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Chairman Powell Indicates a Patient Federal Reserve
In a rare ‘60 Minutes’ interview on Sunday, Chairman Powell’s very first question was, “What are the greatest threats to prosperity. Have you stopped raising rates?” Which he answered by stating, “Well, that’s a good question. We see the economy is in a good place. We think that the outlook is a favorable one. Inflation is muted, and... Read more 03/11/2019
Got Jobs?
Today was absolutely a risk-off day, with market sentiment favoring the safe haven class of investments as they bid the precious metals higher, and moved equities lower. With the exception of palladium, the other three precious metals all closed higher on the day with the greatest percentage gain coming from silver, which gained 2.19... Read more 03/08/2019
Dollar Strength Mutes Solid Bullish Risk-Off Market Sentiment
Although on the surface you would not realize that there was solid buying pressures exhibited in gold today. Although there is strong bullish market sentiment favoring the precious yellow metal, extreme dollar strength that is muted any real gains. Spot gold is currently trading down by $1.20 today, which would lend one to believe... Read more 03/07/2019
Gold Continues to Show Possible Support At Current Price Levels
Although gold prices had a modest gain today, the fact is that for the first time in nine trading days pricing did not contain a lower low than the previous day. Ever since gold prices reached this year’s high on February 20th at $1350 per ounce, subsequent trading days were characterized by containing a lower high than the previous... Read more 03/06/2019
A Doji Candlestick Can be Identified in Three of The Four Precious Metals
Apart from palladium, all the other precious metals are trading fractionally to modestly higher on the day. Fractional gains can be seen in gold pricing today and as of 4:45 PM Eastern standard time gold futures are currently up $.90 and fixed at $1288.40. Platinum is also exhibiting fractional gains currently trading up by one dollar... Read more 03/05/2019
Follow-Through Selling After Breaking Below the 50-Day Moving Average
Gold prices continue to trade under pressure, along with the entire precious metal complex. Initially market sentiment favoring risk on equities moved the metals lower, however as the equities markets turned south precious metals continued to trade to the downside. In fact, even with the Dow Jones industrial average off by a full... Read more 03/04/2019
Both Gold and Palladium Have More Upside Potential
Recent action in the precious metals have been interesting and long-term studies suggest that palladium might have further to go before retracing, and that the recent correction in gold might in fact be coming to a quick conclusion. First off, we will look at gold as it traded from approximately $1167 in August of last year, to... Read more 03/01/2019
Gold Trades Under Pressure in Light of a Better Than Expected GDP Report
Last night’s announcement that the U.S.-North Korea denuclearize talks, had for the most part come to a unexpected ending after both leaders failed to reach an agreement. This summit or negotiation was an effort by the United States and allies to curb or end North Korea’s objective to become a nuclear power. According to President... Read more 02/28/2019
Bäume Wachsen Nicht in Den Himmel
As Paul Volcker, the federal reserve chairman for eight years, beginning in 1979 used to say, “Bäume wachsen nicht in den Himmel.” This German proverb translates to, “Trees don’t grow to the sky, they never have, and never will.” It suggests that there are natural limits to growth. And in the case of financial professionals is a common... Read more 02/27/2019