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Watch This Bull Flag Signal in Gold, New Record Highs Next?

Jeremy Szafron, Anchor at Kitco News, interviews Gary Wagner, Editor of, where he provides his technical analysis of the financial markets. Wagner discusses gold's bull flag pattern, silver's resistance level, Bitcoin's record highs, and the fluctuations in copper and oil markets. He also shares his expert insights and forecasts, highlighting the importance of chart patterns, support and resistance levels, and future market directions. 

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00:00 - Opening Remarks 

00:28 - Market Trends Overview 

01:21 - Gold's Record High Analysis 

02:19 - Gold's Future Market Predictions 

03:24 - Inflation and Gold's Buying Power 

05:20 - Silver's Market Behavior 

06:46 - Gold and Silver Price Decoupling 

07:34 - Bitcoin's Price Fluctuations 

10:24 - Copper's Market Analysis 

12:46 - Oil Prices and Economic Impact