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Gold Reaches Another Milestone This Week
Gold futures finished the day with moderate gains, as the most active December Comex contract closed $3.80 higher at $1,236.20. Although gold prices finished higher on the week, after gaining approximately $ 6.00, price advances were limited once again by dollar strength. That being said, gold prices have managed to increase in value... Read more 10/26/2018
Risk-On Market Sentiment and Strong Dollar Keep Gold Rally in Check
Gold futures are trading marginally higher on the day, with the most active December Comex contract currently fixed at $1,234.50 after adding today’s gain of $3.40. These gains are occurring in tandem with a higher dollar. The U.S. dollar index is currently up by 2/10% and fixed at 93.37 after the addition of today’s 19-point gain.... Read more 10/25/2018
Investors Favor Safe Haven Assets, Moving into The Dollar and Gold
Although global stock markets had moderate gains today, U.S. equities were once again under dynamic pressure which resulted in a 600+ decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Dow lost 608 points (-2.41%) in trading and is currently fixed at 24,583.42. The NASDAQ composite also had substantial losses in trading today, and after... Read more 10/24/2018
Gold Closes Above Its 100-day Moving Average
For the first time since April 26, gold has closed above its 100-day moving average. Although gold closed well off of the intraday high, it did manage to close above the 100-day moving average for the first time in six months. Gold prices surged to a high of $1,243 before backing off, and as of 4:20 PM Eastern standard time, gold futures... Read more 10/23/2018
Gold Continues to Trade Sideways
The most prominent characteristic of gold pricing has been its narrow and tightly defined trading range. On October 11, gold gained over $30 in trading, breaking above key levels of resistance. These resistance levels began at $1,200, a key psychological level, the 50-day moving average which was at $1,204, and finally the 0.618%... Read more 10/22/2018
Gold Settles Higher for the Week, But Lower for the Day
Gold futures settled slightly lower on the day, with the most active December Comex contract currently fixed at $1,229.60, a net decline of $0.50 on the day. However, gold scored modest gains this week. Gold opened on Monday at approximately $1,221.10, and it is currently fixed at $1,229.60, resulting in an eight dollar gain this week... Read more 10/19/2018
Dollar Strength Curtails Rally in Gold
Buyers have been bidding up gold to higher values over the last two days, although you would never would that by looking at the net change in prices. Renewed and elevated concern over the trade dispute that is now being labeled as a trade war between the United States and China has continued to be highly supportive of the U.S. dollar... Read more 10/18/2018
FOMC Minutes Reflect A More Hawkish Fed
Possibly one of the most important sources of economic information to be released this week is the minutes from the September FMOC meeting held by the Federal Reserve, which has been released today. The minutes confirmed the information conveyed in their press statement which was released immediately upon the conclusion of the meeting... Read more 10/17/2018
Gold Holds Value as U.S. Equities Soar
For the most part, gold has held on to the recent gains which occurred on Thursday of last week and continued into trading yesterday. Currently, gold futures basis the most active December Comex contract is trading down $2.30 and is fixed at $1,228 per ounce. Gold traded to an intraday high today of $1235.90, which is just below... Read more 10/16/2018