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Dollar strength and a recovery in equities move gold lower
It was a combination of an exceedingly strong recovery in U.S. equities and the dollar index gaining over a full percent that put enormous selling pressure in the precious metals complex across-the-board. Yesterday the Dow had its largest one-day decline since the 2008 financial crisis. Today the Dow had a remarkable recovery gaining... Read more 03/13/2020
The financial melt-down continues to expand and deepen
The current coronavirus crisis continues to dramatically affect financial markets across the board. Not only in the United States but globally. However, the last few days media outlets began to label the crisis as a pandemic rather than an epidemic. Since the onset of the discovery of this new virus many financial analysts, central banks... Read more 03/12/2020
We live in most interesting times
The most recent moves in gold have been unusual to say the least. When US equities originally began its steep decline during the week of February 24, gold traded lower that week. Gold prices opened at $1653 and by the end of the week gold closed at $1566. Although equities (risk on asset class) and gold (safe haven asset class) typically... Read more 03/11/2020
The return of dollar strength move’s gold off of its recent highs
As we have been focusing on for the last couple of weeks it has been dollar weakness that contributed a large portion of gains in gold. In essence the dollar index has lost approximately 5% over the last three weeks. However, the dollar gained strength today closing at 96.43. What was noteworthy about today’s move was the fact that the... Read more 03/10/2020
U.S equities continue to lose value, and the damage is deepening
Last week U.S. equities began the first real correction that we have seen since the end of the 2008 financial crisis. Over the last 10 years we have had periodical selloffs in U.S. equities, however they were shallow when compared to the activity of last week and today’s decline. The Dow Jones industrial average lost over 12% last week.... Read more 03/09/2020
Gold trades in fast market conditions
Gold futures traded in extremely fast market conditions, reminiscent of fast markets traders witnessed during the historical run from $1000-$1900 in 2011. In the first few hours of gold futures opened this morning $1673.10, from there the market moved a little bit higher, however at 10:15 AM EST gold prices dropped from $1684 down to a... Read more 03/06/2020
Gold Reclaims its safe-haven allure
The last couple of weeks have contained extreme volatility in both the equities markets as well as the safe haven asset group. When U.S. equities began to selloff dynamically, we saw gold follow in tandem trading to lower pricing. It was not that gold lost its safe haven luster, rather it was mass liquidation of all assets as traders... Read more 03/05/2020
Equities continue to exhibit wild swings
There has been one constant in financial market movement over the last couple of years, and that is that market sentiment not only turns on a dime, but it is not rare to see a market trading strongly higher followed by a day in which it trades strongly lower with very little change in the underlying fundamental events which are... Read more 03/04/2020
Emergency Fed action takes traders by surprise
As a preventative measure, the Federal Reserve today announced that they implemented an emergency move by having the central bank cut interest rates prior to the next FOMC meeting which will be held on March 18. Without any question this move is extremely rare to implement any monetary change prior to a FOMC meeting. The Fed stated... Read more 03/03/2020