This upcoming Thanksgiving will be the most expensive ever, and inflation will continue to be a serious concern for investors, said Gary Wagner, editor of who advocates that gold is still the ultimate store of wealth.

We are joined on Metal Money by Gary Wagner, CEO of Gary highlights how the conventional positive correlation in gold and silver prices has turned somewhat more negative in recent weeks and what this means for precious metals ahead.


Gary Wagner, editor of, discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, the primary drivers behind the gold and silver price, and the likelihood of a U.S. debt default this year.

The Federal Reserve was really more dovish than hawkish, said Gary Wagner, editor of Speaking to David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, Wagner said that the key takeaway from the Jackson Hole Symposium is that the Fed has not explicitly announced by how much they plan to taper.

Gold and stocks normally move inversely, but both rallied on Friday. Even though there may be a taper by the end of the year, the Fed is flooding the country with currency, says Gary Wagner. Money printing pushes all markets up in tandem. We've never seen money printing like this. "This is an experiment," he says.