Recorded January 3, 2023

Gary Wagner of The Gold Forecast joins us to discuss the silver and gold outlook for 2023 and his latest prediction on what investors can expect from the Fed next year. Tune in to stay informed and make informed decisions about your investments!

Recorded Dec 28, 2022 

Gary Wagner, Editor of, discusses his gold price outlook for 2023 with David Lin, Anchor for Kitco News.

    vric Recorded Jul 27, 2022

 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference 2022

Executive Producer of The Gold Forecast Gary Wagner takes the stage at the 2022 VRIC to

Recorded July 27 2022

Henry Lazenby of the Northern Miner moderates a panel of commodities experts in Gary Wagner, Chris Parry, and Joe Mazumdar as they describe their favorite commodities for the coming decade and explain why they are so bullish.

00:00 Introduction

Gary Wagner, Editor of, discusses Fed Chair Jerome Powell's statements on Wednesday, as well as the outlook for gold and the economy with David Lin, Anchor for Kitco News.