The Gold Forecast Videos

Gold Trades to Critical Support Level
Gold futures are trading under pressure today, with the most active April 2019 contract currently down $5.60 and fixed at $1316.50. However, it is the low that has generated the most interest on a technical basis. Today’s low came in at $1312.70, which is $.20 above the .23% Fibonacci retracement level. The data set used for this... Read more 02/04/2019
Gold Shows Extreme Resilience in Light of a Strong Jobs Report
In light of an incredibly strong jobs report today gold pricing held up rather well. This morning the U.S Labor Department reported that there were 304,000 new jobs added in January. This number came in much higher than estimates from analysts who were predicting that gains in January would come in around 165,000. That being said gold... Read more 02/01/2019
Powell’s Words Continue to Resonate, Shaping Market Sentiment
Yesterday’s press conference held by the chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, announced that the central bank would keep its current fed funds rates at a range of 2.25% to 2.50%. Although it was widely expected that the outcome of this month’s FOMC meeting would leave interest rates where they stand, the confirmation of that... Read more 01/31/2019
Jerome Powell’s Words Move Markets
To be more precise it is the Federal Reserve’s decisions and monetary policy which is the underlying cause of today’s market moves, and as the head of the central bank Jerome Powell delivered the message in a press conference following today’s conclusion of the FOMC meeting. What he said was, “The case for higher interest rates has "... Read more 01/30/2019
Gold’s Golden Cross
Simply defined by Investopedia, “A golden cross is a bullish breakout pattern formed from a crossover involving any stock or commodities short-term moving average breaking above its long-term moving average or resistance level.” To clarify the requirements for a correct formation and identification of this pattern involves any cycle... Read more 01/29/2019
A Confluence of Events
Call it a confluence of events, a perfect storm but no matter what you call it multiple factors are lining up at the same time magnifying certain tendencies of the financial markets including gold. First, with Venezuela in political turmoil as citizens continue to riot. More importantly the tension continues to ratchet up amid growing... Read more 01/28/2019
Gold Forecast 2019 Part II
Read the Full Study:  please click this link. An extremely remarkable day for the precious metals markets. Gold traded roughly $20 higher on the day, and palladium gained just a little over $40 today. Interestingly enough this market spike has occurred on the same... Read more 01/25/2019
Gold Prices Pressured by Dollar Strength
Strong upside gains in the dollar index added pressure to the precious metals market today, with the exception of platinum. Currently the dollar index is up .53% (+0.503 points), and fixed at 96.275. Dollar strength is the main catalyst for lower pricing in gold today. According to the KGX (Kitco gold index) market participants bid... Read more 01/24/2019
Golden Cross Identified in Gold
Market technicians use a multitude of moving averages in terms of’ the time cycles. These can vary from extremely short averages of three, seven or 10 minutes in length. Daily moving averages analyze long-term cycles and look at market momentum in terms of the big picture and long sustained moves. In the case of looking for long... Read more 01/23/2019