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Endorsements of Confidence

Gary is one of the most skilled technicians I have met during my time covering the markets. Dedicated, reputable and skilled…

Daniela Cambone
Editor-in-Chief, Kitco News

"One of the World's Leading Metals Experts"

Deirdre Bolton, Bloomberg Television


"Gary is a Guru, his knowledge and insight into the Gold and Silver markets is beyond compare. The daily video is informative, actionable and entertaining. Most importantly it is a tool that helps me make money and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about trading precious metals."

Michael Ernst, Ernst & Co. Wealth Management


"Gary has amazed me with his ability to forecast gold prices and his prescient market calls. I didn't know it was possible to be as accurate as he has been ...."

Matthew Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at Payoff

"You have been accurate in calling the short and longer term tops and bottoms using your analysis. It seems that this methodology is aptly suitable for gold as great deal of emotions and volatility are involved, Brilliant !."

H Seng Canada

"…I have subscribed to numerous newsletters and reports to help me manage my investments. I have let the vast majority of them lapse. However, Gary Wagner’s is one that I would feel naked without. His mastery at technical analysis is balanced with an astute awareness of the fundamentals at play. Thanks Gary!"

Dr. G, Toronto, Canada

"I can honestly say that I am very grateful to have joined his group. It has been a very educational experience for me. Every day I look forward to his videos. They teach me about the different candlestick formations, indicators, resistance/support, Fibonacci levels and so much more!! A very fun experience, as well as a profitable one!! I look forward to the many more trades to come!!"

Bernard Miles, Florida

"I am very pleased with your newsletter. I give the information and content a triple A 5 star rating. I love watching them every morning here in Thailand. Thanks a lot for your forecasts which are very accurate."

Nils Harold Gran-Olsson, Pucket Thailand

"Thanks to you Gary I almost doubled my money in 2-3 weeks. Please sign me for your yearly service. You are the best….best regards."


"I've been a subscriber of Gary Wagner website from the start, so I know his ability to forecast prices in gold to be very precise and accurate. He explains in detail, just like the article above, why he enters and exit trades. He has listed his track record above, and it speaks of itself. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to subscribe to his service. The money you make will definitely pay for his monthly service. I believe he is offering a free trial, so try it."

"Great comfort in knowing that my back is covered on an hour-by-hour basis."

J. Gutman, Canada

"The Holy Grail of gold futures trading! I take pride in being able to call myself a gold trader! It has taken years to understand the technical s but "The Gold Forecast" has shown me the strategy!" 

Andrew Brann, South Africa

"I'm still a new user of the service however the recommendations have been very helpful, especially the advice on when to exit trades."

Neil Lyons USA

"The package that you have put together has the experience that I require to trust your judgment."

M. Clark , England

"Thus far, I have been very impressed with the content and buy/sell signals. I have only been a short-time member, but anticipate that my trades will allow 4x profits based on Wagner's past recommendations."

Seth K, USA,

"Thanks Gary for a super job!"

"I have never seen a person so in tune with what they are doing. Gary has an incredible gift and a real passion to help people. This has been by far the very best money spent. The learning has opened my eyes to a whole new way of trading. There is now a reason and a great understanding of why I am placing a trade and what to watch for. Thank You."

"I stumbled across your website when I was researching gold and silver prices. I have heard about candlesticks but never knew how they work. I found your video presentation to be coherent, logical and professional."
"Thanks for the videos: they are the very best I’ve seen, your commentary and deduction of the market analysis is second to none. I can trust you impeccably."

"As a new subscriber you have opened up a whole new world. My trading has become a lot better."

"I was initially impressed by a few articles by Mr Wagner. Since I began my subscription, I have found the daily gold report to be an invaluable tool that I eagerly wait for. It has become an important part of my trading discipline and most importantly I am making money. Thank you Gary, Aloha."

"I would prefer to be discreet ... though off record you very well know by now that I am a fan."

"I would recommend your video commentary to everyone in the country."

"I am a very regular follower of your buying/selling recommendations and so far my experience have been rewarding."

"Just recently subscribed, and already makes hundreds of dollars, very good for beginners and experienced traders."

"Not only does Gary provide a concise & passionate insight into Gold, I particularly have a great interest in his knowledge of Elliot Wave & Candle Stick analysis, which apply to my other trades. His accent cracks me up too!"

"All of it is brilliant, it's a great format, and for someone like me who loves the markets but not that involved with I still find it interesting for his technical view. Most importantly, I think Gary will make money for me without all the emotion and noise of the market which I am really not interested in from a trading perspective."

"Daily production quality and content are what I like most. Charts, graphs and commentary are important to understand the recommendations."


"I like the definite recommendations and the explained reasons for making them."

"I learn different indicators, and their significance. I love broadening my education on the subject. I enjoy hearing the future predictions of price movement, and why."

"I like to share my thanks to you for creating https://www.youtube.com/user/garywagner11/videos channel. I've been trying to learn how to trade gold on the stock market after I lost several thousand dollars. 

Hired a company to manage my scripts but they were a disaster. They just like to take their brokerage and in the process I lost all my investment.

By the way, I am a digital marketer (specialist in conversion optimisation - to increase revenue from existing website). I thought stock market can be a secondary source of income, but trusting the other company was a mistake.

The way you explain technical charts, the data you refer all make sense now. I am an engineer, mba so it is easy for me to grab quickly. 

I like to share that, like me there are so many small investors who need your help, your guidance. Keep up the good work.

Thank you again for helping me to understand this market. Thank you so much!"