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The Christmas Rally in U.S. Equities and Gold Continues
It is an odd occurrence when U.S. equities and the precious metals complex run in tandem and gain value at the same time. Typically, investors favor either the risk-on asset class, or the safe-haven asset class, moving capital between the two depending on the market environment. That is exactly what we are witnessing in the financial... Read more 12/26/2019
Even a Half Day of Trading Does Not Stop Gold from Spiking Higher
Although today was a short day in trading with the markets closing at 2 o’clock EST, that did not stop traders from taking gold higher. Over the last two days we have seen gold gain of us $25, after factoring in today’s gain of over $15 per ounce. That being said the last two days have met the criteria we have been waiting for to... Read more 12/24/2019
It’s Getting to Feel a lot Like a Gold Christmas Rally
Although gold does not have seasonal tendencies like many commodities such as grains, there are holidays that boost demand like Diwali in India, and Chinese New Year’s. There has also been a recent trend of gold railing between December and January over the last few years. In fact, since 2013 gold has closed higher in January when... Read more 12/23/2019
Gold Closes the Pre-Christmas Week with Very Little Change
To give you a realistic idea of how quiet trading was this week with thinning volume as we move closer to the Christmas holiday next week consider this; with the exception of Thursday the opening and closing price was only a few ticks apart. Thursday also was the only occurrence in which gold traded and closed above its 50-day... Read more 12/20/2019
Gold Gains as Trump Faces Impeachment
On Wednesday evening President Trump became the third U.S. president in history to be impeached. This process was run by the House of representative which contains a majority of Democrats. They approved abuse of power and obstruction of Congress as their two primary charges waged against President Trump.  Only three United States... Read more 12/19/2019
Holiday Volume Begins and Traders Wait for Clarity on Trade War
There is no doubt about it, volume is thinning out as the holiday season closely approaches. Today for example volume in gold futures is sitting at 173,253 contracts. That is just a small percentage of the large volume witnessed in November which would average about 300,000, and on November 7th actually spiked to 678,673. Add to that... Read more 12/18/2019
Is the gold price forming a base? How 2020 may shock you
Gold prices may have bottomed, and it’s only a matter of time before the next leg-up in prices take effect, this according to Gary Wagner, editor of “This is an extremely, extremely good year for the price of gold,” Wagner told Kitco News. “That being said, I believe right now we have been forming a base, roughly... Read more 12/17/2019
Gold Continues to be Range Bound as Equities Trade to New Record Highs
The precious metals complex is trading fractionally lower today as U.S. equities continue to rise. Given that US equities are only fractionally higher gold, silver and platinum are all trading fractionally lower. This all-in light of dollar strength providing some headwinds to any potential gain. As of 3:30 PM EST gold futures are... Read more 12/17/2019
Gold Futures Trading Fractionally Lower Despite Dollar Weakness
As of 4:00 PM EST gold futures basis the most active February contract lost $0.30, and is currently fixed at 1480.90. This fractional decline of -0.03% is lower in light of dollar weakness, with the dollar index currently down by -0.15% and fixed at 96.60. After reaching a high of 98.50 at the end of November, the U.S. dollar index... Read more 12/16/2019