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Gold Approaches Crucial Fibonacci Milestone: Gary Wagner Eyes Upward Potential

May 7, 2024 #PreciousMetals #goldprices #InvestmentStrategy

Jeremy Szafron, Anchor at Kitco News, interviews Gary Wagner, Kitco's resident technical analysis expert, in this episode of 'Chart This with Gary Wagner.' They begin with the current trends and future outlooks for precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Wagner provides insights into the technical indicators shaping the markets for gold, silver, and Bitcoin, and discusses how geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties are influencing investor behavior.

00:00 - Introduction 

01:19 - Discussion on Gold's Current Market Position 

03:42 - Technical Analysis of Gold's Price Movements 

06:09 - Impact of Geopolitical Tensions on Gold 

07:35 - Transition to Silver Market Analysis 11:19 - Economic Factors Influencing Silver Prices 

16:29 - Examination of the U.S. Dollar's Influence 

18:51 - Insights into Bitcoin's Recent Market Corrections