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Jobs Report Does Little to Move the Needle for Gold Pricing
This morning the U.S. Labor Department released its monthly jobs report. It seemed to follow the trend created earlier this week when the ADP jobs report indicated that only 135,000 new jobs were added last month. Today the Labor Department’s numbers came in under expectations, which were tepid at best, forecasting that there would be... Read more 10/04/2019
Traders Await Tomorrow’s Jobs Report
Although gold is trading higher on the day, it is most definitely well off of the intraday high achieved when gold futures hit $1525.80. As of 5 PM EDT gold futures basis the most active December contract are currently bid at $1511.10, which is a net gain of $3.20 on the day. The current demeanor of price changes this week has been... Read more 10/03/2019
U.S Equities Vis-à-Vis the Dow Lose 800 Points Over the Last Two Trading Days
U.S. equities sold off sharply today having the worst performance in a single day since August 23. As of 4:06 PM EDT the Dow Jones industrial average has closed down 494.42 points, a net decline of 1.86% today with the average currently fixed at 26,078.62. The Dow is having the worst weekly performance since May, with all 11 sectors... Read more 10/02/2019
Gold Hits Lowest Price Since the Correction Began before Recovering
Gold had a solid performance today following the release of the ISM index (manufacturing) data which contracted from 49.1 in August versus 47.8 in September. Gold futures traded to its lowest price point today when it traded to an intraday low of $1465 before recovering. The net result of this data put significant pressure on U.S.... Read more 10/01/2019
Last Trading day of the Quarter Prompts Technical Selling in Gold
With the last trading day of September, and the quarter just completed, it seems that technical selling has moved gold pricing dramatically lower. In fact, gold futures opened at $1501.70 in New York this morning and within a few hours broke strongly below its 50-day moving average which is currently fixed at $1500.30. As of 5:15 PM... Read more 09/30/2019
Gold Finds Footing at the 50-Day Moving Average
Gold continues to trade lower on the day, breaking below $1500 per ounce for a brief moment before recovering. Currently the 50-day moving average is at $1498.80, a critical and key level that gold futures need to hold to technically remain in an uptrend. As of 4:15 PM EDT December futures are trading down $10.90 (-0.73%), and fixed... Read more 09/27/2019
Gold Consolidates After Yesterday’s Sharp Sell-Off
Gold futures seem to be consolidating after yesterday’s sharp decline of almost $30. Yesterday it was a combination of an extremely strong US dollar along with robust selling pressure that took the precious yellow metal dramatically lower on the day. Spot gold declined by 1.82% yesterday with the dollar index contributing .75% of that... Read more 09/26/2019
Are Gold Traders Buying the Rumor and Selling the Fact?
According to, “buy the rumor, sell the fact – is an Investment & Finance Definition; A phrase often quoted by stock or futures traders that explains price declines that occur after an anticipated positive event has happened.” The phrase, buy the rumor and sell the fact certainly seems to be appropriate in... Read more 09/25/2019
Fundamental Undertones Strengthen Gold’s Bullish Market Sentiment
Today gold continues its upward climb trading to a high of $1543.30 before settling just off of that price point at $1539.20 with respectable gains of $7.70 (+0.50%). Since gold prices hit a low of $1491.30 on Wednesday, September 18, traders have witnessed solid daily gains with consecutive higher highs, and higher lows. Of key... Read more 09/24/2019