Gary Wagner, editor of, discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, the key price levels to watch for gold, and what's been holding the metal down.

Gary Wagner: Despite the Dips, We Are Still On the Road to $2140 Gold We are joined on Metal Money by Gary Wagner, CEO of Despite the downward pressure on gold prices right now, Gary Wagner shows from his charts how the current dip plays out in four waves towards a new high of $2140 gold price

Gold and silver could take off, says The Gold Forecast founder Gary Wagner. He says "runway inflation" is here. He doesn't expect this inflation to be entirely "transitory" as the Fed keeps saying. The Fed has no plans of changing policy anytime soon.

On #SFLive Ep 198 Soar Financial speaks with Gary Wagner, CEO & Exec Producer at to discuss where gold and silver are headed next - boom or bust? 

Gary Wagner joins Jay on the show for the first time. Gary has been a technical market analyst for 25 years with a focus on metals and commodities.  Jay and Gary discuss the price action of gold over the past year and what levels investors need to watch in 2021.

May’s consumer price index is set to be released tomorrow morning, and the broad expectation is that inflation will climb higher compared to the previous month’s reading of 4.2%.

Gary Wagner, editor of, agrees with the consensus expectation.

Gold’s surge to $1,900 an ounce this past month was due largely in part to U.S. dollar weakness, which itself is a function of fiscal spending from the U.S. government as part of Biden’s infrastructure bills.


The question is, can dollar weakness continue?

Why did #silver​ and #gold​, fall the first quarter of 2021? The top experts in the precious metals industry join Miles Franklin's "Mugs & Metals" to discuss. 

Are precious metal markets manipulated? We've compiled a playlist to give you all perspectives on the highly debated topic.

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Has the gold price seen its lows for the year? Gold futures finished higher on Monday, with prices for the safe haven getting a boost from progress toward another coronavirus aid package.