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Dollar Weakness Short-Lived
Any hopes that the U.S. dollar would continue to trade lower after yesterday’s weakness was short-lived. In fact, all of yesterday’s price decline eroded in early evening trading as the dollar not only recouped but closed above yesterday’s opening price. Currently the dollar is up almost a half a percent, a 46-point gain, and fixed at... Read more 02/13/2019
Gold Enters a Consolidation Period
On January 31st, 2019 gold hit its highest value this year when on an intraday basis gold future traded to a high of $1330 per ounce. From there pricing began an extremely shallow retracement trading as low as $1306 on February 7th. This shallow retracement occurred in tandem with a rally in dollar strength which began on the very same... Read more 02/12/2019
Friday’s Deadline Will Have a Profound Impact on the Dollar
Once again it is dollar strength that is the primary force influencing current precious metals pricing. More importantly there are fundamental events that are quickly approaching that could greatly influence relative dollar strength or weakness and demand our attention. On the minds of many analysts today is the current trade war... Read more 02/11/2019
Gold Continues to Show Strength and Price Resilience
Given that this recent correction is a reflection of gold prices surging $130, a very respectable rally, the price recovery over the last couple of trading days is clearly an indication of the resilience of current gold pricing and demand for the precious metal. This rally began in the middle of November last year when gold was... Read more 02/08/2019
Trade War Concerns Pressure U.S. Equities and Support Precious Metals
The Chinese markets might be closed this week, however concerns about the continuation of our looming trade war continues. Resulting in U.S equities closing sharply lower today and as of 4:30 PM Eastern standard time the Dow Jones industrial average is off by well over a full percentage point and currently trading down almost 290 points... Read more 02/07/2019
Gold Continues to Trade Under Pressure
Gold futures broke a key support level at $1312 today. As of 5:00 PM Eastern standard time April futures are trading at $1310.50 which is a net decline of $8.70 on the day. Spot gold is experiencing similar draw-downs, and are currently fixed at $1306 after factoring in a decline today of $8.80. According to the KGX, (Kitco gold index... Read more 02/06/2019
Dollar Strength and Solid Risk-On Market Sentiment Weigh on Gold Prices
A combination of dollar strength this week coupled with solid performance in U.S equities have created pressure in the safe haven class limiting any real upside move for gold pricing. In fact, the risk on market sentiment is not solely based in U.S equities but rather spread globally as world equities have reached a two-month high in... Read more 02/05/2019
Gold Trades to Critical Support Level
Gold futures are trading under pressure today, with the most active April 2019 contract currently down $5.60 and fixed at $1316.50. However, it is the low that has generated the most interest on a technical basis. Today’s low came in at $1312.70, which is $.20 above the .23% Fibonacci retracement level. The data set used for this... Read more 02/04/2019
Gold Shows Extreme Resilience in Light of a Strong Jobs Report
In light of an incredibly strong jobs report today gold pricing held up rather well. This morning the U.S Labor Department reported that there were 304,000 new jobs added in January. This number came in much higher than estimates from analysts who were predicting that gains in January would come in around 165,000. That being said gold... Read more 02/01/2019