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Dollar Weakness, The Underlying Force Taking Gold Prices Higher
Gold futures moved back into rally mode today, and as of 4:30 PM Eastern standard time is currently trading up $7.50 per ounce, with the most active Comex February futures contract fixed at $1293.50. Today’s higher prices are a reflection of market sentiment in reaction to the Fed minutes from last month’s meeting being released... Read more 01/09/2019
Palladium and Gold Futures Inch Closer to Parity
Gold futures had a modest retreat today, and as of 4:25 PM Eastern standard time is trading down by $4.40 and currently fixed at $1285.50. At the same time we have seen palladium pricing, which has been breaking its record high almost on a weekly basis trading up $26 today and currently bid at $1266.20. That puts the differential between... Read more 01/08/2019
Dollar Weakness Overcomes Modest Selling Pressure
Gold futures have staged a modest recovery today, with the most active Comex February contract with one hour left in trading is $2.60 higher at $1288.30. Today’s gains come after Friday’s dynamic selling pressure which resulted in a decline of over $10 per ounce. Friday’s trading range was also exaggerated with the intraday high trading... Read more 01/07/2019
Gold Trades Under Pressure as Risk-On Market Sentiment Returns
A one-two combination of an extremely strong jobs report coupled with statements by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell resulted in market sentiment taking a 180° turn from extreme bearish sentiment to extreme bullish sentiment in regard to U.S. equities. After experiencing over a 600-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average... Read more 01/04/2019
A Plunging Dow and Dollar Weakness Supports Current Gold Rally
Make no mistake, gold has been in a defined rally mode for almost two months. Since the middle of November when gold was trading just under $1,200 per ounce, we have seen a defined and solid uptrend moving gold approximately $100 higher. Today gold prices are surging, with the most active February Comex contract up over $12 on the day... Read more 01/03/2019
Traders Welcome the New Year with a Strong Dollar and Higher Gold Prices
Traders returned from an extended holiday weekend as they welcomed the first trading day of 2019. As we saw last year, extreme volatility in U.S. equities was the norm rather than an exception. Trading under pressure early in the trading session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke 23,000 and traded to a low of 22,928 before... Read more 01/02/2019
  With 2018 quickly coming to a conclusion, it is clear that we have all witnessed a year filled with extreme highs and lows, economic prosperity and economic uncertainties. In fact, for some of us it was the best of times, and for others it was the worst of times. However, for most of us it was both the best of times and the... Read more 12/31/2018
Yesterday’s 1,000 Plus Gain in the Dow Now Seems Like a One Day Wonder
Market sentiment continues to underwrite moderate to strong price advances in both gold and silver. Both precious metals are benefiting from a financial environment favoring risk-off assets such as the safe-haven properties of gold and, to a lesser extent, silver. To say that U.S. equities have been a roller coaster ride over the last... Read more 12/27/2018
Traders Return after Christmas to Move Stocks Substantially Higher
In terms of point gains today the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its greatest one-day market move in history. This move also took the record for the most significant daily percentage gain since March 2009. Gaining almost 5% in trading today, the Dow gained 1,086.25 points. This represents a net gain on the day of 4.98%. The Dow... Read more 12/26/2018