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About The Gold Forecast

Wagner Financial Corporation based in Hawaii is the producer of The Gold Forecast.
Our goal: to present our subscribers with actionable market commentary resulting in profitable trades

Our Team

We are comprised of a dedicated group of trading, technology, and finance professionals who apply their experience, teamwork and innovation towards a common goal - helping traders succeed in the markets. Wagner Financial Group provides its client base with market insights, and the technical expertise needed to gain an "edge", the edge needed to obtain profitable results.

Although we are based in Honolulu, Hawaii, members of our team can be found, at any given moment at any of the four corners of the world, as we use current technology to work in a world-wide virtual office.

Gary S. Wagner

CEO & Producer

Gary S. Wagner is the executive producer of - a daily video newsletter covering precious metals. He has been a technical market analyst for over 35 years.

Since 2010 he has been a regular analyst for Kitco News, where he authors daily commentary "Hawaii 6-O". He has written for Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Futures Magazine, Street, and Barons. He has been a speaker for many financial seminars like Dow Jones Financial Symposium or Futures West.

Gary S. Wagner coauthored a book "Trading Applications of Japanese Candlestick Charting" a John Wiley publication. He also co-developed a software application for market forecasting called the “Candlestick Forecaster”. Considered as one of the first computer programs to recognize and identify Candlestick patterns. He was mentored by many great technical analysts like John Bollinger and Larry Williams.

Konrad Urbanowicz

CTO & Trader

Konrad joined our firm in 2012. His Primary duties include web development, marketing, and heading up the Technical support division of Wagner Financial Group.

His vast knowlege of Information Technology and Information Services make him the perfect candidate for our Chief Technology Officer.

Since 2009, Konrad has been investing and trading. He mainly trades options, futures, forex, bitcoin, and stocks.

All though his listed full time residence is in Nashville Tennessee, he can be found anywhere worldwide at any given time as his freedom is a necessary component of his growth.

Joseph M. Wagner II


Joseph M. Wagner II has been studying technical analysis for eight years. He is a producer and video editor at

His primary focus has recently been bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies. He writes a daily blog for The Gold Forecast titled “Bitcoin Fundamentals.”

Beata Szczeblowska


Beata is the newest and youngest addition to our team. She is responsible for level 1 technical support as well as sales and marketing.

English is her second language. She currently resides in beautiful Poland. Beata is an avid book addict and enjoyes traveling and meeting new people.