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Strong Bullish Sentiment for U.S Equities Pressures Gold Pricing
Gold, silver and platinum are all trading lower today. Gold pricing had the greatest percentage drawdown on the day, with the most active June futures contract currently trading at $1291.70 which is a decline of $6.80, or .52%. Silver futures are coming in second with a decline today of $.04 which is a .26% drawdown. Currently most... Read more 04/01/2019
Safe Haven Asset Class Favors Bullish Market Sentiment
The precious metals experienced a recovery today. However, the degree of upside momentum varies greatly from metal to metal. Gold had the smallest percentage gain on the day, with most active June 2019 Comex futures trading up by +0.13%. This amounts to a net gain of $1.70 on the day, with current pricing now at $1296.80. Yesterday’s... Read more 03/29/2019
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Looking at price changes today across the board in the precious metals complex, you might think that there is nothing good about it, and in the short-term that is probably correct. So, let’s begin today’s article with the bad. The Bad: Technically Speaking Major Chart Damage Has Occurred The precious metals took a steep decline... Read more 03/28/2019
Palladium Futures Plummet
For the first time since late August of 2018 palladium futures pricing has broken below its 50-day moving average. Palladium’s historical rise began on August 14th, 2018 after pricing bottomed to $815 per troy ounce. Within the next three months palladium pricing had breached $1,000 per ounce trading to a high of $1135 by October 23rd of... Read more 03/27/2019
Technical Selling and Renewed Risk-On Market Sentiment Pressure Gold Prices
Considering that since the beginning of March when gold futures were trading at a low $1280 per ounce, gold has gained some real distance in value during the month. Even with today’s modest decline, gold futures basis the most active April contract is trading at $1315.70. Today’s decline can be slightly attributed to selling by market... Read more 03/26/2019
$1,374 Is Gold’s Next Target, Here’s How - Expert
KITCO NEWS Published on Mar 24, 2019 Gold should benefit on the back of weakening equities, and should the next resistance level be broken, $1,374 an ounce should be the next target, this according to Gary Wagner, editor of “My current target is $1,374 [an ounce] and that is based upon a Fibonacci extension of... Read more 03/25/2019
Major Fund Managers Join Global Central Banks With a Bullish Outlook on Gold
On Friday’s report I spoke about the fact that the major central banks have been quietly accumulating and adding to their gold reserves. According to the World Gold Council central banks continue to buy gold even after last year’s unprecedented accumulation. In 2018 central banks added a combined 651.5 tonnes of gold to their holdings... Read more 03/25/2019
Worldwide Major Central Banks are Accumulating Their Gold Holdings
According to Forbes, beginning in 2010 the major central banks around the world began to become net purchasers of gold, rather than sellers of gold. According to their data in 2017 official sector activity rose 36% to 366 tons. Although the top 10 central banks with the largest gold reserves have remained mostly unchanged over the last... Read more 03/22/2019
This is What it Sounds Like When the Fed Speaks
Precious metals continue to react favorably as market participants and traders digest the most recent statement from the Federal Reserve which was released at the conclusion of yesterday’s FOMC meeting. There is no doubt about it, since the beginning of the year the Fed has done a major pivot from that of a hawkish demeanor with... Read more 03/21/2019