Top Experts Talk Gold/Silver | Andy Schectman, Gary Wagner, Craig Hemke, & more!

Why did #silver​ and #gold​, fall the first quarter of 2021? The top experts in the precious metals industry join Miles Franklin's "Mugs & Metals" to discuss. 

Are precious metal markets manipulated? We've compiled a playlist to give you all perspectives on the highly debated topic.

0:00​ Intro

Initial metals analysis:
0:59​ Andy Schectman
9:34​ Gary Wagner
11:25​ Kai Hoffmann
13:19​ Craig Hemke
18:44​ Jerry Robinson
24:00​ Patrick Karim

Open discussion:
28:58​ Highest inflation in 2.5 years
34:12​ Debt crisis update
41:09​ Stock market
50:52​ Platinum
52:40​ Silver Mining