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What Wall?
The “Writing on the Wall” is an idiomatic expression suggesting portent of doom or misfortune, according to Wikipedia. This expression is based on the story of Belshazzar's feast in the book of Daniel. During the feast, Belshazzar sees a hand writing on the wall which he believes is foretelling the fall of Babylon. I reference this... Read more 09/15/2017
He’s Back!
Just when you think the waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula are safe, Kim Jong Un’s regime once again ramps up the rhetoric by issuing new threats, this time focusing on Japan in addition to the United States. According to Reuters, “A North Korean state agency threatened on Thursday to use nuclear weapons to “sink” Japan and... Read more 09/14/2017
It Is All About Risk-On and a Stronger Dollar
The global equities rally moved into the United States this morning. Trading today resulted in record closes in the Dow, NASDAQ and Standard & Poor’s 500. The U.S. dollar also found underlying strength, gaining 6/10 of a percent on the day to settle at 92.43. Since Friday, when gold prices traded to its highest level this year, we... Read more 09/13/2017
Muted Action as Gold Finds its Footing
Consider this: Since July 10th of this year, gold prices have moved from $1200 per ounce to last week’s high of $1363, a new record for the year. In other words, in roughly ten weeks, gold prices have seen an increase of value of $160, which translates to an 8 ½% gain. Given that kind of steep price ascent, one would expect a cycle of... Read more 09/12/2017
U.S. Equities Soar and Gold Prices Plunge
In what can best be described as a relief rally in U.S. equities, recent events have shifted investor sentiment strongly towards a risk-on environment today. Deep concerns about Irma subsided as the hurricane did less damage than originally forecast. Investors were also relieved that North Korea did not launch another missile during its... Read more 09/11/2017
The Rally in Gold Continues as the Dollar Continues to Fall
Gold prices surged again this week, trading to a weekly high of 1362 last night. This marks the third consecutive week in which gold prices have closed remarkably higher. It also continues the dynamic rally which began during the week of July 10th. A combination of events which have resulted in a more favorable outlook for safe haven... Read more 09/08/2017
Add One Billion and Stir Briskly
What is the recipe that many investors are utilizing to shore up their financial portfolio? – Add $1 billion and stir briskly. According to Bloomberg Markets, last week investors poured 1 billion into the largest exchange traded fund backed by bullion, the most since mid-2006. This article penned by Luzi-Ann Javier and Eddie... Read more 09/07/2017
Gold Softens with a Round of Profit Taking
This morning gold is trading under moderate pressure, currently down approximately six dollars at $1338.50. Today's report is an early edition in which we will focus completely on our strategy for our current to trade. We will look at two distinctly different models. The first model makes the assumption that recent downside pressure... Read more 09/06/2017