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Light Pre-Summer Volume Results in Fractional Decline in Gold
Not even the Federal Reserve minutes from last month’s meeting seem to have any kind of dramatic affect either bullish or bearish as it relates to current gold pricing. The minutes released today defined a continuation of the current monetary stance which is focusing on staying the course and moving interest rates neither higher, or... Read more 05/22/2019
Descending Triangle ?
Since the middle of February immediately following this year’s high at $1350, we have seen a series of lower highs, and lower lows. This trend would continue until we had a double bottom on April 24th  and May 2nd at approximately $1267. From the second bottom on May 2nd the market began a short-lived rally taking gold prices just... Read more 05/21/2019
Gold Falls Twenty-Three Dollars from the High Achieved on Monday
It was another brutal day for gold prices. Gold futures basis the most active June contract opened at $1285.80 this morning, and after trading to a low of $1274.60 it closed $8.50 lower and is currently fixed at $1277.60. The dollar provided moderate headwinds, as it gained 0.19% in trading today. However, when you consider the decline... Read more 05/17/2019
Dollar Strength and Increased Risk Appetite Weigh Heavily on Gold
Gold gave back the gains achieved earlier this week with Comex futures losing $10.80 (0.84%) on the day with the most active June contract closing at $1286.90. Dollar strength certainly contributed to today’s decline with the dollar index up .28% and fixed at 97.65. The remaining drawdown of .56% is directly attributable to selling... Read more 05/16/2019
Kitco News: Can We See A Skyrocketing Of Gold Prices? Expert
As the trade war between the U.S. and China escalates, all eyes are on how the economy will respond, and one expert said that gold will come out as a beneficiary. Gary Wagner, editor of, said that as the U.S. prepares to enact 25% tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, gold could rally in the long-term due... Read more 05/15/2019
Fractional Gains in Gold Indicate Solid Demand
You might not think that a fractional gain would indicate bullish market sentiment, however in the case of today’s $0.60 gain per ounce of gold it is the fact that gold has held steady relative to the respectable gain that occurred on Monday of this week. Gold pricing had broken below the 50-day moving average on April 11, and the 100... Read more 05/15/2019
It is Likely That the Trade War Negotiations Will Get Worse Before They get Better
Last week’s trade negotiations between the delegation from China and the U.S. delegation seemed to have lost ground and moved farther away from a resolution, the opposite of the desired outcome. It is interesting that concessions agreed to by China were taken off the table. The explanation or motive behind that move could be the belief... Read more 05/14/2019
Trump Tariffs and Retaliation by the Chinese Take Gold Higher
On Thursday and Friday of last week trade representatives from both the United States and China began and ended negotiations dismally without accomplishing any progress. If anything, the relationship regarding trade between these two superpowers worsened. Add to that fact that on midnight of last Friday Trump made good on his threat and... Read more 05/13/2019
Trade Negotiations Result in Stalemate
The precious metals markets continued to react to the increased apprehension regarding the lack of any favorable resolution to the trade talks held in Washington on Thursday and Friday between the United States and China. Market sentiment on Monday through Thursday was greatly influenced from the assumption that the two economic... Read more 05/10/2019