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Dollar Caps Respectable Gains This Week In Gold
Even with gold prices lower today, my belief is that we will see prices advance towards the end of the year, which will be followed by very respectable gains in 2019. After surging more than $20 yesterday, gold futures basis the most active February contract is currently trading off by approximately $9.30 and fixed at $1,258.60. One... Read more 12/21/2018
The Crisis Before Christmas
Today market participants witnessed a continuation of the tremendous selling pressure in U.S. equities, as well as a real and respectable surge in gold pricing. However, the vast majority of today’s selling pressure in U.S. equities was related to yesterday’s announcement by the Federal Reserve in which they raised interest rates for the... Read more 12/20/2018
Fed Decision Disappoints Market Participants
The final FOMC meeting for this year has concluded. As was widely expected, the Fed announced that they would implement one more rate hike this year of 25 basis points. That is precisely what was announced at the conclusion of today’s meeting. However, market participants were also looking for a much more dovish stance and demeanor as... Read more 12/19/2018
Market Participants Await Fed Decision
In just under 24 hours, the Federal Reserve will reveal its monetary policy decision for this month. We will also be given an indication of their plans for next year. While it is widely accepted that the likelihood of a fourth interest rate hike this year is high, analysts also believe Fed members will convey a much more dovish demeanor... Read more 12/18/2018
A Tough Start for a Christmas Rally in Stocks
If today is any indication of what is in store over the final two weeks of 2018, we could be in for some real volatility. U.S. stocks once again came under tremendous pressure with over 2% losses in all major indices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 2.11% in trading today as it declined by 507 points and closed at 23,592.98. This... Read more 12/17/2018
Global Equities Sell-Off Spills Over to U.S. Markets
Concerns that there is an economic slowdown put pressure on the equities markets overseas, which carried over into the U.S. markets today. As reported by Bloomberg News, “Volatility continued to grip financial markets, with U.S. stocks heading to their lowest close since April and Treasuries rising alongside the yen, as mounting... Read more 12/14/2018
Countdown to Next Week’s FOMC Meeting
It is Thursday, 5:00 PM Eastern standard time, and in just five days and 21 hours, the Federal Reserve will begin its final FOMC meeting for the year. This final Fed meeting of 2018 could prove to be an interesting one, as Chairman Jerome Powell and other Fed members attempt to send a mixed message, as they most likely raise interest... Read more 12/13/2018
Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May Wins Leadership Vote
When the votes were tallied, Theresa May received 200 of the possible 370 allowing her to win the vote of confidence-no-confidence held by the conservative party today. This confidence vote will allow her to continue her work in creating and implementing an exit strategy for Britain to leave the European Union, commonly referred to as... Read more 12/12/2018
Gold Remains Steady in Light of Dollar Strength
Once again, we see the U.S. dollar dominating price action in the precious metals. With the exception of gold, metals including silver, platinum, and palladium all traded higher on the day. Palladium scored the highest gains by far and, even with the dollar strength, was able to close up $16.40 on the day for a 1.42% gain with futures... Read more 12/11/2018