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Worldwide Major Central Banks are Accumulating Their Gold Holdings
According to Forbes, beginning in 2010 the major central banks around the world began to become net purchasers of gold, rather than sellers of gold. According to their data in 2017 official sector activity rose 36% to 366 tons. Although the top 10 central banks with the largest gold reserves have remained mostly unchanged over the last... Read more 03/22/2019
This is What it Sounds Like When the Fed Speaks
Precious metals continue to react favorably as market participants and traders digest the most recent statement from the Federal Reserve which was released at the conclusion of yesterday’s FOMC meeting. There is no doubt about it, since the beginning of the year the Fed has done a major pivot from that of a hawkish demeanor with... Read more 03/21/2019
The Fed Signals No Rate Hikes in 2019, and One Hike in 2020
Traders and market participants waited with bated breath for the release of this month’s FOMC statement following conclusion of the Federal Open Market Committee Meeting today. The anticipation was not alleviated until the end of the press conference which started one half hour after the FOMC meeting ended and the Fed statement was... Read more 03/20/2019
The Fed Continues to use Restraint With no Anticipated Rate Hikes
They say that the only certainty is death and taxes. However, in the case of this month’s FOMC meeting, the CME FedWatch Tool is predicting that there is a 98.7% probability that the Federal Reserve will not announce an interest rate hike at the conclusion of tomorrow’s meeting. Many analysts are predicting that the Fed will continue... Read more 03/19/2019
Waiting on the Fed
There is a muted silence in the trading pits as gold futures are currently trading up $.30, with the most active April Comex contract currently fixed at $1303.20. Traders and market participants are awaiting the beginning of this month’s FOMC meeting, which will commence on Tuesday and conclude on Wednesday of this week. Although... Read more 03/18/2019
Multiple Events Shape the Global Financial Outlook
Considering the impressive global equities recovery and rally resulting from bullish risk-on market sentiment, gold held up rather well this week. Even with yesterday’s strong $13 plus decline, the precious yellow metal will end the week with modest gains. As of 3:30 PM Eastern standard time gold futures, basis the most active April... Read more 03/15/2019
Gold Gives Back Gains Achieved Tuesday and Wednesday
Except for palladium, all the major precious metals sustained strong declines today of 1% or greater. As of 3:30 PM Eastern standard time the largest decline was seen in platinum futures which gave up 1.94%, and after a $16.20 loss is currently fixed at $825.50. Silver was close behind giving up 1.75% on the day, and after a $.27... Read more 03/14/2019
Britain’s No-Deal Vote, and Dovish Fed Boost Gold Pricing
Dollar weakness and bullish market sentiment have moved gold prices substantially higher today. As of 3:30 PM Eastern standard time spot gold is currently trading at $1310.80. The current price of spot gold reflects a net gain of $9.40 on the day. According to the KGX (Kitco gold index), $6.25 of today’s gains is the result of a... Read more 03/13/2019
Deal or No Deal ?
Today in a vote of 391 to 242, the U.K. Parliament rejected Teresa May’s Brexit deal. This is the second time the British Parliament has rejected the Prime Minister’s proposed Brexit deal. As reported by MarketWatch, “Market participants expected the rejection, as the House of Commons rejected her initial deal in January, and the last... Read more 03/12/2019