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The Dollar Giveth and the Dollar Taketh Away
Over the last few trading days, it has primarily been the strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar that has been the single greatest influence on the price of gold. Yesterday’s six-dollar decline was almost entirely (95%) due to dollar strength. Today’s five-dollar advance has also been almost entirely predicated on the dollar, in this... Read more 08/23/2017
$1300 Continues to be a Tough Nut To Crack
After trading to above $1300 (an intraday high of $1306), resulting in gold prices reaching a three-month high, a strong U.S. dollar today has caused the precious yellow metal to trade lower on the day. It seems $1300 an ounce is a tough price point for gold to trade and close above. I am still of the belief that it is a matter of... Read more 08/22/2017
Gold Prices Inch Back Towards $1300 per Ounce
Gold prices continue to rise this week, trading to an intraday high of $1299.70. As of 3:30 EDT, gold futures are trading up $5.40 at $1297. The net gains of gold in 2017 are now residing at around 11%. Many analysts believe a break above 1300 will be significant and signal a further rise in the precious yellow metal. Higher gold... Read more 08/21/2017
The Trump Trade - Where’s the Beef?
Since the presidential election and victory by Donald Trump, the U.S. equities markets have been on a rampage. This has resulted in setting forth one of the most dynamic rallies in American history. Soaring to new record values and all-time highs, this most recent equities rally has been predicated on the belief that this new... Read more 08/18/2017
Trump Controversy and the Fed Result in a Flight to Safe Haven Assets
Investors and market participants continue to digest and parse key events from yesterday. Political turmoil, along with the release of last month’s FOMC minutes, has caused major repercussions across a wide swath of financial markets. These repercussions are sending strong ripples throughout the U.S. equities markets, resulting in a... Read more 08/17/2017
Kitco News: Dovish Fed Tone Gives Gold a Solid Boost
Gold prices managed to move into positive territory Wednesday afternoon following the U.S. Federal Reserve's July meeting, which had a dovish tone. December gold rose $3.20 to settle at $1,282.90 an ounce. The rally comes after the metal came close to hitting the key psychological level of $1,300 last. ‘The minutes were extremely dovish... Read more 08/16/2017
If it Isn’t Broke Don’t Fix It
This morning the Federal Reserve released the minutes from last month’s FOMC meeting. The minutes contained statements by Fed members indicating a more dovish stance regarding the next interest rate hike as well as the initiation of their balance sheet liquidation timeline. Foremost in the minds of Fed members was the unexpectedly low... Read more 08/16/2017
Chinese Sanctions and Strategic Accountability Weigh Heavily on Gold
Recent events have resulted in a de-escalation of the current tension between the United States and North Korea. Also lowered is the probability of North Korea aggressively continuing its nuclear testing program. Chinese pressure has, in fact, dampened the current tension as they issued a proclamation to implement sanctions created by... Read more 08/15/2017
Tensions Subside as Gold Prices Retreat Moderately
After last week’s dynamic upside surge of roughly $40 from the low of the week, today’s moderate selloff does not change our overall view and bullish demeanor in gold. Gold today traded to a low of 1284, and as of 4 o’clock EDT is trading at 1287, down seven dollars on the day, a loss of just over a half a percent. Although there has... Read more 08/14/2017