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Safe Haven and Risk-On Environment Characterize Today’s Markets
Any uptick in the closing prices of US equities today represented a new all-time record high. The Dow Jones closed up 9.23 points, the Standard & Poor’s 500 closed up 3.29 point, and the NASDAQ composite close up 22 points on the day. These upticks resulted in all three indexes closing in uncharted territory, and therefore new record... Read more 11/06/2017
Jobs Numbers Under Estimates But Strong Enough to Maintain Risk-on Sentiment
Estimates for new jobs added in the month of October came in around 315,000, far above the numbers that were actually revealed this morning. The Labor Department’s jobs report showed that employers added 261,000 new jobs last month, the most workers added in a year. The fact that October’s numbers came in well below estimates had little... Read more 11/03/2017
Smooth Transition of Power at the Fed
Today President Trump announced his selection to be the next head of the U.S. Central Bank, and Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell. The new Fed chair will hold many distinctions which will separate him from his predecessors. Of the nine individuals leading the Fed since the end of World War II, Powell is the first chairman... Read more 11/02/2017
FOMC Statement is a Precursor to Multiple Events This Week
The statement released immediately following this month’s FOMC meeting revealed what many analysts and market participants believed would be the outcome of this month’s meeting: that the central bank would leave interest rates unchanged. According to today’s FOMC statement, “In view of realized and expected labor market conditions and... Read more 11/01/2017
FOMC Meeting Begins Today as Gold Closes Lower on the Month
Gold prices traded under strong selling pressure today as the Federal Open Market Committee meeting begins. This two-day meeting will conclude tomorrow with a statement, and although no real changes are expected, traders and market participants are waiting in a holding pattern. Gold futures, as of 4 o’clock EDT, are fixed at $1271.60... Read more 10/31/2017
Is That a Double Bottom?
As of 4 o’clock EDT, gold futures are trading up $5.50 on the day, with December’s futures contract currently fixed at $1277.30. This marks the second day of higher pricing in gold. More importantly, the lows seen on Friday match almost precisely to recent lows when gold traded to 1263 on October 6th. These lows match the lows that... Read more 10/30/2017
Tax Cuts, Entitlements, and Gold Prices
Donald Trump was elected president largely due to his promises to revitalize America. His plan to achieve that goal included ending and replacing Obamacare, starting massive infrastructure projects, and providing sweeping tax cuts for corporations as well as individuals. However, achieving legislation providing tax cuts and creating... Read more 10/27/2017
Marginal Buying Cannot Compete with Dollar Strength
If we just look at gold prices as reflected through buyers and sellers today, gold closed $3.70 higher on the day. Of course, precious metals pricing, including gold, is paired or traded against dollars so that any price change must reflect dollar strength or weakness and then be added to the current price of gold. Once we add dollar... Read more 10/26/2017
Gold Struggles to Close in Positive Territory
After trading to a new intraday low of $1272 an ounce, gold prices struggled to recover and closed slightly positive on the day. As of 3 o’clock EDT, gold futures are trading at $1279.30 per ounce for a net gain of a dollar on the day. Physical gold also traded marginally higher and is currently fixed at $1277.70. This marginal gain... Read more 10/25/2017