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S&P 500 Closes at Record High, as Precious Metals Pricing Firm Up
The Standard & Poor’s 500 closed at an all-time record high today. After factoring in today’s gains of 14.09 points the index is now fixed at 3019.56. The NASDAQ composite also closed at a new all-time record high. After factoring in today’s gains of 70.10 points, the NASDAQ composite is currently fixed at 8321.50. These new... Read more 07/24/2019
$320 Billion Budget Deal Yields Stronger Dollar, But for How Long
Gold futures have been trading lower ever since prices reached an apex last week when on Friday, July 12 the most active August contract traded to a high of $1454.40. Even during the trading session on Friday gold closed well off of that high and close at approximately $1428 per ounce. Yesterday gold traded in a narrow and defined... Read more 07/23/2019
Gold Closes Fractionally Lower as Silver Continues to Rally
Although gold futures have exhibited solid gains over the last two months today traders and market participants kept the precious yellow metal in a narrow and defined trading range. Gold futures basis most active August contract traded to a high today of $1430.80, and a low of $1423, resulting in a tepid eight dollars trading range. This... Read more 07/22/2019
The Big Picture; Gold has Been in a Bullish Trend Since December 2015
Although gold prices have pulled back substantially from the highs achieved yesterday and today, the precious yellow metal did close higher on the week. More importantly today’s low which came in at $1421.10 matches the former resistance trend line which was created from a series of lower highs on a daily gold chart. On Wednesday of... Read more 07/19/2019
Gold and Silver Prices Skyrocket
It seems when it rains it pours, as multiple variables collectively had a profound and bullish impact on market sentiment for both gold and silver. Gold futures gained over 1.5% in trading today, while silver gained almost 2.5%. These events include a statement by John Williams President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The news... Read more 07/18/2019
Both Gold and Silver Find Their Groove
Both gold and silver are trading higher today, with both precious metals showing strong and respectable gains on the day. Silver is continuing its remarkable breakout gaining over 2% in trading today. Gold has closed at the highest trading point this year, and in fact the highest trading point over the last six years, gaining 1.16% in... Read more 07/17/2019
Dollar Strength Accounts for Majority of Gold Weakness Today
As you know, on any given day the price change in gold is the result of the combination of dollar strength or weakness and bullish or bearish market sentiment bidding the precious yellow metal higher or lower. In today’s case the vast majority of gold’s decline can be directly attributed to dollar strength. Solid economic data... Read more 07/16/2019
Gold Closes Higher but Lags Behind Other Precious Metals
Gold had a respectable gain today, however compared to the other metals in the precious metals group had the smallest percentage gain on the day. As of 4:40 PM EDT gold futures basis the most active August contract is currently trading at $1416, which is a net gain of $3.80 on the day. In terms of percentages gold gained 0.28% on the... Read more 07/15/2019
A Solid Performance for Gold This Week
Although gold’s weekly range was absolutely dwarfed by the highs and lows achieved during trading last week, the end result was very solid and respectable gains. Considering that gold prices opened at roughly $1400 per ounce at the beginning of this week, and as of 4:30 PM EDT is trading at $1416.30; the precious yellow metal was able to... Read more 07/12/2019