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Another Volatile Day for Gold as it Breaks Below $1500
Now for the fourth consecutive day gold futures have traded lower, in today’s case moderately lower. As of 4:26 PM EDT, December futures are currently trading at $1494.80, after factoring in the current decline of $16.30. Considering that on September 5 gold had opened up at just over $1560 per ounce, this current decline might be of... Read more 09/10/2019
Gold and Silver Prices Continue to Drop
It has been selling that has dominated today’s lower pricing in both gold and silver, with the U.S. dollar actually weakening giving both precious metals a small tailwind. As of 4:34 PM EDT physical gold is currently down $7.60, and fixed at $1498.90. Upon closer inspection of the KGX (Kitco Gold Index) normal trading actually took spot... Read more 09/09/2019
Powell Speaks and the Selling Continues
Chairman Jerome Powell spoke at an event hosted by the Swiss Institute of International studies, in Zürich Switzerland. His outlook for the economy was positive stating that today’s U.S. Labor Department report indicated that the U.S. economy in terms of employment is healthy. He also said that his future outlook is likely to highlight... Read more 09/06/2019
Gold and Silver Trade Sharply Lower on Trade War Talks
A Call from Vice Premier Liu He to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has set the stage for a resumption of talks. The ADP jobs report for the private sector came in at a robust 195,000 new jobs added in August. The ADP jobs report is giving market participants an indication that tomorrow’s Labor Department nonfarm payroll jobs... Read more 09/05/2019
Silver Continues to Out Perform Gold
Although both gold and silver traded higher on the day, it was silver that outperformed gold by over 4 to 1. Both precious metals were aided by a falling U.S. dollar which is down by .59%. Considering that gold closed up .37% or $5.70, it’s gain was less than the dollar’s decline in terms of percentages. This can be interpreted as... Read more 09/04/2019
Gold Moves Higher Avoiding a Correction
  Typically, a market with extreme bullish sentiment trades to new highs, but also has period of market consolidation or a shallow correction before returning to a bullish rally. It also will typically trade to a new high. Gold however is trading to a different drummer in that the rally currently in play is finding resistance... Read more 09/03/2019
Silver Gains Twice as Much as Gold This Month
With the last trading day of the month concluding we can look at the overall performance of individual assets in the precious metals complex. What we see is a break from the traditional correlation between gold and silver. While both of these precious metals had a stellar month, silver’s price gain dwarfed that of gold. Gold gained a... Read more 08/30/2019
China’s Olive Branch Diminishes Trade War Tensions
Today the Chinese commerce ministry spokesman Goa Feng said that his government would not respond to the latest tariffs imposed by our current administration. Goa Feng said, “Escalation of the trade war won’t benefit China, nor the U.S., nor the world.” According to Bloomberg News “Gao’s remarks came amid signs China’s economy slowed... Read more 08/29/2019
Dollar Strength Erases Today’s Fractional Gains in Gold
Although market participants continued to buy both physical gold and gold futures, today’s gains were not enough to overcome dollar strength. As of 4:30 PM EDT the dollar index is currently fixed at 98.165 after factoring in the gain of 0.258 points (+0.26%). At the same time gold futures basis the most active December Comex contract is... Read more 08/28/2019