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Gold Trades to a High Just Below Yearly High
On an extremely volatile day gold has traded within one dollar of its highest price year to date for 2019. On a closing basis, gold hit an apex or the highest closing price on February 20. Although it traded to a high that day of approximately $1350, gold closed at $1347. That closing price is below the ceiling achieved over the prior... Read more 06/05/2019
Fed Comments Support Dow, NASDAQ Composite and Gold
As of 4:00 PM EDT U.S. equities surged today with the Dow Jones industrial average up over 500 points, a 2.06% gain. The NASDAQ composite had a stellar performance today up 2.38%, which was the largest percentage gain when compared to the S&P 500 and the Dow. Gold also closed up slightly on the day gaining approximately three dollars... Read more 06/04/2019
Gold Regains its Status as the Most Expensive Precious Metal
Gold prices have skyrocketed to the second highest level this year. As of 4 PM EDT gold futures basis the most active August contract is currently fixed at $1332.30, after factoring in today’s gains of $21.20. Gold is now within striking distance of surpassing the current high of 2019 at approximately $1350 per ounce. This rally which in... Read more 06/03/2019
Gold Breaks and Closes Solidly Above $1300.00
Taking markets by surprise today, Donald Trump announced that he will be imposing new tariffs on goods imported from Mexico. This in addition to his earlier actions in which he raised tariffs; on certain items that the United States imports out of China from 10% to 25%. This action today, coupled with higher tariffs announced earlier... Read more 05/31/2019
El Dedo Del Destino - The Underlying Force Behind Changes in Market Sentiment
“Ambition drives you on, Ability certainly helps, but the fickle finger of fate and luck are great things” *  Fergus Henderson For those of us old enough to remember the comedy show ‘laugh in’ by Rowan & Martin, you most certainly would remember the trophy that was awarded called the “Finger Fickle of Fate.” In its most... Read more 05/30/2019
The U.S. Dollar Index Closes Above 98
For the first time since May, 2018 the dollar index has traded and closed above 98. However, during the last occurrence, the U.S. dollar had been in a free fall which began in December 2016, when the index peaked at 103.72, and 98.00 was just another brick in the wall of U.S. treasury supremacy. This major correction would result in the... Read more 05/29/2019
Gold Trades Lower, the Dollar Moves Higher, and the Trade War Deepens
Gold traders returning from an extended three-day holiday weekend were met with strong selling pressure and lower pricing in gold, silver and platinum. As of 2:00 PM EDT gold futures, basis the most June 2019 contract is currently trading down by $5.90, and fixed at $1277.70. On a technical basis major resistance is at $1286 per ounce... Read more 05/28/2019
This Week Could Indicate a Key Reversal in Gold
Gold’s respectable gains on Thursday took a week that was headed for a lower close, to closing fractionally higher for the week. Gold traded to a low of $1269, which is two dollars above the double bottom which occurred in April. It also traded to a high at exactly $1287 which is a Fibonacci retracement of .38%. This retracement level is... Read more 05/24/2019
Chinese Bite Back, As Both Sides Dig In
Although it’s been over a week, with both China and the United States moving farther away from an agreement and resolution to the current trade war.  The additional tariffs That Trump initiated by raising the current tariffs from 15% to 25% was huge, and the blacklisting this week of the tech company Huawei, also fueled the... Read more 05/23/2019