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Gold Powers Through $1600 Like a Hot Knife Through Butter
Gold prices breached the elusive and psychological level of $1600 today, as genuine concerns continue to grow in regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19). According to a report by CNN the coronavirus has now infected more than 73,000 people around the world, mostly in mainland China. The death toll has now risen to 1,873 individuals,... Read more 02/18/2020
COVID-19 Continues to Impact Market Sentiment
The coronavirus now labeled as COVID-19 by the World Health Organization continues to profoundly influence market sentiment. Over the last couple of weeks, it has pressured the equities markets globally. More importantly the ramifications of this outbreak and the real potential of this virus spreading to countries outside China are still... Read more 02/14/2020
Powell Mentions Possibility of Another Round of Quantitative Easing, Coincidence?
Is it simply an interesting fact, a coincidence, or a contingency plan in the making? Chairman Powell has taken a 180° pivot in regards to calling recent accumulation of assets as a precursor to another round of quantitative easing, this occurring at the same time when it appears that the coronavirus continues to spread at a much... Read more 02/13/2020
Palladium Rising While Gold Remains Flat
It is a well-known rule of thumb that the safe haven asset class which includes gold typically trades with an inverse correlation to equities. There is an exception to that rule, and that is when the Federal Reserve eases their monetary policy with low rates and the accumulation of assets on their balance sheet to provide liquidity. This... Read more 02/12/2020
Chairman Powell Reports to Congress and Senate
Twice each year the chairman of the Federal Reserve meets with the Congress, as well as the Senate. During these two meetings he delivers his outlook on the economy along with some insights as to the upcoming monetary policy. This year will be particularly interesting in that the Fed made such a large pivot last year moving from a... Read more 02/11/2020
Gold gains modestly but closes lower, and trades below critical resistance
Since February 5 when gold hit its lowest trading point since January 23, the key difference was that last Wednesdays low was followed by a green candle. Now, for the fourth consecutive day gold has traded with consistent higher highs, and consistent higher lows. There is however a huge caveat to the most recent action in gold pricing;... Read more 02/10/2020
Coronavirus Limits Bullish Gold Sentiment from Strong Jobs Report
For the last five consecutive days the U.S. dollar has gained in strength. Over the last three consecutive days gold has been able to overcome dollar strength and close in positive territory. After reaching a low of approximately $1550 on Wednesday, market forces reversed the selling pressure that was evident on Monday and Tuesday and... Read more 02/07/2020
Dovish central banks and concerns about the coronavirus support gold
As we saw yesterday, gold prices are trading moderately higher, even with a stronger U.S. dollar. Currently the most active April contract is up $7.60 (+.49%), and fixed at $1570.40. We have seen gold move moderately higher now for the second consecutive day, despite the dollar index currently up 2/10 of a percent and fixed at 98.355... Read more 02/06/2020
Gold recovers modestly following yesterday’s double-digit decline
Gold prices recovered modestly today, after dropping by double digits yesterday. Although gold prices were tempered by dollar strength both gold futures and spot prices managed to eke out a small gain on the day. Spot gold is currently at $1557.30, after factoring in today’s gain of $4.60. However, that net gain was tempered by dollar... Read more 02/05/2020