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Multiple Factors Heighten Bullish Market Sentiment for Gold
Today both gold and silver continued the dynamic rally that been the undertone to the precious metals recently. Over the last five consecutive trading days gold has closed above its opening price. The last three trading days can be characterized as having higher highs, and higher lows than the previous day. Last week gold only had one... Read more 09/23/2019
Solid Gains in Gold Move Current Pricing Above its Trading Range
Today gold broke out and above the narrow and sideways trading range that has been so dominant over the last nine trading days. As of 5:00 PM EDT gold futures are currently trading up $17.80 (+1.18%), and fixed at $1524.00. Silver is also trading higher on the day however it is gold that is outperforming silver in terms of its percentage... Read more 09/20/2019
Gold Continues to Consolidate as it Builds a Base Around $1500
On September 4th gold futures closed at the highest value this year trading to an intraday high above $1565, and closing at $1560 per ounce. Immediately following gold futures reaching a new price high for the year it would close lower for four consecutive trading days, plunging below $1500 as it traded to an intraday low of $1492 on... Read more 09/19/2019
Read My Lips: No More Rate Cuts
It will be remembered as one of the most famous broken promises in political history. In 1988, George H.W. Bush stood before delegates to the Republican National Convention and declared: "Read my lips: no new taxes." According to Time Magazine, these six words became one of the most enduring quotes of Bush’s presidency. However,... Read more 09/18/2019
Waiting On The Fed
After trading to the highest closing price this year, on September 4th  gold closed at approximately $1558. For the following five trading days gold pricing would soften to the lows of approximately $1492, before moving back above $1500. Then on Saturday an attack by Iranian backed rebels devastated Saudi Arabia’s oil processing... Read more 09/17/2019
Safe-Haven Buying and Upcoming FOMC Meeting Dominate Market Sentiment
According to the Associated Press, on Saturday the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels launched a drone attack against the world’s largest oil processing facility and a major oilfield in Saudi Arabia. “The attacks were the latest of many drone assaults on the kingdom’s oil infrastructure assaults in recent weeks, but easily the most... Read more 09/16/2019
Risk-On Market Sentiment Pressures Gold and Silver
Risk-On Market Sentiment Pressures Gold and Silver While it is not only bullish sentiment for the risk-on asset class that has pressured gold and silver pricing today, it was one of the forces which resulted in lower precious metals pricing. Rising bond yields, a strong consumer sentiment index which went from 89.8 to 92 in September... Read more 09/13/2019
Gold Traders Ride a Roller-Coaster of Price Fluctuations Today
As of 4:11 PM EDT gold futures have maintained a price above $1500 per ounce, with the December Comex contract currently at $1506, a net gain of $2.80 on the day. However, it is not today’s net gain that got the attention of market participants, but rather the wild price swings that developed as fundamental events unfolded. According... Read more 09/12/2019
One Model Which Can Help Traders Navigate Gold Prices
Editor’s Note; today’s video report is a special edition of the Gold Forecast, Part 2 (part one was yesterday) in which we will look at current pricing through the eyes of an Elliott wave model. The video will explain the current wave count that has completed, as well as forecast where this impulse cycle for could take... Read more 09/11/2019