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Gold’s Yearly High, Challenged but Intact
While on the surface it seems that gold prices finished rather flat in trading today. The actual truth is that gold gained moderately as buyers bid the precious yellow metal higher, however extreme dollar strength dwarfed those gains. Spot or physical gold closed today at $1341.10, which is a net decline of $0.80 on the day. However,... Read more 06/14/2019
Possible Fed Action and Geopolitical Events Reignite Interest in Gold
Gold has once again found its footing and now for a second consecutive day has closed higher when compared to the previous close, and gains have included both a higher low as well as a higher high. As of 5:00 PM EDT gold futures basis the most active August contract are currently fixed at $1336 per ounce which is a net gain of $9.20 on... Read more 06/13/2019
Gold Gains Ground After Two Days Of Declines
After trading to lower prices on Monday and Tuesday of this week, gold has staged a moderate recovery. Monday’s action resulted in a $10 drop in price, this occurring after a phenomenal rally which began on Thursday, May 30. This would mark the beginning of seven consecutive days which resulted in higher closes when compared to the... Read more 06/12/2019
Gold Prices Struggle to Find Support Levels
Gold is trading fractionally higher today, with the most active futures contract (August 2019) currently bid up by $1.40, this as of 5 PM Eastern daylight Time. However what is most impressive about today’s move was the fact that gold closed very much off of the lows achieved today which came in at $1323.60. With the recent moderate... Read more 06/11/2019
Gold Takes a Needed Consolidation and Correction After Respectable Gains
On February 20 of this year gold pricing peaked at $1350 per ounce, the highest value gold has achieved this year up until recent action. For almost 5 months following the highs achieved on February 20 gold prices methodically and slowly corrected, giving up roughly 50%of the gains that were achieved from October 2018 until the middle of... Read more 06/10/2019
Gold and U.S. Equities Continue Their Weeklong Rally
There has been an extended rally in both US equities and gold pricing this week. Both asset classes have moved to higher ground. Gold and equities running in tandem with price advances for a sustained time period is a rare occurrence. Typically, these asset classes have an inverse correlation. Liquidity will usually move from equities to... Read more 06/07/2019
Traders Await Labor Department’s Jobs Report
Unquestionably one of the most important economic reports each month is the U.S. Labor Department’s jobs report (non-farm payroll). Set to be released tomorrow, traders and market participants are awaiting the numbers following a dismal ADP private sector jobs report that was released yesterday. Although economists had forecasted 175,000... Read more 06/06/2019
Gold Trades to a High Just Below Yearly High
On an extremely volatile day gold has traded within one dollar of its highest price year to date for 2019. On a closing basis, gold hit an apex or the highest closing price on February 20. Although it traded to a high that day of approximately $1350, gold closed at $1347. That closing price is below the ceiling achieved over the prior... Read more 06/05/2019
Fed Comments Support Dow, NASDAQ Composite and Gold
As of 4:00 PM EDT U.S. equities surged today with the Dow Jones industrial average up over 500 points, a 2.06% gain. The NASDAQ composite had a stellar performance today up 2.38%, which was the largest percentage gain when compared to the S&P 500 and the Dow. Gold also closed up slightly on the day gaining approximately three dollars... Read more 06/04/2019