The Gold Forecast Videos

Four Steps Forward, and Three Steps Back
Given that gold prices have declined over $80 since reaching $1363 on September 7th, one might think that we have been under the sentiment of a bear market in gold and that prices will most likely continue to decline. While that is a distinct possibility, at least for now, gold at its current pricing can be viewed through the eyes of... Read more 09/28/2017
Risk-On, Tax Cut Talk, and a Strong Dollar
A combination of factors have resulted in dramatically lower pricing in both gold and silver today. As of 4 o’clock EDT, gold futures are trading off by $15.50, with the most active Decembers contract currently fixed at $1286.20. Spot gold is also trading sharply lower this morning, currently off by $10.60. Today’s decline in spot gold... Read more 09/27/2017
The Market Giveth and Yellen Taketh Away
Over the last two days, we have seen gold prices oscillate dramatically, gaining 1.2% yesterday, only to see prices decline by almost a full percentage point today. Yesterday’s upside surge was the result of increased tension in the current conflict between North Korea and the United States, as the war of words escalated to yet a new... Read more 09/26/2017
A War of Words 2.0
The war of words between the United States and North Korea has now accelerated to a new and more dangerous level of concern. Recent statements and threats made on the part of North Korea have escalated the current tension and hostility between our two countries. Last week, in his first address to the United Nations, President Donald... Read more 09/25/2017
Trump Tightens NoKo Sanctions as the War of Words Escalates
In an attempt to curtail North Korea’s initiative to become a nuclear power, President Trump issued an executive order yesterday that would reprimand any person, company, or country that did business with North Korea. This move was directed at North Korea’s primary trading partners. In a statement, the president said that China’s... Read more 09/22/2017
The Great Unwinding
Words of elegance rarely fall from the lips of many T.V. financial commentators as they report events that revolve around the world of business news. That’s not their job. Their task is to report financial news in a concise and factual manner, which for the most part they do extremely well. However, I was quite surprised today when a... Read more 09/21/2017
The Fed, the Dollar, and Gold
In their first meeting since July, the Federal Reserve has indicated that there will be one more interest rate hike this year, which is scheduled for December. They also announced the date when they will begin to liquidate portions of their massive $4.5 trillion balance sheet. This will begin in October. The Fed have laid out a... Read more 09/20/2017
North Korean Rocket Man
In classic Trump style, the President of the United States has given the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un a new nick-name.  “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.” In his first speech to the United Nations, using his strongest words yet, President Donald Trump delivered a warning to North Korea. He... Read more 09/19/2017
Fed Meeting and Strong Equity Market Weigh Heavily on Gold
U.S. equities closed solidly higher today, continuing the risk-on environment that has been prevalent in the marketplace. The Dow Jones closed up 63 points, with the S&P 500 as well as the NASDAQ closing moderately higher on the day. This, coupled with the upcoming FOMC meeting which begins tomorrow, has resulted in sharply lower... Read more 09/18/2017