Tomorrow at 8:30 EDT, the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) will release the latest inflation report vis-à-vis the PCE index for September 2022. This will be the most recent data that the Federal Reserve will have on inflation and therefore be a key component to their sealing the fate of the size of the next rate hike at next week’s FOMC meeting.

Golf futures basis the most active December 2022 Comex contract is currently up $11.20 and fixed at $1669.70. Noteworthy was today’s intraday high of $1679.40 which came in just below the first level of resistance at $1680. However, once again we can see that while gold’s gains are respectable, they are based entirely upon dollar weakness.

One might think that with the increased geopolitical uncertainty and recent dollar weakness that gold would have strong gains. However, that is absolutely not true in trading today. As of 5:15 PM EDT, the most active December contract of gold futures is currently up only $3.30 or +0.20% and fixed at $1657.40.

Gold investors and traders are reacting strongly to any shift in the Federal Reserve’s narrative concerning upcoming interest rate hikes. This was seen on Friday when a single article published by the Wall Street Journal resulted in strong gains for gold.

Gold futures basis the most active December 2022 contract as of 5:05 PM EDT is currently fixed at $1662.50 after factoring in today’s net gain of $25.70 or 1.57%. This strong gain was based upon differences among voting Federal Reserve members as they debate whether or not to decrease the size of the interest rate hike at the December FOMC meeting.