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This interview was recorded on Thursday. October 12. 2023 at 7PM EDT afternoon.

David Lin of the Daivid Lin report discuss the impacts to markets that a government shutdown may have, as well as the broader economic ramifications of the Fed's decision to keep rates high.

*This video was recorded on September 28, 2023


Recorded on Wednesday Aug 16, 2023 ------ WallStreet Silver

Ivan Bayoukhi and Gary Wagner joins the show, and we discuss the current state and future outlook of gold and silver in 2023. Furthermore, we discuss the technical analysis of the US dollar index and its recent performance.

David Lin of the David Lin report and Gary Wagner, Editor of, discusses the next moves for the dollar, gold, and the Fed.

*This video was recorded on August 1, 2023

Jesse day and Columnist for Kitco Gary Wagner recorded this interview last week.

00:00 Introduction

00:30 Weakness in the US Dollar

06:18 Gold Forecast