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Four Parts Selling, One Part Dollar
As of 430 EDT, physical gold is currently fixed at $1276.60, a net loss of $5.40 on the day. This price decline can be broken down into its components, which for today are four-parts selling and one-part dollar. The exact numbers, according to the Kitco Gold Index (KGX), show that today’s $5.40 decline is a combination of four dollars as... Read more 10/24/2017
Equity Weakness Supportive of Higher Gold Pricing
After trading to an intraday low of $1273.60, gold prices recovered as the U.S. equities markets went negative, closing up three dollars at $1283.50. Some analysts claim it was short covering from futures traders along with bargain hunters bidding up the precious yellow metal that led to this recovery. According to Jim Wyckoff of... Read more 10/23/2017
Tax Cut, Fed Chair, and the Dollar
Traders, analysts, and market participants have been intensely focused on who will be at the helm of the Federal Reserve come February of next year, as well as on the potential for a tax cut. It is these two upcoming factors that have had a tremendous effect on the U.S. dollar, and it has been the U.S. dollar that has had the most... Read more 10/20/2017
Powell Favored as Next Federal Reserve Chairman
In late breaking news, Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell is seen as the leading contender to become the next Fed Chairman. According to Politico, “Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell is the leading candidate to become the chair of the U.S. central bank after President Donald Trump concluded a series of meetings with five... Read more 10/19/2017
23,000 Dow and Upcoming Federal Reserve Changes Weigh on Gold
Although many analysts have cited U.S. dollar strength as a partial bearish force on gold prices today, that is not the case. Rather it is the risk-on environment prevalent in the U.S. equities markets, as the Dow Jones broke through and closed above 23,000 today, along with uncertainty as to who will head the Federal Reserve next year... Read more 10/18/2017
Dow, Dollar, and Doubters Take Gold Lower
Gold closed today under dramatic pressure, losing $15 on the day with gold futures settling at $1288 per ounce. A combination of a strong U.S. dollar and a risk-on environment, created as the Dow Jones Industrial Average flirted with 23,000, caused many traders to doubt the ability for gold prices to hold value. As such, traders... Read more 10/17/2017
Gold breaks below $1300
Although gold is trading under pressure today after breaking below a critical support area of $1300, it has recovered slightly from the intraday low which came in at $1292.50. As of 430 EDT, the most active gold futures contract (December 2017) is trading at $1296.90, a net loss of $7.70 (-0.58%) on the day. Recently there has been a... Read more 10/16/2017
Gold Leaps Above $1300
Gold prices broke and closed above a critical resistance level when gold traded past $1300 this morning. As of 430 EDT, the most active gold futures contract (December 2017) gained $9.30 on the day to close at $1305.80. Spot gold closes $9.70 higher on the day, trading to $1302.80. According to the Kitco Gold Index (KGX), the net gain... Read more 10/13/2017
Gold Flirts With $1300 Per Ounce but Remains Dateless
Gold continues to gain value as traders and market participants glean the minutes from last month’s FOMC meeting which were released yesterday. The probability of an interest rate hike in December remains high, an 87% probability based on the CME’s FedWatch Tool. This occurs in light of a U.S. equities market that continues to break... Read more 10/12/2017