Fast market action as BTC approaches ATH and Ethereum at ATH

btc bomb

Bitcoin futures made headway today towards our current target of $75k, gaining $5,120, or 8.34% in trading today. We now have the highest ever close on record for BTC futures. Ethereum also made a new all-time high today at around $4,700.

daily BTC

Collectively these two juggernauts in the blockchain space have brought crypto’s entire market cap. above $3 trillion for the first time, at a lightning pace seeing as it wasn’t long ago, we were drooling over a $2 trillion market cap.

This exciting trading day might very well contribute to an accelerated path past $70,000 for BTC. It may even force us to revise our target even higher. It's fast-moving bull-market action for the kings of crypto right now.

There isn’t much more to say than that, if this doesn’t get you off the sidelines, looking at blockchain further in depth, or excited for your investment’s potential, I don’t know what will.