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Macro Factors Driving Gold and Silver: Precious Metals on the Rise

Gary Wagner and Tavi Costa have a ton of knowledge to share when it comes to the gold and silver sector, and they both present the main catalysts they are watching from a macro perspective that they think will continue to drive the price higher. The duo discusses Fed policy, geopolitical events, government deficits, and much more as part of their overall thesis that precious metals are on the rise. 

00:00 Introduction 

00:32 Thoughts on Broad Market and Economy 

04:51 Gold Vs. Treasuries 

09:42 Global Conflict and Commodities 

15:21 Gold as a Hedge Against Uncertainty 

23:23 Setup For Silver 

30:18 Gold and Silver Mining Sector 

37:28 Trading Strategy For Gold and Silver 

40:06 The Fed's Next Move