Sharp Turn

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An unusual day in gold trading, without argument.

Our favorite precious metal fell in morning's session, teasing some price-sensitive buyers into the market. Then the winds shifted and gold rose a bit. The light-feeling rebound quickly turned into a gale wind.

When prices crossed $1160 an ounce on the way up, bursts of high-volume trading indicated that stop-loss orders were triggered. These stop-loss orders have to do with a few factors.

It's Friday. The weekend is a 60-hour unknown sea to cross. Stop-losses may be ordered as gold begins to bounce, testing lows, testing highs but without much direction. Some analysts feel gold became undervalued and ordered that when it bounced up again, they should dump the short play and enter long.

Some have said the continued slide in bond prices is pushing investors to find havens other than the dollar. Certainly that's a tone setter. So was the U.S. dollar's small loss to a certain extent, although today may be just a pause in the greenback rally. (Good economic news from France and Germany helped the euro, by the way.)

WTI crude oil also influenced the precious metals today, popping back up 2.35%. Again stop-loss orders were instrumental. Oil has been dropping like a rock. Some feel too far, too fast.

"Gold has been moving lower for several weeks, and some investors are choosing to lock in gains on their bearish bets ahead of the weekend," said Bob Haberkorn, a senior commodities broker with RJO Futures in Chicago.

We "Amen" that. As we said over the last few days, gold is in for some volatility. Why ruin a relaxing few days off?

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Gary S. Wagner - Executive Producer