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The one technical indicator you NEED to watch

In this episode we review my theory on Bitcoin and its simple 200-day moving average as a predictor of where we are in our current four-year cycle. This indicator is also extremely usefull in identifying cycle tops. This may be the most important technical study to pay close atention to.

Today Bitcoin fell below $60,000 for the second time in the last 10 days. If it manages to close near its current price, that will make today's closing price the lowest since May 3rd. However, Bitcoin likely has more downside movement ahead of it as history dictates it must. 

In every 4-year cycle, Bitcoin has always fell to a certain technical indicator right before entering a parabolic rally bringing it to new all-time highs. The technical indicator I am speaking about is the simple 200-day moving average. It has been pre-cursor to price discovery in each of the previous four four-year cycles and that signal is close to occurring now in its fifth cycle. 

Now, not only did Bitcoin fall to this moving average before rising to new highs in every single cycle, it rose alongside its 200-day moving average. The moment in which BTC created a large gap between its price and this average was the moment right before a dramatic fall. 

Traders should enter into short postions selling at the market 

currently $58,900 with protective stops at $64,000

target to exit trade is $53,500.