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Gold Trades Under Pressure in Light of a Better Than Expected GDP Report
Last night’s announcement that the U.S.-North Korea denuclearize talks, had for the most part come to a unexpected ending after both leaders failed to reach an agreement. This summit or negotiation was an effort by the United States and allies to curb or end North Korea’s objective to become a nuclear power. According to President... Read more 02/28/2019
Bäume Wachsen Nicht in Den Himmel
As Paul Volcker, the federal reserve chairman for eight years, beginning in 1979 used to say, “Bäume wachsen nicht in den Himmel.” This German proverb translates to, “Trees don’t grow to the sky, they never have, and never will.” It suggests that there are natural limits to growth. And in the case of financial professionals is a common... Read more 02/27/2019
Gold Consolidates as it Finds Support, Palladium Closes at a New All-Time High
Gold futures are trading fractionally higher on the day. As of 4:40 PM Eastern standard time the most active April Comex contract is currently fixed at $1331, which is a net increase of $1.50 (+0.12%) on the day. Spot gold is exhibiting roughly the same net change, and is currently bid at $1328.30. Today’s fractional move in gold... Read more 02/26/2019
Last Week’s High Identifies Resistance
Last week gold prices reached their highest value of 2019. Prior to that the record high this year was at approximately $1331, and was achieved on January 30. Gold pricing began the year trapped in a tight and narrow range between the highs at $1300 and the lows of $1275. On January 23rd gold traded to its lowest closing price this year... Read more 02/25/2019
Did Yesterday’s Sell-Off Signal a Shift in Market Sentiment?
The questions market participants who follow and trade gold should be asking after yesterday’s dynamic selloff is whether or not this price decline was the beginning of a correction? A small dip to be followed by consolidation? Or a one and Done? To answer that question we have to understand the nature and underlying environment that... Read more 02/22/2019
Live Event - Three Steps Forward And One Step Back
Simply put it is a rare instance when a market goes parabolic, or trades in an extended extremely long-term rally or correction without having peaks and valleys. In fact, most rallies are composed of periods of price growth followed by periods of corrections. What defines an upside rally is that the upside moves are always greater than... Read more 02/21/2019
Profit Taking Yields Lower Pricing
Although the optimism which is been so prevalent taking the precious metals markets higher is still fully intact, the minutes from last month's FOMC meeting I had a small bearish undertone to gold pricing today. Nonetheless I remain bullish and think that we could easily still see the market take a stab at $1370 per ounce the triple... Read more 02/20/2019
Happy Days are Here Again
For those investors and traders who intrinsically believe that gold pricing should be higher than current pricing, a revival of optimism has emerged as market sentiment shifts to a much more bullish demeanor. This rekindled solid bullish market sentiment is based upon the perception that the current negotiations between the United States... Read more 02/19/2019
Presidents’ Day Limits Hours Traded but Not the Bullish Rally
Although Presidents’ Day has shortened the hours of trading, it has not dampened the bullish market sentiment. Trading in the Comex exchange was closed, however the Globex remained open on an adjusted time schedule. Throughout trading yesterday in Australia, Hong Kong and London set the pace for a continuation of Friday’s dramatic... Read more 02/18/2019