We are joined on Metal Money by Gary Wagner, CEO of With the inflation genie out of the bottle now, Gary sees heightened uncertainty in the market right now - too many 'ifs' as he called it. This global inflationary narrative will be positive for gold and silver prices.

The Federal Open Market Committee has announced a doubling in the pace of asset tapering on Wednesday. 

The Dot Plots indicate that there will be an average of three rate hikes in 2022, three more in 2023, and two in 2024, all in increments of 25 basis points.

The Gold Forecast's Gary Wagner joins us LIVE at 9pm ET to discuss the impact of the new inflation data showing the highest year-over-year price increase in nearly 40 years!

This upcoming Thanksgiving will be the most expensive ever, and inflation will continue to be a serious concern for investors, said Gary Wagner, editor of who advocates that gold is still the ultimate store of wealth.

We are joined on Metal Money by Gary Wagner, CEO of Gary highlights how the conventional positive correlation in gold and silver prices has turned somewhat more negative in recent weeks and what this means for precious metals ahead.