The Godfather of the Game


While the spotlight this weekend was on the capo of the Cryptonio crime family Ethereum known on the streets as little Tony evil, the godfather himself Sammy the bull Satoshi is making a comeback to remind everyone who is in charge.

The oldest organized, decentralized coin family in cryptocurrencies known as Bitcoin or the Big B has made a move against its rival the Etherio gang killing four known members and several of their associates in an unexpected show of force.

An eyewitness who wishes to remain anonymous said, “The BTC boys came out of nowhere, suddenly members of the Etherio clan who were in the middle of performing a shady black-market swap were surrounded on all sides....” The man was now looking over his shoulder and sweating profusely but went on, “…It was like being in a jack-o-lantern, orange everywhere and you could feel the heat from the constant gunshots, and then it was like someone blew out the candle and smashed the pumpkin. And you’re just standing their covered guts that had been cast over every square inch of the street corner with nothing but the smell of smoke still lingering in the putrid air.”

Law enforcement is citing the move above BTC’s own 200-week simple moving average as proof that this coin means business and is definitely on the move and their radar, and it should be on yours as well. The perps are still at large and should be considered armed and bullish if you have a clue as to their whereabouts call crime stoppers after going to your local exchange and buying some Bitcoin, hell Ethereum too. Law enforcements stance on the matter is we would be nothing if we weren’t greedy so get greedy before they get you, autopsy report: fiscal suffocation from lethal levels of inflation. Time will tell what sort of retaliation will come from this but one thing is for sure it's about to get bloody, and bullish.