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Traders Focus on Federal Reserve Report and Upcoming G 20 Meeting
It seems that the Federal Reserve has modified their monetary policy in regards to their current program of quantitative normalization. Beginning in 2015, the Fed ended their quantitative easing policy which flooded the market with almost interest-free capital as the Fed’s balance sheet swelled to just over $4.5 trillion. They began to... Read more 11/28/2018
Possibly One of the Most Important G 20 Meetings in History
This weekend the leaders of the G20 will meet in Argentina. The importance of this conference lies within the side meetings between the leaders of the United States and China. The question on traders’ minds is whether or not Xi and Trump can move closer to some sort of resolution to the trade dispute which has now morphed into an out and... Read more 11/27/2018
It’s Back to the Basics, Risk-On Market Sentiment Prevails
It’s back to the basics, with the Dow Jones industrial average closing higher for the first time in the last five trading days. Gold futures are currently trading fractionally lower. As of 4:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, the most active Comex contract (December) is currently $0.50 lower at $1,222.70. Beginning overseas, global equity... Read more 11/26/2018
Have Gold Prices Bottomed?
Gold prices are holding steady above the 50-day and 100-day moving averages as well as critical support sitting at $1218. This support level is based upon the .618% Fibonacci retracement level from a large data beginning in December 2016 when gold prices bottomed at $1124 per oz., up to the multi-year high that occurred $1369 per oz.... Read more 11/21/2018
Trade War Concerns and Higher Interest Rates Dominate Market Sentiment
This morning, the U.S. dollar traded slightly lower to a critical support level at 95.90 before recovering, gathering steam, and moving to much higher ground. As of 5:00 PM Eastern standard time, the dollar index is currently up almost 7/10% (+ 0.639 points) and fixed at 96.705. Dollar strength has taken away the modest gains seen as... Read more 11/20/2018
How Low Will the Dollar Go?
Once again, the U.S Dollar index is the main driving force taking precious metals to higher pricing. Today’s $2.70 upside tick in gold was almost entirely due to the declining U.S dollar which has been the story for the past four days. The U.S dollar index as of 4:20 pm EST is at 96.06, with potential support at 95.40 and resistance... Read more 11/19/2018
Show will be Delayed Until Friday
To my valued and esteemed subscribers, For those of you who have been with me for eight years or more, you know that I have rarely if ever taken a single sick-day since I started the service. I pride myself on the ability to produce a daily, consistent report which gives our subscribers the insight necessary, the information necessary... Read more 11/13/2018
US Dollar Gains Ground Against Euro and British Pound
The US dollar index surges past 97.40 to a 17-month high amidst the backdrop of political uncertainty in the UK and Italy. The US Dollar index is currently pegged at 97.405 after three consecutive strong sessions bring the index to levels it has not seen in over 16 months. At the same time the Euro composite witnessed three days of... Read more 11/12/2018
Strong Selling Pressure Sparked by Global Economic Slowdown
U.S. stocks tumbled in trading this afternoon with selling pressure a result of multiple factors. After producing respectable gains throughout the week, U.S. equities reacted to two major events, as well. First, market participants reacted to the statement released by the Federal Reserve yesterday from this month’s FOMC meeting.... Read more 11/09/2018