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Was Thursday’s Sharp Decline a One and Done?
This week was started on a solid and positive note. The entire precious metals group saw price advances. On Monday gold futures broke and closed above the key psychological level of $1300 per troy ounce. This was followed by two consecutive trading days which contained solid price advances. In fact, for the first part of the week gold... Read more 04/12/2019
Slip Slidin' Away
“Slip slidin' away. You know the nearer your destination, the more you're slip slidin' away” -Paul Simon. Today the precious metals were dominated by strong selling pressure taking the entire complex dramatically lower. With all the explanations that analysts have cited to explain today’s price decline. It is songwriter Paul Simon... Read more 04/11/2019
Gold Closes Higher for the Fourth Consecutive Day
Today was another mixed bag in the precious metals’ markets, with gold and platinum closing higher on the day, and silver and palladium trading lower. Over the last few weeks market participants have witnessed a decoupling of the precious metals, in which on many occasions, the individual precious metals do not move in tandem with each... Read more 04/10/2019
Multiple Factors Shape a More Bullish Market Sentiment for Gold
There is solid support for gold as multiple factors shape market sentiment resulting in a much more bullish undertone. For the second day in a row gold is trading moderately higher, gaining over six dollars today matching its gains yesterday. This is following last week’s tepid action resulting in a defined and narrow trading range which... Read more 04/09/2019
Flat U.S. Equities and Dollar Weakness are Supportive of Gold Prices
Dollar weakness coupled with a risk-off market sentiment have been highly supportive of gold pricing today. Both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite closed in essence unchanged, while the Dow Jones industrial average closed lower, creating a risk-off market environment favoring the safe haven asset class. As of 3:30 PM Eastern... Read more 04/08/2019
Trade Talks Result in Little More Than Mixed Messages
There has been a lot of positive comments coming out of Washington vis-à-vis President Trump this week. According to the president It seems as though negotiations between the United States and China had made substantial headway. Along with Trump’s statements, Larry Kudlow, Director of the United States Economic Council has also been... Read more 04/05/2019
Gold, Silver and Platinum Close Higher, as Palladium Continues to Plummet
Both gold and silver traded sharply lower, before recovering and closing in positive territory. Gold futures basis the most active June Comex contract traded to an intraday low of $1284.90 before recovering. As of 4:00 PM Eastern standard time gold futures are currently up $2.20 and fixed at $1297.50. Silver also traded under strong... Read more 04/04/2019
Platinum - Palladium Ratio Narrows in Trading Today
An odd mixed bag in the precious metals’ markets today, with gold and palladium trading lower, and silver and platinum trading higher. This all with dollar weakness providing tailwind support for all metal prices. The odd mix I am referring to is the price changes of palladium and platinum. As of 4:30 PM Eastern standard time platinum... Read more 04/03/2019
Solid Economic Data in China and Equity Rally Limits Bullish Sentiment in Gold
We have a mixed bag in the precious metals today with gold and palladium trading higher on the day but platinum and silver trading lower. In terms of percentage gains, once again it is palladium that is leading the way. As of 3:40 PM Eastern standard time, the most active June 2019 palladium contract is up .74%. This is a net gain of... Read more 04/02/2019