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U.S Financial Markets Sustain a Major Selloff Across Multiple Asset Classes
Across a wide spectrum of the financial market’s traders experienced a true meltdown in pricing today. U.S. equities, gold and silver, as well as the U.S. dollar index all traded significantly lower today. Briefly breaking below 27,000 the Dow Jones industrial average traded to a low today of 26,997.62, before recovering slightly... Read more 02/25/2020
Volatility Ramps up in Gold as COVID-19 Spreads
On Friday gold futures closed up in double digits with a net gain of over $20 on the day. This led to the only time we see gold prices gap extremely higher, or lower; the weekend. As gold reopened Monday morning in Australia it did so with a powerful upside move. After closing just above $1643 per ounce on Friday, gold prices opened at $... Read more 02/24/2020
Gold and Palladium Both Have a Historical Week
This was truly an historical week for traders of the precious metals. Both gold and palladium made substantial and strong upside moves resulting in a all-time new record high for palladium, and gold reaching a seven-year high. There are distinct differences in the rationale and reasons that these two metals had such strong gains. In... Read more 02/21/2020
Gold has risen to once again to a new high for the year
Now for the fifth consecutive day gold pricing has closed higher on the day. Since hitting the low of $1566 on February 12, gold has continued to have moderate to solid gains. Yesterday for the first time since January 8 gold prices challenged the former record yearly high at $1613. Futures opened two Now for the fifth consecutive day... Read more 02/20/2020
Gold Closes at the Highest Value This Year
Gold pricing close moderately higher closing above the highs achieved in January during the brief skirmish between the United States and Iran. In fact, the last time gold traded at this level on a closing basis was in February 2017. The precious yellow metal broke above $1600 per ounce yesterday, and today continued to move to higher... Read more 02/19/2020
Gold Powers Through $1600 Like a Hot Knife Through Butter
Gold prices breached the elusive and psychological level of $1600 today, as genuine concerns continue to grow in regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19). According to a report by CNN the coronavirus has now infected more than 73,000 people around the world, mostly in mainland China. The death toll has now risen to 1,873 individuals,... Read more 02/18/2020
COVID-19 Continues to Impact Market Sentiment
The coronavirus now labeled as COVID-19 by the World Health Organization continues to profoundly influence market sentiment. Over the last couple of weeks, it has pressured the equities markets globally. More importantly the ramifications of this outbreak and the real potential of this virus spreading to countries outside China are still... Read more 02/14/2020
Powell Mentions Possibility of Another Round of Quantitative Easing, Coincidence?
Is it simply an interesting fact, a coincidence, or a contingency plan in the making? Chairman Powell has taken a 180° pivot in regards to calling recent accumulation of assets as a precursor to another round of quantitative easing, this occurring at the same time when it appears that the coronavirus continues to spread at a much... Read more 02/13/2020
Palladium Rising While Gold Remains Flat
It is a well-known rule of thumb that the safe haven asset class which includes gold typically trades with an inverse correlation to equities. There is an exception to that rule, and that is when the Federal Reserve eases their monetary policy with low rates and the accumulation of assets on their balance sheet to provide liquidity. This... Read more 02/12/2020