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As the saying goes; you ain’t seen nothing yet! The price of Spot gold today is fixed at $2070.10, just about $10 below the record high achieved in May, according to Kitco News. Based on the continuous contract of gold futures which merges the most active contract month into the next most month active month broke the record high today.

From the beginning of October to the last day in November silver has had a profound and dramatically strong gain. This despite one moderately deep correction beginning on October 19, and concluding on November 13. Monday, November 13, was the exact day that Silver pivoted back to a bullish demeanor.

After an exceedingly strong performance in gold futures, the most active February 2024 contract traded to a higher high than yesterday.  However, unlike recent days, pricing during the current session moved well below the daily highs and briefly traded negative on the day.

After opening at $2035.10 in trading today gold futures surged to a high not seen for approximately the last year. As of 3:15 PM EST, the most active February 2024 contract has surged by $26.30 and is currently fixed at $2061.50.

Recorded on November 22, Wednesday at 4:00 PM EST.

We Talk about what's next for gold and how the growing U.S. debt level will impact markets.

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