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Gold Bulls Revert Back to the Basics
With gold off a little over $60 from the highs achieved yesterday, the question many gold investors and traders are asking is, where to from here? My sense is that the undertones of gold pricing remains extremely bullish. The most recent rise in gold pricing which began on Friday following the U.S. drone strike in Iraq which killed Iran’... Read more 01/09/2020
Gold Climbs to $1613 Before Reversing
After 10 consecutive trading days which resulted in daily gains and a higher closing price when compared to the open that streak was broken today when gold futures settled sharply lower on today. The price difference between Tuesday evening’s high and today’s low was just about $60. Gold futures settled in New York yesterday at... Read more 01/08/2020
ALERT: Gold trades to $1600 following missile attack on US troops in Iraq
This is being written as of 6:51 PM Eastern standard Time. Reports have surfaced that Iran launched "tens" of surface to surface missiles at Iraq’s Al Asad airbase. Gold is currently trading up over $21 on the day at $1596, as it trades lower from its recent climb to $1600 per ounce. We can expect fast market conditions as more news... Read more 01/07/2020
Middle East Tension Could Continue to Move Gold Pricing Higher
Gold futures traded sharply higher overseas yesterday as recently increased tensions in the Middle East took the precious metal to $1590.90 before giving up much of those gains as trading moved into New York this morning. As of 4 PM EST the most active February gold contract is trading up $16.30, and fixed at $1568.60. Current pricing is... Read more 01/06/2020
Safe Haven Appetite Soars as Iran Vows Retaliation for Last Night’s Drone Attack
Gold futures are currently trading up $23, with the most active February contract currently fixed at $1551.10, this is a 1.51% gain on the day. Today’s dramatic rise in gold prices is a direct response to actions in the Middle East last night. Without a question this is one of the strongest safe-haven moves we have seen in quite some... Read more 01/03/2020
Traders Welcome 2020 and bid up Investments in Multiple Asset Classes
On the first day of this new decade, traders are bidding the majority of financial markets in the United States higher. After the bell the Dow Jones industrial average is currently up over 330 points, and fixed at 28,868.36. Gold futures are currently up $8.20 with the February contract currently fixed at $1531.20. These gains are... Read more 01/02/2020
Gold Closes Above Key Resistance During Last Trading Day of 2019
On the final trading day of 2019 gold futures traded to a high $1529. Although gold closed far off of that high, the February contract was able to gain over two dollars on the day and close at $1520.70, gaining $2.10 on the day. Most significantly gold was able to close above the first key resistance level at $1520 per ounce. This... Read more 12/31/2019
Gold Shows Resilience as It Maintains Pricing Well Above $1500
With only one trading day left for the calendar year 2019, gold is benefiting from US dollar weakness and thin holiday volume. Today’s volume in the February contract of gold futures is only 204,993. As of 4:00 PM EST spot gold is currently trading up $3.70 and fixed at $1514.50. These gains are combination of a weak dollar (+ $3.30) and... Read more 12/30/2019
2020 Is Just Around the Corner, and Shows Real Potential for Gold
Despite some selling pressure dollar weakness has kept pricing afloat, with gold futures trading fractionally higher on the day. On the surface today’s gains in February gold futures seem minuscule or insignificant at best, however nothing could be further from the truth. If not for a deep daily decline in the U.S. dollar index gold... Read more 12/27/2019