time gold futures, basis the most active June contract is trading down $0.10, and currently fixed at $1279.30. The intraday highs achieved today were highly influenced by U.S. equities as the Dow Jones industrial average traded off by 280 points in the... Read more 04/25/2019
Opposite but Not Equal
It seems like the financial markets at least for today are following, to some degree Newton’s third law of gravity which states that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In the case of the financial markets if we remove the word equal, we come close to what we are observing today. As far as U.S. equities are... Read more 04/24/2019
NASDAQ and S&P 500 Close at Record Highs
With the exception of palladium, the entire precious metals complex closed lower in trading today. Gold, silver and platinum all sustained losses today with silver prices experiencing the greatest percentage draw-down. Silver futures sustained a 1.2% price decline, with the most active futures contract giving up $0.18, and silver closing... Read more 04/23/2019
Compressed Range and Equal Lows Indicate Possible Bottom in Gold
As this post-holiday week begins there is a mixed bag in the precious metals’ markets, with gold and silver trading fractionally higher on the day and platinum and palladium closing lower. Gold and silver are almost equal in their percentage gains on the day, with gold currently trading up .09%, and silver currently trading .15% higher... Read more 04/22/2019
Preholiday Volume and Subdued Trading Characterizes Gold Pricing
The best way to characterize trading activity today is quiet. In honor of Good Friday tomorrow the precious metals markets will be closed and we are observing pre-holiday volume and range decline. As of 4:40 PM Eastern Standard Time gold futures are trading up $0.90, with the most active June contract fixed at $1277.70. The daily trading... Read more 04/18/2019
Is There Technical Evidence That Gold Has Bottomed?
Ever since Thursday of last week gold has been trading under pressure. Beginning on April 11th gold prices began a downward spiral, breaking below the 50-day moving average, exactly one day after market forces moved gold prices above that average. The following day on Friday, April 12th gold traded in a defined and extremely compressed... Read more 04/17/2019