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Gold Closes Above Thursday’s Steep Price Advance
Gold prices recovered the incremental price decline on Friday and are now trading above Thursday's closing price. On Thursday of last week, gold prices rose from the opening price of $1,197 to $1,230 by the closing bell. On Friday, gold prices had a fractional decline with the most active December Comex contract closing at $1,222 per... Read more 10/15/2018
Gold Finishes Above Key Levels
Gold had one of its most dynamic days yesterday as it opened below $1,200 per ounce and closed $30 higher, settling at $1,227 per ounce. Today gold prices have retreated slightly, giving back a measured portion of yesterday’s gains. As of 4:35 PM Eastern standard time, gold futures are currently down $6.30, with the most active... Read more 10/12/2018
Dow Loses 5 Percent in last Two Days and Gold Prices Pop
Over the last few days, we have seen market sentiment shift from an overall bullish demeanor in regard to U.S. equities to a bearish outlook. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has now lost over 5% in trading since Wednesday, with a net decline of over 1,300 points in just two days of trading. Following yesterday’s decline of over 800... Read more 10/11/2018
U.S Equity Meltdown - Dow Loses Over 800 point
Today, U.S stocks experienced their worst performance since February. Compared to the most significant single-day drop, the Dow’s performance today was still no walk in the park. In February, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 1,175 points for a net decline of 4.6% on the day. Today the Dow scored its second worst day of the year... Read more 10/10/2018
Buying the Dip Amidst Growing Trade Dispute
Although gold prices continue to be range bound, gold is trading fractionally higher on the day. Gold futures basis the most active December Comex contract is trading up $4.80 and fixed at $1,193.40. Gold prices hit this year’s lowest low on August 16 when trading to $1,167 per ounce. What followed was a measured rally which took gold... Read more 10/09/2018
Fifty Day Moving Average Continues to Define Resistance
Gold is trading under dramatic pressure today, with the most active Comex futures contract currently fixed at $1,191.40, which marks a net decline of $14 (-1.16%) on the day. Gold opened at $1,206.70 this morning, which is just above its 50-day moving average. After trading to a high of $1,208, gold began to sell off and broke below $... Read more 10/08/2018
Gold Remains Solidly Above $1,200 Following Today’s Job Report
Interesting activity is afoot in the financial markets as a reaction to the release of the Labor Department’s jobs report numbers for September. According to the Labor Department, there were 134,000 jobs added in September. This was well below economic estimates which were looking for 185,000 jobs to be added last month. The Labor... Read more 10/05/2018
Can Gold Hold $1,200 As A Support Level?
The question on many gold traders and investors minds is whether gold will be able to maintain its current price point above $1,200 per ounce. From the last week of August to the last week of September, gold prices were able to sustain a value at or slightly above $1,200. On September 27, gold broke below that key psychological support... Read more 10/04/2018
Back to Basics
Yesterday’s sharp gains in both gold and silver were directly tied to concerns by the European Union that the proposed Italian budget could cause contagion amongst other member nations. According to MarketWatch, “The euro climbed against other currencies Wednesday amid signs that Italy may yield ground over a budget dispute with the... Read more 10/03/2018