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The next block reward halving is currently set to occur on April 19th — 20th besides rolling a joint for 4/20 what should you do as an investor/trader to prepare for this day? While the price of Bitcoin usually rises in the 12 to 18 months following a halving event.

All signs point to a further decline in the leading cryptocurrency after making a new record high last week. We discussed previously how BTC has never made seven consecutive monthly gains and with little over a week left in March the price only must come down a few thousand dollars for this pattern to remain unbroken.

In this week’s episode, we discuss the prospects of Bitcoin correcting here or continuing higher and what is more likely. We also take another quick look at everyone’s favorite alt. coin (or at least mine) Solana.


Bitcoin, the top coin by market capitalization took the entire crypto index dramatically higher this week. BTC is currently down over 6% for the last two days. Todays and yesterday’s candle both contained long lower wicks illustrating how swiftly the price came down, but also how quickly it recovered much of its losses. At today’s low of around $65,500 Bitcoin was down over 10%.