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Oro Più Alto Sulle Preoccupazioni Per I'Italia
In English, this Italian title translates to “gold higher on concerns about Italy.” Acting like a safe-haven asset for the first time in a while, gold prices traded dramatically higher as concerns have grown by the European Commission about the proposed budget plan in Italy. According to MarketWatch, “The European Commission... Read more 10/02/2018
Dollar, Interest Rates, and Risk-On Sentiment Weigh Gold Down
U.S. equity markets had one of their strongest showings today since September 20. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed near all-time highs today after gaining 192.90 points and closing at 26,651.21. This, coupled with respectable gains in the Standard & Poor’s 500, has confirmed that the strong risk-on market sentiment which has... Read more 10/01/2018
A More Hawkish Federal Reserve Continues to Pressure Gold Prices
Although gold prices have traded higher today, prices have declined this week, this month, as well as the last two quarters. As of 4:30 PM Eastern standard time, gold futures are trading up by $7.90 and fixed at $1,195.30 per ounce. This month’s FOMC meeting resulted in a highly anticipated rate hike of 1/4%. More importantly, it laid... Read more 09/28/2018
The Fed Effect
“Our economy is strong. Growth is running at a healthy clip. Unemployment is low, the number of people working is rising steadily, and wages are up. Inflation is low and stable. All of these are very good signs.” These were the opening remarks from Chairman Powell’s press conference which was held yesterday afternoon following the... Read more 09/27/2018
That's Who We Are, That's What We Do - Jerome Powell
When asked if he is influenced by political criticism by president Trump, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that, "We don't consider political factors or things like that. That's who we are. That's what we do. And that's just the way it's always going to be for us." Chairman Powell’s press conference began by saying, “... Read more 09/26/2018
4-3-1, Traders Await Information on Dot Plot
As traders await the conclusion of this month’s FOMC meeting, they will listen intently to the monetary policy statement released at the conclusion tomorrow. Inasmuch as the market has factored in the almost certainty that the Federal Reserve will announce an interest rate hike of 25 basis points tomorrow (1/4%), it is the pace of rate... Read more 09/25/2018
Listen to What’s Said, It’s as Important as What They Do
Tomorrow the Federal Reserve will meet for this month’s FOMC meeting, which will conclude on Wednesday afternoon. The Federal Reserve conducts the Federal Open Market Committee meeting eight times a year, with only November and December remaining after this month. It is widely anticipated that the Fed will announce and implement... Read more 09/24/2018
Record Close in The Dow Pressures Haven Asset Class
Gaining 82 points on the day resulted in the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing at a new record high of 26,743.50.  This is the second consecutive day in which the Dow traded to a new all-time high. This strong risk-on market sentiment coupled with dollar strength put tremendous downside pressure on gold pricing today. Gold... Read more 09/21/2018
Falling Dollar Keeps Gold Sell-Off in Check
You might not know it by just looking at the net change of gold futures today, but it is dollar weakness that is keeping the current selloff in gold curtailed. Currently, the most active Comex contract (December) is trading up $3.60 on the day and fixed at $1211.90. This modest rise is occurring in tandem with strong selling pressure... Read more 09/20/2018