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Video January 22 2013 Archives-Daily-Show
  ~~~~~~~~Many the hopes that have vanished after the ball.       - last line from the popular 1890s song, "After The Ball"   Now that the elections, holidays, and the inauguration are over, it's time to get back to business.   One might have thought that Japan's... Read more
      More stop orders were triggered today on the gold markets, although there are other underlying factors weighing on prices. Quickly, though, let's briefly discuss stop order selling. Let's say that in mid to late February you bought gold at $1558. The price rose and rose until it... Read more
Please enjoy this week’s edition of  Chart This bonus content. The article referenced on the show can be read by using the link and image to the left. Use the button below to view the recorded webinar. We’ve also this Thursday's show (8.15.13) and Friday’s (8.9.13)  addition of the Gold Forecast’... Read more
 4/24/2013   Gold will be trading in a range as we wash out more and more of the jitters, with investors and traders assuring themselves that we are not in a new bear market but in the midst of a correction. One might even call it an... Read more
      The WSJ, The Godfather and The G7        5/13/2013... Read more