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Gold Prices Firm as U.S Dollar Continues to Climb
The dollar index has been firming ever since it reached a low of 98.75, and recovered closing at 99.10 on Friday, April 1. Over the last two trading days we have seen the U.S. dollar firm. Today the dollar index gained approximately ¼ of a percent and is fixed at 99.825. At the same time since Friday gold has had three consecutive... Read more 05/05/2020
Treasury plans to borrow a record $3 trillion this quarter
The coronavirus pandemic has taken us into uncharted territory. The world has not witnessed a pandemic of this magnitude since the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918. That pandemic infected an estimated 500 million people, roughly 1/3 of the world’s population at that time and lasted for approximately two years. The death toll for the... Read more 05/04/2020
Potential short-term bottom identified by a two-day candlestick pattern
While it is a little too early to say that the price correction in gold which began on the 23rd of last month is over, the first signs of a potential bottom have appeared today. Gold pricing did recover this morning, however at the same time, gold traded to the lowest intraday price of $1676 since the intraday low of $1666.50 seen on... Read more 05/01/2020
Gold is up on the month but down over $50 on the week
Gold futures declined over $19 today, with the most active contract (June 2020) breaking below a key support level at $1700, and is currently fixed at $1693.90 However, even with the declines that have occurred this week gold pricing still gained 6% this month. Lower gold prices were curtailed somewhat by dollar weakness. The U.S.... Read more 04/30/2020
Gold moves higher after Fed statement and Powell’s Q&A
Gold which had been trading lower throughout the trading session overseas last night, also traded lower just prior to the release of the Federal Reserve’s statement, and Chairman Jerome Powell’s Q&A session which followed ½ hour after the release of the statement. Gold traded in negative territory to a low of $1708 this morning... Read more 04/29/2020
Gold trades fractionally higher, overcoming a drop in consumer confidence
Gold futures are currently trading at $1724.40, which is a net gain on the day of $0.60. This after the numbers for the consumer confidence index sank from $118.8 in March to $86.9 in April. According to MarketWatch, “The confidence Americans have in the economy experienced the biggest plunge in April in modern times as the... Read more 04/28/2020
U.S equities rise, gold prices softens as phased re-openings begin
Equities in the United States traded higher today, this in response to the easing of restrictive lockdowns in many countries. The United States has outline plans to ease the restrictions and begin to effectively reopen in phases. Three states in the U.S. including Georgia, Oklahoma and Alaska have implemented plans to loosen their... Read more 04/27/2020
Fiscal stimulus, and Federal Reserve intervention
Gold has truly been in rally mode. Although there have been ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys to gold pricing, during the last five trading weeks gold has managed to close higher on four of them. Although gold closed fractionally lower on the day, it did manage to gain on the week. Market sentiment has definitively shifted to a bullish... Read more 04/24/2020
Gold continues to benefit from Federal Reserve monetary stimulus
For the last six weeks gold futures have traded from a low on the week of March 16th at $1450 to current pricing today of $1750, a $300 price gain. Historically speaking, another instance when gold was able to move $300 in a six-week period started during the week of July 18th 2011, when gold was trading at just around $1600, and by the... Read more 04/23/2020