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Locked and Loaded as the War of Words Continues
Strong statements coming from both sides suggesting massive levels of destruction continue in the war of words, escalating the current tensions between the United States and North Korea. Whether penned by the President of the United States or the dictator (and his cronies) of North Korea, it seems each statement made by one leads to a... Read more 08/11/2017
A Tale of Two Countries
Charles Dickens expressed it well in his novel, A Tale of Two Cities. He describes a period of time that contained both positive and negative experiences. The dichotomy of the human condition in which there is good and evil, prosperity and poverty. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was... Read more 08/10/2017
Fire, Fury, and Gold, The War of Words Continues
Although it is not a common occurrence, there are many historical instances where nations with opposing ideologies began a war of words and then went on to rattle their swords. What is unusual in this case is that it is the President of the United States rattling his sword. "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United... Read more 08/09/2017
Gold Pops as President Trump Issues Strong Warning To North Korea
“Fire, Fury and Power” was President Trumps rebuttal to recent threats by North Korea in which they threatened to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. It seems we have now entered a very dangerous war of words. If you remove gold from the formula, the precious metals complex was able to overcome a strong U.S. dollar closing... Read more 08/08/2017
With Low Probability for a Rate Hike, Follow the Money
Market participants and analysts have had the weekend to digest Friday’s job report and gauge what effect this data will have on the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve. Today we gained more insight as St. Louis Federal Reserve’s President James Bullard spoke in Nashville to the America’s Cotton Marketing Cooperative Conference... Read more 08/07/2017
Jobs Report Results in a Resurgence of US Dollar Strength
Today’s jobs report released by the Labor Department indicated that U.S. employers added 209,000 jobs in July, well above analysts’ estimates. Add to that a 16 year low in the unemployment rate (4.3%), and you have the necessary components to bid up the U.S. dollar, which has been under dramatic pressure throughout this year, resulting... Read more 08/04/2017
22,000 Dow, Jobs Report, and Gold
The most recent rally in gold has paused as traders pull profits and seem reluctant to initiate large stakes ahead of tomorrow’s jobs report. As of 4 o’clock EDT, gold futures are trading off by about $3.60, currently fixed at $1271.50. At the same time, spot gold is trading fractionally higher, trading up approximately $2.30 at $1268.50... Read more 08/03/2017
I Think She Will Raise Rates, I Think She Will Not
Like pulling the petals off a daisy, market participants and analysts have been oscillating back-and-forth, almost day by day, as to whether Janet Yellen, at the helm of the Federal Reserve, will initiate a last interest rate hike in 2017. Over the last month or so, market analysts have been pulling off the “I think she will not”... Read more 08/02/2017
Current Gold Rally Could Continue
What would the Fed say? Well according to the CME’s FedWatch tool, the odds of another quarter-point U.S. rate increase have decreased to around 47%, a drop of 3% when compared with the odds of a month ago. Tepid economic data released today has further eroded the probability of another rate hike being initiated by the Federal Reserve... Read more 08/01/2017