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Gold Continues in Rally Mode for the Third Consecutive Day
Gold continues to have solid upward momentum gaining value now for the third day in a row. As of 4:30 PM EDT gold futures basis the most active December contract is currently trading up $9.50 and fixed at $1486.00. This puts the precious yellow metal within striking distance of $1500 per ounce, now a mere $14 from that price point. The... Read more 08/06/2019
U.S. Stocks Plummet as Gold Moves Closer to $1500
At its low the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down well over 900 points trading to a low of 25,523.38. Although it closed off of its lows the Dow lost 767.27 points today, which is a net decline of 2.90%, as it settled at 25,717.74. At the same time gold prices surged to the highest trading point over the last six years with December... Read more 08/05/2019
Gold Prices Move Higher with a Revised Forecast of Prices Reaching 1507
Gold continues to exhibit all of the underlying features one looks for in a market which is deeply embedded in a rally to higher pricing. This market scenario in which gold pricing has been gaining value can be seen in both long and short-term studies. The long-term studies confirm that beginning at the end of 2015 and the at the... Read more 08/02/2019
Trump Tweet Take's Gold Higher and Causes U.S. Equities to Plummet
The financial markets have been on a wild roller coaster ride over the last 48 hours. Yesterday the Fed announced it has cut its Fed funds rate by ¼%. This put strong and dramatic pressure on gold prices as the most active December futures contract fell to a low of $1412.10. This also sent U.S. equities lower yesterday as the Dow traded... Read more 08/01/2019
Federal Reserve Cuts Rate for the First Time in a Decade
In a fast market, traders reacted to the news that the Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates by ¼%. Immediately following the announcement of the ¼% rate cut gold prices sold off briskly and within the first 10 minutes of trading traded down by approximately $10. This is the first time the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates... Read more 07/31/2019
Are Traders Getting Ahead of the Federal Reserve’s Decision
Gold continued its ascent, and now for the second day in a row has closed moderately higher on the day in anticipation of tomorrow’s Federal Reserve announcement regarding an interest rate cut. As market participants continue to speculate and attempt to factor in the Fed’s decision tomorrow, their actions continue to be very bullish for... Read more 07/30/2019
Upcoming Events This Week Create Bullish Currents for Gold and Silver
There is a trifecta of events this week that will have an impact on gold pricing. These events will occur throughout the entire week beginning Tuesday in China and concluding on Friday. The first event is a resumption of trade negotiations between the United States and China which will begin Tuesday in Shanghai. The negotiations will... Read more 07/29/2019
Is the Federal Reserve Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place?
As of 4:04 PM EDT the countdown to the FOMC meeting is four days, 21 hours, 56 minutes and 24 seconds away, this according to the countdown clock on the CME’s FedWatch tool. This tool is also predicting that there is an 80.6% probability that the Fed will announce and implement ¼% rate cut, and a 19.4% probability that they will cut... Read more 07/26/2019
European Central Bank Easing, The Devil is in The Details
When it comes to statements made today by the ECB President, Mario Draghi, the devil is in the detail, or in today’s case the lack of details. Comments made by the ECB President today put bearish pressure on both U.S. equities as well as the precious metals markets, with investors in each asset class focusing on different components of... Read more 07/25/2019