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U.S. Equities Soar and Gold Prices Plunge
In what can best be described as a relief rally in U.S. equities, recent events have shifted investor sentiment strongly towards a risk-on environment today. Deep concerns about Irma subsided as the hurricane did less damage than originally forecast. Investors were also relieved that North Korea did not launch another missile during its... Read more 09/11/2017
The Rally in Gold Continues as the Dollar Continues to Fall
Gold prices surged again this week, trading to a weekly high of 1362 last night. This marks the third consecutive week in which gold prices have closed remarkably higher. It also continues the dynamic rally which began during the week of July 10th. A combination of events which have resulted in a more favorable outlook for safe haven... Read more 09/08/2017
Add One Billion and Stir Briskly
What is the recipe that many investors are utilizing to shore up their financial portfolio? – Add $1 billion and stir briskly. According to Bloomberg Markets, last week investors poured 1 billion into the largest exchange traded fund backed by bullion, the most since mid-2006. This article penned by Luzi-Ann Javier and Eddie... Read more 09/07/2017
Gold Softens with a Round of Profit Taking
This morning gold is trading under moderate pressure, currently down approximately six dollars at $1338.50. Today's report is an early edition in which we will focus completely on our strategy for our current to trade. We will look at two distinctly different models. The first model makes the assumption that recent downside pressure... Read more 09/06/2017
Potential Conflict Grows with North Korea
It is no longer just a conflict of words and rhetoric, as verbal threats have now been followed with posturing actions which have taken this conflict to a whole new level. This weekend North Korea completed an underground test of a nuclear bomb with ten times the strength compared to their last underground nuclear test. This... Read more 09/05/2017
Multiple Events Contribute to a New Record Yearly High in Gold
Trading to a new record high this year, gold prices effectively breached the $1300 per ounce mark earlier this week and have not looked back. Today gold prices traded to an intraday high of $1334.50, effectively a new record yearly high. As of 2:30 EDT, gold is trading solidly higher up $7.70 at $1329.90. This week’s trading activity... Read more 09/01/2017
Gold’s Rally Continues, Marking a New Milestone
Gold prices finished strongly higher, concluding the month with respectable gains on the day, month, and year. Reaching a new record high for the year, gold prices touched 1332. However, this new record high was to be short-lived as traders quickly pushed prices lower temporarily. Trading under moderate pressure yesterday and in the... Read more 08/31/2017
Strong Dollar Curtails Further Upside Move in Gold
Although investors and traders are bidding up both gold and silver today, in the case of gold, the strong dollar is greater than the net positive gain attributed to buying. As of 3:15 EDT, spot gold is currently trading down -$1.40 on the day. However, on closer inspection, a strong U.S. dollar is devaluing an ounce of gold by -$7.60.... Read more 08/30/2017