We are joined on Metal Money by Gary Wagner of The Gold Forecast as we discuss gold's six consecutive months of lower prices and why it's a 'blood in the streets' situation with gold and silver.

We are joined by Gary Wagner of The Gold Forecast to discuss his recent comments regarding Gold and Silver, where he says there is "Blood in the Streets." Furthermore, we talk about CPI numbers, inflation, Gold heading east, the Housing Market, and more.

Gary Wagner, editor of gives his predictions for this year's Jackson Hole Symposium.


0:00 - Jackson Hole 2021

3:26 - Inflation prediction

Premiered 4 hours ago Today, Gary Wagner joined us to discuss Gold & Silver price targets. We also discuss the U.S. dollar and how it hasn't been this strong against the euro in 20 years, the potential Fed pivoting soon & more.

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614 views Streamed live 37 minutes ago Are gold and silver on their way back up or is there further downside ahead?

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